“Greetings? My name is Emily Royal from .
It is an honor to be invited by you.”

Emily, the dressing room owner, was a woman of silky brown hair, and she appeared to be in her early forties.
She seemed to have brought not only colorful fabrics and laces, but also a style book with various designs.

“Shall we pick out the Duchess first?”

Madame Royal took out her patron book for older ladies and spread it out in front of the Duchess.
But the lady who was handing her some patron books looked up at her and she smiled.

“Um… As I get older, it seems like I only choose similar designs every time.
Will you guys pick out a design for me this time?”

The Duchess turned to her and Lize and asked.

‘Situation! Unexpected situation! Why are you taking the test without notice?’

A cold sweat seemed to run down her spine.
What lies ahead was unclear.
Among the designs that Lize and she chose, whether the Duchess liked the design of Lize more, or whether the design Lize chose received more praise after making both.
She was very nervous, but Lize seemed rather happy.

“Can I really?”

“Of course, Lize.”

Thanks to that, the same patron book was placed in front of Lize and her.
Sweating profusely, she calmly looked through the style book.
But this was clearly a test against her.
Lize had lived in this house for 5 years, so she must be familiar with the Duchess’ tastes, and she…

‘It’s been less than two weeks since I fell into this world!’

She never thought the style confrontation episode with Lize would go like this… The flow of the original was much stronger than she expected.

“I want to see what this design looks like.
I think it will suit you very elegantly.”

What Lize chose was a blue silk dress.
Madame Royal quickly brought the sample fabric, which she put on the Duchess’ shoulder, flattering her that she was an excellent choice.
Indeed, wearing a set of pearl earrings and necklaces as shown in the patron book seemed to suit the wife very well.

‘It’s a very correct choice.’

The Duchess, with her wheat-colored hair, amber eyes, and very fair skin, would look good in any color, but blue seemed to be the closest to the answer.

“You made a good choice, Miss.
This is the latest design in our dressing room.
This silk is also the highest quality product delivered to the imperial family…”

Madame Royal happily praised Lize’s discernment.
The Duchess also smiled in satisfaction, as if she liked Lize’s recommendation.

“Which one did Edith choose?”

“Uh… I am…”

When the atmosphere that lifted Lize subsided slightly, the Duchess’ gaze turned to her.
Was this also the flow of the original? She had spread out a picture of a dress with a slightly fancy design, which Edith of the original would have chosen.
Of course, no matter what she chose, the Duchess was likely to like the blue dress Lize chose her more…

“I think the dress that Miss Lize chose would really suit mother.
But on days when you want to change your mood from time to time, I think this style will be fine.”

She pointed to a brown silk dress.
The coppery lustrous brown silk was gently embroidered with vines with gold thread, and a dark purple underdress was elegantly pleated through the slit of the robe.
The trimmings of the ensemble (lace or ruffles worn under the elbow-length sleeves) and robes were also the same deep purple as the underdress.
In her eyes from the 21st century, it was a design that the Duchess would digest elegantly and with dignity, but she doubted if it would be so in the eyes of others.

“Lady Rigelhoff’s eyes are also excellent! Few people appreciate this two-color combination.”

“The dress is beautiful, but… Don’t want it to look too flashy to me…?”

As expected, the Duchess held her body with a slightly perplexed expression.
However, as people get older, they say that they need to wear fancy things to look gorgeous! She tried to put on a good-natured expression and opened her mouth.

“First of all, Madame Royal.
I am no longer Lady Rigelhoff.
If it’s awkward to call me Mrs.
Ludwig, just call me Miss Edith.”

“Oh, my! I made a mistake.
Ho Ho!”

“And mother.
This dress looks gorgeous at first glance, but it goes well with the dignified atmosphere of the Ludwig family.
Besides, mother has the beauty and dignity that go with this dress.”

The die was cast.
The Duchess, embarrassed by her answer, said she would order the two dresses Lize and she recommended.
She had no intention of winning this match anyway.
Even if you beat the main character, it’s a job to accumulate terrifying points.
Of course, if you lose, you will hear behind your back, but she emphasized that she should try this design ‘for a change of mood’ in preparation for that.
Sometimes it was said that it was a dress to change the mood, but how about something a bit fancy? Anyway, when the Duchess’s dress selection was over, Lize’s dress selection began.

“I just came to watch.
I really can wear anything.
Even the dress you have is enough.”

Rize, knowing the price of the dress, waved her hand and refused.
Well, if you’re a person with good looks like you, even if you wear a blanket, you would be praised for your avant-garde fashion.
Originally, the completion of fashion was the face.

“There will be a lot of tea parties soon, so you will need a dress with a bright design.”

The Duchess, lightly ignoring Lize’s futile refusal, started looking through the patron book to find a dress that would suit her.

“How about this, Rize? A floral print would be perfect for a spring tea party… oh, that would be nice too.
A light blue and pink ribbon would look really good on you.”

She was watching the pictures of dresses that the Duchess was excitedly choosing from the side, and she pointed to them in a hurry without realizing it.

“This too! This kind of pink doesn’t suit just anyone.
Miss Lize has fair skin, and her cheeks are the color of strawberry milk, so they will suit her really well.”

“Oh, I guess so.
Edith’s eyesight is good.
How about this white empire dress?”

“That would make Miss Rize look too young.
Wouldn’t this be better if it was white and simple?”

She pointed to a Greek robe-style dress.
Wearing this, Lize would really look like a goddess. 

Since she had a pretty model in front of her, there were many things she wanted to make her wear, so the Duchess and she wrapped her hair for a while longer.
She wasn’t thinking about what to choose, she was thinking about what to give up.
Lize just laughed embarrassingly next to him.

“Haa, then only five suits like this…”

“It was a difficult decision, Mother.”

“I know.
Next time I call the dressing room, I’ll have to call it much earlier than the season.”

Madame Royal, as expected, checked the dress that Lize was wearing.
And finally it was her turn.

“Choose a design you like, too.”

“Oh, I didn’t call the dressing room to order a new dress.”


Whoop, whoop.

One of the rules of survival for the evil woman’s possessed Romance! Try to reverse the image! From now on, she would spend her money to the fullest, but right now she needed to overturn her image.
So, instead of being the queen of extravagance, ordering an expensive new dress, she wanted to show herself a frugal person who repaired the dress she already owned, although this wasn’t frugal at all.
She winked at Anna and she, with the help of some of her maids, brought ten dresses she had picked out this morning.

“I’m going to have some repairs on these dresses, Madame Royal.”


“Aren’t you going to be in charge of repairs?”

“Oh no! It can’t be.
However… How do you want to repair…”

“I will explain that from now on.”

She had the maid unfold the dress and she would go in front of him and explain the parts to be mended one by one.

“Please cover the chest part of the dress as a whole.
It was uncomfortable because it was cut too much.
Please cover this much.”

“Ho, ho ho ho! Your taste has changed a lot from before.”

“Let it be.
And please take off all the jewels from this dress.”

“But even the labor cost to embroider those diamond beads must have been considerable.”

“So I left a few dresses that I really worked on.
Please just take this off.”

“Ah… Yes, I will do that.”

To be honest, she felt good inside because she thought she would be able to secure her slush fund just by removing the jewels from her dress.
After completing the repair order for 10 dresses in that way, she checked once more to see if Madame Royal had written her details down carefully, and then sat down.

“But Edith.
Since you already called someone, why don’t you order the dress as well?”

“I can’t even wear the dress I brought.
I’ll be ordering the new dress next year.
Thank you for caring, Mother.”

In fact, starting today, instead of calling the ‘Duchess’ on purpose, she had been trying to deepen her intimacy with her by calling her ‘Mother’.
She felt the Duchess felt awkward, but it’s a title that’s harder to change later if you didn’t settle it down early in the marriage.

Anyway, she stood up wishing that this event was a success.

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