gold, and his sight moved to the system’s mission.

[System Task: 0/0 (there are many hosts who have never activated the task in their lifetime, please wait patiently)]

From the time he bound the card draw system, the system has not issued any quests, and it looks like it was difficult to activate them.

In this case, if you want more opportunities to draw cards, it seems simpler to exchange them with gold coins.

Qiao Xinan tsked secretly and instantly thought of something.


[Ding, calling the system in charge of the Chaos card pool for you.]

[System 035 is at your service.]

[035: Hello, dear host.
Do you need the card drawing service?]

Qiao Xingnan refused, “No need for now.”

“I want to ask, can I exchange part of the clothes you gave me for gold coins?”

The clothes were gifted to him by the system when he drew the card Zero.
There were as many as three closets, saying it was to compensate him for getting a low-grade N card for his first card draw.

Three closets have too many clothes.

He definitely can’t wear them all, so he might as well exchange them for gold coins.

[035: No, you can’t.]

[035: The clothes gifted to the host are rare items in this realm.
All of them are clothing with excellent materials, but they are not useful for the card pool, so they cannot be exchanged for gold coins.

“Okay.” Qiao Xingnan just casually asked and was not too disappointed.

After thinking about it for a while, he knew that those clothes were not of much use to the system.
Otherwise, the system wouldn’t have given him three closets in one big go.

Immediately after that, the system’s cold electronic voice rang out, like the automatic message on a shopping software.

[035: Dear, please look here~ Here are all the card races of the Chaos card pool.
What are you hesitating for? Look at our great Chaos card pool.
Hurry up and take all the cards home!]

[035: [Pictures]]

Qiao Xingnan had a spark of interest.

He was still very curious about the types of cards in the card pool.

Although most of the plot of the script has been written, when new cards are drawn, it is necessary for Qiao Xingnan to retouch the plot again.
Only by knowing the strengths and shaping points of the future actors to fit with the characters can a perfect film be made.

Just when Qiao Xingnan wanted to click the picture, he vaguely felt that someone was looking at him.
Qiao Xingnan lifted his head and looked at Zero, who wanted to say something.

“Zero, what’s wrong?”


Zero slowly lifted his stiff arm and pointed at himself as the puppet’s hoarse voice rang out, “The script, I, don’t know it.”

High-grade cards come with a translation function, but low-grade N cards can rarely recognize words, or rather, no host would want a useless N-grade card to read and write.

Not to mention that Zero was at the lowest status among the N-grade cards.

Qiao Xingnan froze for a moment, then felt a bit crestfallen.

He realized his negligence, stood up, and walked to Zero’s front, his tone somewhat relaxed, “It’s okay, Zero.
This script doesn’t have to be read.”

“Brother will tell you the next task.
Your job is simple, go out tomorrow and make friends.”

“There are still twenty-nine days before the free card draw.
During this period, the two of us will definitely succeed in surviving!”

“Tomorrow, I, make friends?” Zero’s wooden and hoarse voice seemed to carry some puzzlement.


Zero has no friends in his lonely puppet life.

“Right!” Qiao Xingnan thought about his next script and affirmed, “Make good friends, Zero! I’ll be in the room to assist you when the time comes.
There’s absolutely no problem!”

It was better to say they were making friends rather than scouting for information.

Given the poor attitude of the people in the manor towards them, although Qiao Xingnan encouraged Zero, he knew in his heart that this matter must be approached gradually and considered for the long term.


Castle in the sky refers to a building suspended in mid-air, which is a metaphor for unreal things or unrealistic imagination.

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