‘I… What a fool.’

During the 28 years of living as Choi Sona, she had never once thought of herself as an idiot, but she guessed she had never seen a truly handsome face in her previous life.

‘I thought that personality and heart were important in men, but was it all hypocrisy on my part…!’

After chewing on Killian’s ecstatic face over and over again, she got up and limped back to the mansion only after she almost lost feeling in her toe.
The visual and emotional shock of Killian’s face didn’t diminish her work today.
So she headed for the Duchess’s office.

“From today, all we have to do is categorize the documents there by type, organize the items we need to purchase, the quantity, and the price in a nice way.
It will probably take a few days because of the large amount, but it’s not urgent, so take your time.”

“Yes, Mother.”

The documents given to her today were about weapons and armor to be purchased from the Ludwig family.

‘Are you completely off guard with me? To make me touch these documents…’

The history of purchasing weapons or armor must be the first-class information of the samurai family, but looking at the fact that it was given to me to organize, it seemed that the efforts so far had not been in vain.
It was clear that the blade that had been aiming at her throat was moving farther and farther away.

She started organizing the papers that explained the pros and cons of each weapon and armor, grouped by type.
Then she wrote down the table from what she saw right away.
It was better to write it down in a table so that you could check it clearly later.
It seemed that she was deeply engrossed in sorting papers and organizing tables, so she didn’t even know that someone was approaching her.

When she came to her senses, Lize was standing next to her, watching her work.
Lize made eye contact with her and smiled brightly, but somehow she felt uncomfortable.

‘It’s like this again.’

It’s been a really strange symptom ever since.
A certain aspect of Lize’s momentary appearance was strangely disturbing.

‘If… Was it because of the basic attributes of the character Edith?’

If you recall the fact that she possessed a person from a romance novel whose memory was intact, it was quite possible.
She was trying to change the things that have been decided like fate in this world right now, so maybe the power to go back to the original work was working.

‘You can’t lose to the original character settings.
If I do that, my hair will fly off.’

She gulped down her saliva and smiled pretty.

“Lize! When did you come?”

“Oh, just now… however…”


Lize took the paper on which she was drawing the table and said with a tilt of her head.

“What is this?”

“It’s a table.
If you organize it like this, it will be easier to see at a glance later.”

“It’s the first time I’ve seen it organized like this.”

“Uh… really…?”

Could it be that there was no such thing as a “mark”? In actual history, votes had existed since ancient times, but the author may have deliberately set it up as a world without votes.
Even at first glance, the documents organized in narrative form looked more luxurious.

“Uh, anyway, wouldn’t it look more comfortable this way?”

She smiled awkwardly and explained the structure of the table, but Lize’s expression didn’t brighten even after hearing the explanation.

“Um… It’s definitely a way to put a lot of information into one sheet, as Edith said, but to be honest, it’s a bit awkward for other people to see.”


“It is a matter of getting used to.
Edith may have used this kind of theorem, but other people don’t.
Everyone will be at a loss as to what to look at.”

“Is that so?”

Maybe she was going too far.
The author of this novel was also from the 21st century, but the background of the work was ‘virtual modern Europe’.
There may be parts of what she said and did with the sense of the 21st century that didn’t fit the setting of this world.
So, just as she was thinking of rewriting what she had organized into tables like other documents, the Duchess got up from her seat and approached her.

“What’s up?”

Before she had time to answer the question, Lize smiled like an angel and said,

“I was helping Edith sort things out.
Edith is still not used to the job.”

“Oh, it seems Lize is helping Edith a lot.”

The Duchess looked happy.
Lize, the future wife of her first son, and she, the wife of her second son, were helping each other, and she was only happy for her.
But somehow Edith was slightly, very slightly offended.

“I’m sorry, chief.
Suna is still not good at working with Excel.
I will fix it again.”

It was because she remembered a previous life where she was scolded because of someone’s words even though she did a good job.
For her, who had suffered from all sorts of paperwork in her previous life, this task the Duchess was entrusted with was not at all difficult.
In the past three weeks, far from making mistakes, she had always done more than the Duchess had entrusted to her.
But why did Lize treat her as someone who was “unaccustomed to work” even though she knew that the table she drew was a “convenient method”? In her previous life, she couldn’t say a word to the manager who was angry with her, but now she wanted to talk.

“Yes, Lize is helping me a lot.
But, mother.
I want to ask what mother thinks about this ‘table’.”

“Huh? Table?”

She quickly put the table she had drawn in front of the Duchess.

“There was a lot of information contained in the documents, so I was in the middle of a brief summary like this.
Here, write each bearer like this and write down only keywords for each item.
I write down the quantity and price to buy here.”

she explained by pointing to each row and column of the table.
The general manager, the Duchess, listened intently to her explanation.

“Lize says it’s a method that isn’t used much, so other people will be unfamiliar with it, but I think it wouldn’t be bad for her mother, who needs to read a lot of information, to try this method.”

She looked over the table she drew and said with a broad smile.

“Oh my God, thinking all this! Edith, you are amazing!”

“Uh…? Is that so?”

“Of course! This is a really good idea.
In the future, we will organize our documents in this way.”

The Duchess fumbled with her hand over and over again for the ticket I had drawn and nodded her head.
He seemed to understand the structure of the table while thinking to himself.

“Would you like to organize all your paperwork this way? So that I and others can learn from what you have done.”

“Yes! All right.”

For some reason, her heart skipped a beat.
She was praised for something really insignificant, but she felt like an elementary school student whose homeroom teacher stroked her hair.
After feeling it for a while, she suddenly came to her senses.

‘Oops! Did Rize be in a bad mood?’

She secretly looked at Lize.
But she was nodding her head eagerly as she looked at the paper on which she had drawn her ticket with the Duchess.
Then she looked at Edith, perhaps feeling her gaze, and made an apologetic expression.
The expression of her small smile with her eyebrows stretched into her arms somehow made her feel more sorry for her.

‘Did I say it without thinking too much of Lize’s face…?’

She thought of the senior who stabbed her in the back of her head, and involuntarily became hot.
If she wanted to save her life in this world, she had to look good for Lize…!

‘I forgot my duty.
I have to be like a plant in this house, unobtrusive and harmless!’

Feeling a sense of crisis, she laughed at the side and entered at the right time.

“But to be honest, this is all because Lize helped me.
Lize taught me one by one.”

“Oh no! What did I teach her? To be honest, Edith knows so well that I didn’t have much to teach her.”

Lize waved her hand and shuddered at her humility.

‘I don’t know if this will alleviate my resentment.
Look at me, Lize.’

She did her best to smile at Lize.
It’s servile, but it’s unavoidable.
She had to hope that Lize wasn’t offended this time.
She was a villainess in a supporting role after all.

* * *

It’s very rare for Killian to come to her room.
After they got married, the only time he visited her room was on the night of their wedding and on the day of Lise’s tea time.
So it didn’t look like there’s much use like today, but coming in from the morning and sitting there like that was enough to make her nervous.

‘What? Is this the prelude to another episode?’

Maybe it’s because she hadn’t woken up yet, she couldn’t remember which episode this was the intro to.
Killian sat on the sofa in the small drawing room attached to her bedroom and looked around her room with an expressionless face.
Contrary to his perfect figure, she was still wearing acupuncture after getting out of bed and barely washing her face.

He didn’t say a word until Anna prepared her tea.

‘Could it be, did you catch me peeping every morning? Or maybe Count Rigelhoff had a fight? Or else, Lize expressed her regret over organizing the paperwork with that ticket the other day…?’

She tried to look calm on the outside while replaying all the disturbing imaginations in her head.
The tea was placed in front of Killian by Anna, so there was no poisoning incident.

“I came because I wanted to see…”

As soon as he opened his mouth, Killian sent an emotionless gaze.

“…You will not.”

“Are you telling me to just say it quickly and leave?”

“If I ask you to stay longer, will you stay longer?”

“You don’t lose a word.”

“Because I can’t learn how to lose.”

“Would you mind?”

She quickly regretted Killian’s reaction, who responded coldly even when she talked with a smile.

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