The magnificent melody of the pipe organ spread as if drawing concentric circles.
On both sides of Virgin Road, guests dressed in fancy ceremonial robes were filling the seats, and the entire hall was filled with solemn dignity.
In terms of formality, it was perfect as befits a Duke’s wedding.
However, there was no joy or bustle like a wedding ceremony anywhere.

‘I think a funeral would be more appropriate.’

It really was.
Both the groom’s guests and the bride’s guests all had dark expressions.

‘Don’t make that faces.
No matter how uncomfortable you guys are, will I be the only one?’

Now she had to walk down the middle of this frozen ceremony hall and stand next to the man who would kill her.

“Now, Edith Rigelhoff, please enter.”

The priest, who may have come to officiate at a wedding or to attend a funeral mass, ordered her in a gloomy voice.
She practiced all day yesterday and simulated it in her head, but she couldn’t help but feel nervous.

She kicked the hem of her dress with her tiptoe and walked slowly forward, just as she practiced to prevent an accidental fall.
But the hem of her wedding dress was not a problem.
The chest… No, she knew her breasts were big and beautiful, but they were too exposed.

She tried it on for the first time today and thought something was missing that covered her chest.

‘No matter how voluptuous a dress is, isn’t it a bit like a dress like this on the wedding day?’

As if she wasn’t the only one who thought so, the gazes looking at her clearly contained negative emotions.
Dislike, contempt, disregard, or lust.

She walked beside her husband, the man who would slit her throat, cutting through the heavy air that she couldn’t even feel the crumbs of favor.
Of course he didn’t even look at her.
To him, she probably felt like a curse or punishment imposed on him.

‘Whoa, I didn’t fall anyway.
Clear stage 1.’

She bowed slightly to the blunt priest and let out a small sigh of relief.
The priest nodded his head nonchalantly and began to recite a blessing prayer.

“Everything in the world praises you, Creator Hershan.
Bless these two beautiful men and women who will form a happy and warm family in the arms of the Creator today…”

Hmm… She didn’t think she would ever be able to build a happy or warm future with this man.
In a situation where she knew that a man who hated her would slit her throat, it was extremely uncertain whether she would be able to obtain a ‘happy or warm’ or a ‘future’.
But on her part, there was no way to deny or avoid this situation in advance.

When she opened her eyes, she was possessing a new bride who was to be married in a week.
She didn’t know how crazy the process was.

* * *

Misfortune didn’t come alone.
That day was like that.

If she had only attacked one by one, things that would have been appropriately beaten, avoided, or calmed down, all rushed at her at once along the day.

“Suna! I told you not to do this!”

“Yes? This is senior Youngeun…”

“I’m sorry, chief.
Suna is still not good at working with Excel.
I will fix it again.”

Ahn Youngeun, who used to do all sorts of things with seniors just because she came in a year earlier, blamed her mistakes on her.
Manager Park, who had printed out a messy Excel table and waved it around, glared at her fiercely and nagged at me for a while before going back.
She looked at Youngeun with a bewildered expression, but she didn’t even look at her and sat down as if she was tired.

-Ahn Youngeun, how long will that fox live like that?

-Isn’t it me?

-Ugh… I’ve been cursing since morning, Suna.
Cheer up.

Her motive for joining the company was the money, but she didn’t earn much there.
It may be because she saw her going to buy coffee at the end of the lunch break with her arms crossed with Youngeun.
She was in a bad mood, but since it was so common, she thought it was just bad luck and she deserved it.

It was Friday, and she had a date with her boyfriend after work.
But it wasn’t until it was time for her to leave work that she received a message from her boyfriend to cancel her date.

-Darling~ I, overtime today, confirmed to work on the weekendㅠㅗㅠ I’m sorry.
See you next week.
I’ll buy you something delicious♡

Putting aside the fact that she couldn’t see him all weekend, she was upset to hear that her boyfriend, who had been constantly working overtime recently, had to work weekends.
It’s a pity to just go home.
Even if she hadn’t stopped by the XX Mall, which was their meeting place today, and even if she hadn’t seen her boyfriend walking hand in hand with another woman, she would have been able to end it with such con

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