Edith that day only had the dress she brought repaired.”


Killian was momentarily confused.
If the woman who was known for her extravagance had called the dressing room, he thought, of course she would have ordered several super-expensive dresses.
But Lize said that she, who was famous for never wearing a dress once worn, repaired her dress…?

“The Duchess suggested that since she called the dressing room, it would be a good idea for her to have the dress tailored, but Edith refused, saying that it was too much for her to wear all the dresses she brought.”

“Then… You mean my mother lost face in front of the people in the dressing room?”

“Oh, could it have been! It was only that the Duchess seemed a little disappointed.
Maybe she wanted to buy Edith something nice…”

Killian snorted as if it was ridiculous.

“There are many different ways to treat people without raising suspicion.
It must be someone’s daughter.”

“Edith probably didn’t mean that! She took such a hard look when it came to choosing dresses for the Duchess or for me!”

Lize tried to cover Edith, but the eyes of Killian were clear and fierce unlike before.

“She’s too impatient to entrust her dress to the dressing room, and it’s okay to entrust you and my mother’s dress, isn’t it? To be so arrogant…”

Killian gritted his teeth.
Then, he suddenly remembered that the clothes Edith was wearing today weren’t too intrusive.
He couldn’t remember what kind of dress it was, but she seemed to be barely revealing the woman’s inner flesh anyway, unlike that vulgar dress at her wedding.

‘She can’t be unaware if her inner body is exposed.
‘Cause she hates it more than any other woman does.’

His eyebrows furrowed whenever Edith shamelessly revealed her inner flesh.
Did she even know what kind of voice she hears among men?

“Do you think I cour lick Edith Rigelhoff from head to toe?”

“Ah, Edith! It’s good! With that soft-looking skin!”

“Is there any man who would be fine with her naked body in front of him? Ahaha!”

He seemed to hear the giggles of the vulgar men as much as he did in the past.
And suddenly, he remembered their wedding day, revealing her voluptuous breasts.
She went into the bathtub alone and… and the slender, pure white naked body… For some reason, his throat was parched, but Killian gulped down his saliva, quelling any urge to get up within her.

“Has she played a strange prank on you? Like choosing a bizarre dress…”

“No! My dress was chosen by the Duchess and Edith together.
Don’t hate Edith too much, Killian.”

“Rather than hating her, I’m just wary of her.”

Killian also reassured her by patting Lize on the shoulder, concerned that Edith was hated by her relatives because of her.
At the same time, in his heart, he was disgusted with Edith who looked down on the Ludwig family.
But on the other hand, he also felt that the noble atmosphere of her royal dressing room was not suited to her fancy taste.

‘I’ll have to ask her to find another dressing room that will satisfy her great taste.’

Of course, it was only for the sake of the face of Duke Ludwig.

She might be talking about the woman saying, ‘I couldn’t even ask her to come to her dressing room because she wasn’t up to par.’

* * *

Today, while thinking about the original work and adding and subtracting items to , she suddenly realized one important thing.
In order to be grateful for what she had, she needed to know how to fully enjoy what she had.

‘So let’s try something extravagant!’

She had quite a bit of money in her hands.
When she got married, there was cash that the Rigelhoff family had given her as a dowry, in addition to jewels and artwork, but the Ludwig family did not accept it and gave it to her for pocket money.
The unit of currency in this world was ‘sena’, and the money she had was 5 million sena.
It was difficult to determine the exact exchange rate, but it seemed to be about 50 million won.

‘Fifty million won empty money! Where should I spend this money?’

It’s the first time she had had money like this.
To realize that this really was a fantasy world, in a place like this! But she didn’t know where to spend the money.

‘Dresses? No.
If a dress piles up, and there’s nowhere to go out wearing it, well.
Jewelry or accessories? No, no.
I don’t have anywhere to go out in a dress, so do I need jewelry or accessories?’

In Korea in the 21st century, there would have been many places to spend money, but it was difficult to find a place to spend money here.
Top cuisine came out whenever she wanted, the books she wanted to read were in the library in the house, she didn’t need dresses or jewelry, essential consumables were also purchased from the family at once on a semi-annual basis… 

‘This is the first time I’ve ever been nervous because I have nowhere to spend money.’

She was shaking her legs unhappily when Anna came up to her and whispered.

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