ollowed Philip.
It would be much more fun to look around the mansion than to sit around in the room with nothing to do.
And the selection was excellent.

“This is the ‘Sistine Hall’, a hall that exhibits art collections from the time of Count Ludwig.
We change the exhibits once a month.”

Famous paintings were hung on all sides of the room, and statues were placed in the middle.

‘Isn’t it that there is an art museum at home where different exhibitions are held every month? Amazing…’

In her previous life, she couldn’t go to an exhibition she was interested in at the Municipal Museum of Art because she didn’t have time or was too burdened with the price of the ticket, but here she could see such high-quality works of art for free! When she thought about it, her heart pounded even though these paintings and statues were not all hers.

“Is it okay to come and see at any time? Do I need to get someone’s permission?”

“If you are a member of the Ludwig family, you can come in anytime.”

Lize would be included in that, but well, it’s not something she was going to argue with.
Anyway, she had secured a place to come to play when she was bored.
But besides that, there were many places that looked interesting.

“This is a jewelry showroom.
The duchy’s jewels are displayed, and during important parties, the Duke’s family members use the jewels here.
Unlike the Sistine Hall, you must have permission from the Duke or Duchess to enter.”

If there was a room where beautiful jewelry shines…

“This is where you manage your weapons and armor.
It is a place where the Duke and his little masters usually come.
The weapons stored here are all made by renowned artisans.”

At first glance, there were rooms lined with extraordinary cutlery.

“This is the Great Library, the heart of the Duchy.”

There was also an enormous library.

‘It will take a long time just to look around.’

With so many things to enjoy, her anticipation rose and she became happy.
Even if she tried to manage her expression, the corner of her mouth kept going up, so it seemed like she just followed him around with a smile.

“The mansion is so large that it is difficult to look around all of it within one day.
Take a look around here today, and I’ll show you more the day after tomorrow.”

“Thank you, Philip.
I didn’t even notice the time passing because Philip’s voice and speaking skills are so good.”

“It’s an overstatement.”

Her compliments on Philip were not meant to please him, but from the heart.
Of course he would be wary of her, but he didn’t show any signs of it and treated her respectfully.
Besides, it didn’t seem like he talked much, but he picked out the important points of each room, so it felt like he had been tutored with tweezers.

After a pleasant morning thanks to Philip, she decided to follow him back to her room.
Philip even taught her a new route and gave a fruitful lecture until the end.

“This is the ‘Great Hall’.
It is a good place to see the beauty of the courtyard.
His Excellency the Duke also enjoys walking and talking here.”

“And… It’s worth it.
It is so beautiful.”

The Ludwig family, including the people and the mansion, everything was beautiful, so it was pleasing to the eyes wherever she looked.

‘I’ve always regretted not being able to travel abroad once in my previous life, but I never thought I’d be rewarded like this after I die.’

Visiting ancient castles in Europe would not have been more exciting than now.
It’s much more fun to see a castle where real people live than to peek at an old time covered with stuffed dust.

‘So pretty.’

Arched shadows colored the floor and walls, and ivy, which had just begun to sprout new leaves, climbed up the pillars.
Through the railing, they could see the well-maintained courtyard.
Lize, Cliff, and Killian drinking tea on the opposite balcony…

“Ah, that, the young masters often have tea at this time, but oh, it seems that today they are having tea with Miss Lize.”

At the same time as her, Philip’s gaze stopped there, and he was quite flustered, unlike the calm he had been before.

‘Well, it’s embarrassing to see that the groom who dismissed the bride is drinking tea with another woman.’

Even since she was notorious for being a wicked woman, Philip would think that she would be strong no matter what happens now.
In the original work, there was a scene where Edith witnessed that scene, and at that time, Edith glared terrifyingly until Killian and Lize looked at her.
Of course, all she did was receive Killian’s contemptuous gaze.
However, she was already overflowing with happiness just by confirming the Duke’s wealth and noble taste.

“Ugh, that’s right.
By the way, the garden will be more beautiful when spring is ripe.”

“Yes, yes.”

“Looks like I will be coming here more often.
Then, shall we continue?”

“Yes? Ah yes.
Let’s go.”

She smiled and followed Philip.

His eyes looked at her with pity for some reason, but it must be her mistake? Because the person the butler felt sorry for was Killian, not her.

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