“I fully understand.
Killian was forced into a marriage he didn’t want to do, and he’s probably offended.
But that doesn’t mean I hate Killian.
After all, he is my husband.”

She appealed her harmlessness to Lize, who would soon meet Killian and talk about her.
Lize’s expression brightened as if it had been illuminated by the Sun.

“Miss Edith is really mature and kind!”

“Oh, Miss Lize is such a kind and affectionate person.
Today’s dress suits you very well.
No, I think the dress looks pretty thanks to Miss Lize.”

It was sincere.
Wow, could she really be this pretty… She wished she could chew on that soft cheek with her mouth.
She wanted to propose to Lize to leave Cliff and live with her.
Because she would treat her well!

“Pi, you must be tired, but I’ve been holding on too long.
If you’re resting, Killian will come later… will come.”

It was cute how her cheeks turned red.
It would be embarrassing to imagine Killian’s first night having been like her sister for 5 years.
But she didn’t have to worry.
Because that wouldn’t happen.

She waved her hand to thank Lize as she returned and she was finally able to be left alone in the silence.

“Whoa, is the wedding episode finally over?”

She slumped down on the bed, took a breather, threw off the bed linen the maid had worked so hard on, and soaked herself in the bathtub on the other side of the room behind the curtain.

“Ha ha… It’s nice that it’s hot.”

It was a bathtub prepared for the couple to wash themselves after having sex.
It seemed to have been filled with a little hot water in consideration of the time to have sex, but as she enjoyed going to the sauna in her previous life, it was just the right temperature to warm up.
As she was soaking in the hot water, it seemed that her aching body was slowly relaxing.

“If you live as the daughter-in-law of a Duke, you can even have the maid get water in the bathtub, right? Amazing, Great.”

Even if Count Rigelhoff was annoyed and a sharp wind blew from Killian, it was true that this possession was luck.
It was an inconvenient world without smartphones and internet, but when she was living as Choi Sona, she was enjoying luxury that she never imagined.
What if she couldn’t access the internet? Books, plays, and operas also existed in this world, and there were hunting competitions, picnics of all kinds, parties and balls.
She didn’t have to go to work, she was free from household chores, and she didn’t have to worry about her bank account balance or her brother threatening to borrow a loan in her name.

“Now, if you only cut ties with that bastard’s family…”

She had the confidence to live quietly and enjoy life in the Ludwig family without interfering with the male lead, female lead, or even the sub-leader husband, but Count Rigelhoff was the problem.
Even if she lived quietly, if Count Rigelhoff behaved according to the original story, she too may be accused of being a spy for her family and her head would be blown off.

‘It’s not going to be a questionable marriage anyway.
There’s actually a conspiracy behind it.’

Duke Ludwig suspected that the Rigelhoffs were allying with the Duke of Langston, who was seeking the Emperor’s seat, and the Rigelhoffs proposed a marriage alliance to demonstrate their innocence.
There were rumors that Count Rigelhoff cared for his daughter Edith, so she was a kind of hostage.
Killian, who became her marriage partner, naturally refused, but Duke Ludwig, who had to hold the leash of Count Rigelhof for the time being, persuaded him.
It was also there that the heartbreaking narrative of Killian, who fell for Rize, came out.

“I love you, Rize.
A piece of paper makes me the husband of another woman, but my soul will always long for you.”

The comment section of the episode where Killian, locked in a dark room, shed hot tears and recited that line, was a spectacle.
All sorts of comments exploded, such as saying that they couldn’t throw away this stock, and asking for Lize to set up a harem.
Anyway, Killian had no choice but to follow the decision of the owner of the house, the Duke, even though he had such a desperate heart.
Because family interests were more important.

‘That’s the sadness of the male sub.’

Perhaps the male lead Cliff’s schemes got involved in the process.
On the outside, it seemed that Killian, who had a cold impression, would be more obsessed with Lize, but in reality, Cliff, who seemed soft at first glance, was much more crazy.
So he might have taken Killian off before things got serious.

‘Oh, I don’t know, I don’t know.
I want to get some rest today.
I’m tired.’

Putting off complex thoughts until tomorrow, she relaxed.
After the possession, she suffered from nervousness all week, so she was very tired.
As the tension was relieved, sleep poured out, so she leaned her head against the bathtub and dozed off.
Thanks to that, she didn’t hear someone open the door and come in.

“You are a heartless bride to wash alone before the new groom arrives.”


She was startled by the man’s voice that suddenly came from above her head, and she covered her chest first.

“Who, who…!”

“Is there anyone else in the bridal chamber other than the groom? Or maybe you were waiting for someone else?”

“Uh…? Kil-Killian?”

Killian’s eyebrows wrinkled, wondering if it was unpleasant to be called only by name, or if he just hated everything about Edith.
But the fact that he was here was surprising.

“…I thought you wouldn’t come.”

Of course it was.
In the original work, there was a scene where Killian and Lize had a conversation around this point.
At Lize’s words to be nice to Edith, Killian grabs Lize’s wrist and asks her if she’s serious, looking at her with desperate eyes and trying to kiss her, Cliff appears and interrupts.
In the end, Killian left Lize by Cliff’s side and avoided the seat, and went into his room and drank alcohol to soothe his sore throat.
Anyway, if that’s the case, didn’t that mean he didn’t enter the bridal chamber?

Killian snorted at her vague answer.

“Fortunately, you seem to have some notice.”

“It has to be.
You avoided even sharing a wedding ring.
Only an idiot wouldn’t see it.”

Killian stiffened, probably not expecting to be attacked.
But she never expected him to feel sorry for her.
To him, Edith Riegelhoff was just the daughter of a mean man and the culprit who frustrated his love.

“Did you expect even passionate courtship?”

As expected, he asked back with a straight line.
Reasonably speaking, she should have been angry too.
But now, everything just bothered her, she was sleepy, and on the other hand, she thought that she could save her life only if she didn’t hate Killian.
It was also physiologically impossible to get angry at that face.

“I was just saying what happened.
Seeing your reluctance to contact me, I’m telling you that I knew you wouldn’t come to my room today.
So… Are you going to sleep here today?”

She said it in the softest possible voice, but she didn’t know how it was for him to hear.

He glared at her with displeasure, then turned and left without answering.

“…Why are you here?”

Has the original been changed, or was this the same as the original? But right now she didn’t have the energy to think about anything in detail.
She got up from the half-cooled bathtub and wiped herself off.
Tonight, she would sleep soundly in that fluffy bed!

* * *

“Killian? Didn’t you go to the bridal chamber?”

Lize was standing on the balcony on the second floor where the moonlight was pouring in.
The ivory-colored dress she was wearing looked like the color of a bride, so Killian wanted to take Lize’s hand and head to his bedroom.
But Lize, who he wanted so much, pushed him to go into the bride’s room.

“I went.”

“Then why did you come back?”

“She didn’t have any expectations for tonight either.
Although I was a little surprised.”

Lize’s eyes widened at Killian’s answer.

“What are you talking about? A while ago obviously…”

“She was already dozing off in the bathtub by herself?”


Seeing Lize’s flustered appearance, Killian chuckled.

“Lize, it’s a problem because you only think of everyone as good.”

“But Miss Edith is a good person.
She accepted me generously at dinner a week ago.”

“It must have been because of my father’s eyes.
The corners of her mouth were trembling from her forced smile.”

“It can’t be! How kindly she treated me today.”

“You have to think carefully about whether it was really friendly or sarcastic with a smile.”

Killian couldn’t agree with Lize no matter how well she spoke of Edith.
What kind of person was Count Rigelhoff? Wasn’t he a man who pretended to be cultured and kind on the outside, but did all sorts of snake-like tricks behind the scenes? She grew up under such a human being, so she couldn’t be fine just because she was his daughter.
Right now she was  pretending not to know anything and being hypocritical, but it was clear that Edith entered the duchy to help her father with his work.
In order to prevent Count Rigelhoff from leaving, he had no choice but to marry Edith, but Killian had no intention of continuing this marriage smoothly, nor of maintaining it for long.

‘If it’s that greedy Count Rigelhoff, he’ll dig his grave before long, so I just need to get rid of that woman then.’

Killian thought about that and clenched his molars tightly, but Lize frowned and put on a troubled expression.

“Why is that, Lize?”

“No, that… After listening to Killian’s words, I wondered if Edith was angry with me earlier…”

“What? That woman was mad at you?”

“Oh, no, that’s not what I meant, I think I made a mistake.”

“Tell me what happened, Lize.”

Killian’s eyes widened quickly.

Lize chewed her lips and sighed again.

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