en Darsus Street will be fine.”

“Let’s go to Darsus Street.”

“All right.”

Thanks to Anna who calmly prepared for the outing without asking useless questions, she got on the carriage in a good mood without having to make excuses.
And soon the scenery that began to be seen out of the wagon window was enough to excite her.

‘This is the downtown area of the romance world!’

The ambiguous streets of early modern Europe, which gave nothing to historical research, unfolded in a charming way to suit her taste.
She felt like she was passing through a theme park decorated in a ‘European style’.
While she was peering out the carriage window, the carriage turned left at a large crossroads and entered a street with many well-built stone buildings.

“We have arrived, lady.”


Anna instructed the coachman to be at the carriage depot somewhere on this street, and she came and stood next to her.

“Do you have a place to stop by?”

I want to stop by the jewelry store first.”

“There are several famous jewelers.”

“Among them, I want to go to a place that pays a good price for buying jewels.
Do you know where it is?”

After thinking for a while, Anna recommended three places: , , and .

“How do Ana know so well? I feel like you know everything in the world.”

“It’s an overstatement.”

Of course, she was probably an extra created by the writers to avoid boring and uninteresting narratives, but she couldn’t be more comfortable with a character who would give a quick answer every time she was asked something.
What if she couldn’t search the internet? She had Anna!

“Then let’s start with .”

She walked around the jewelers with light steps.
Fortunately, the calm diamonds she brought out were of high quality, so she was able to get a much higher price than she thought.

paid the highest price, but they said they could only give it by check, so paid the next highest price and she sold it in full cash.

“Let’s go to the bank this time.”

“The bank is right there.”

At the place Anna pointed to, a seemingly sturdy building occupied the middle of the road.

‘Would Harry Potter feel like this when he first visited Gringotts?”

As she passed through the main gate of the bank lined with huge pillars like a Greek temple and went inside, she remembered a fantasy novel she had enjoyed reading in her previous life.

“Thank you for visiting Central Bank Mallen.”

Upon entering the bank, a man dressed as a butler greeted her politely.
Unlike the bank in her previous life, it was a place that looked like a library.

“If you tell me what brings you here, I will guide you.”

“I came to make a safe in my name.”

“I see.
Then this way.”

She followed the man’s guide to the window.
The chairs were soft and luxurious, and the inside of the bank was luxurious.

‘Well, I’ll use the nobles and the bank here.’

While looking around curiously,sheI smiled at the window clerk’s greeting.

“You want to open a safe?”

“That’s right.
A safe in my name that only I can open.”

“There are three types of safes.
There are small safes that store 10 million senas or less, medium-sized safes that store 100 million senas or less, and large safes that store more.
What would you like to open? For your information, starting with the medium-sized safe, a separate maintenance fee is charged in proportion to the amount deposited.”

The cash she got from changing her jewelry was a little over 5 million sena, and she had taken 4 million sena out of her original cash to save.
10 million sena seemed like it would fill up quickly, but there’s no need to pay maintenance fees in advance.

“I’ll open a small safe for now, and later change it to a medium safe.”

“All right.
Then, please sign the opening agreement.”

Although she was nervous, she pretended to be okay and read the agreement to open the agreement step by step and signed it coolly.
However, she did not forget to use a pseudonym just in case.
Then she offered 9 million sena money to be deposited in the safe.
It was a lot of money in her opinion, but he wasn’t too surprised, as it didn’t seem like a big deal in the eyes of a bank employee who lives only for money every day.

“When withdrawing money, you will receive a password and signature along with a few questions to verify your identity.
Please do not forget your password, as you will not be able to withdraw if even one is incorrect.”

Thank you.”

Like an elementary school student who opened a bank account for the first time in her life, she came out of the bank with a grand mind.
After opening the safe, the remaining 300,000 sena was in the bag, which was reassuring.

“Now, let’s go eat something delicious, Anna.”

Hungry, she went to the restaurant Anna recommended and was surprised to see a long line in front of a dessert cafe.

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