his master had done wrong.

[Master, no need to apologize.] Zero’s voice had always been flat, but this time actually seemed a little flustered, [Zero, no, matter.]

Once Qiao Xingnan heard it, he knew that Zero had no idea how critical his situation was just now, and he let out a deep tsk in his heart.

No more bullying honest people.

Qiao Xingnan pondered that he could go back and ask the system if he could upgrade the card or something.
If he could, he would help Zero no matter what method he used.

Thinking this way, Qiao Xingnan raised his head to look at the unfamiliar surroundings.

They had walked a long way without realizing it, a place he had never been to before.
A large lake was in front of them, surrounded by thickly-branched trees.
It seemed that a walk around the lake would lead to the pavilion where Ilir had taken Zero in the morning.

[Let’s go…] Familiarize yourself with the route to facilitate the act.

Before Qiao Xingnan could finish this sentence with Zero, he was suddenly interrupted by a scream not far away.

The source of the sound seemed to be near the center of the lake.
The screams faded, and a deliberately suppressed argument could be vaguely heard.

Qiao Xingnan frowned and led Zero over toward that side.
Just as he reached where the sound came from, Qiao Xingnan saw a group of well-trained knights appear across the lake.

They seemed to have also heard the commotion and were coming this way, and among them was Ilir wearing golden armor.

Wasn’t this a coincidence? They had just been separated briefly, and then they met again here.

Ilir, who was coming from across the lake, didn’t notice them yet.

Nonetheless, Qiao Xingnan’s eyes looked behind himself unnoticeably.
The two knights spying on him were still hiding in the corner, making it impossible for him to even watch the scene properly.

Qiao Xingnan thought so but did not give up.
He took a few steps forward with Zero.
He stood in the shade, watching the quarrel not far away with a calm and proud posture and condescending scrutiny as if it was their honor to make him stop and watch.

Under the blazing sun, the source of everything, two maids in black and white clothing and a knight in silver armor did not notice the presence of Qiao Xingnan.
They were still trapped in an endless argument.

Qiao Xingnan frowned slightly.
The man looked familiar and seemed to be the knight who had manned the ice house not long ago.

“Neil, you lied to me.” The woman had tears in her eyes.

The other woman was also in disbelief.

“Neil, you have someone else besides me?”

Neil also seemed a little embarrassed.
He didn’t expect this to happen someday, but it was his freedom to be with whomever he wanted.
These two women were just too unreasonable.

They were not at all the same as the charming lady from last night.
Thinking about this, Neil couldn’t help but lick his lips and start reminiscing about the beauty of last night.

The voice blew over with the wind, and the fine words gradually passed into Qiao Xingnan’s ears.
In short, the man had his feet in two boats and overturned.
What’s even worse was that, from Neil’s expression, he seemed to have no remorse at all.

Qiao Xingnan knew that such a scandalous affair would not be harshly criticized by most people in this era.

He looked at the three who kept arguing and glanced at Ilir and his group, who were about to arrive.
He pursed his lips and prepared to take Zero away to continue to familiarize himself with the rest of the route.

As a person who can hardly protect himself, he should not get involved in such things.

But just as Qiao Xingnan turned to leave, his sight fell on the brown-eyed woman’s body.
Now, the woman was no longer shedding tears and looked at the lake behind Neil as if her heart was dead.
Then, she slowly walked away, while the other two arguing people did not notice.

A few seconds later, a terrible thought surfaced in Qiao Xingnan’s mind, and his heart thumped.

Qiao Xingnan turned his footsteps and walked in the direction of the three people.

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