The crisis has been lifted for the time being.

Qiao Xingnan’s fingers holding the reins loosened and silently gave Uncle Ster a nod of approval for his approach.

His eyes unconsciously revealed a bit of relief, and his golden eyes were more crystal clear and shining in the sunlight.
At the same time, they attracted the blond man’s attention.

The golden python’s tail was squeezed by Asrit’s hand, and the sudden pain made the golden python flap its tail around, hissing and complaining, and its cold eyes seemed a bit aggrieved.

The man patted its snake head, appeasing perfunctorily, looking at Qiao Xingnan’s eyes full of interest.

Unlike Ilir and the others.

Asrit doesn’t care which country is behind the liar or if all four countries are involved.
It doesn’t matter to him.

If he cared, he would have put Qiao Xingnan in a cage and tortured him into confessing, and there were hundreds of ways to make Qiao Xingnan tell the truth.

But right now, Asrit doesn’t want to do that yet.
He thinks Qiao Xingnan was a bit interesting.

In fact, unlike what Qiao Xingnan thought, Asrit called him to come and ride a horse without the implication of testing.
If there was really someone behind the other party, they would never forget to let Qiao Xingnan learn those things.

The reason why Asrit called him to come and ride a horse was that he was interested in him and wanted to observe the other party a little more.

After all, it was clear that Qiao Xingnan had a better reason to go to Arilance Empire.
Still, he said such a flawed paragraph.
He didn’t seem to be afraid of him, along with his haughty posture and the mysterious subordinates around him.

It’s really interesting.

The corners of Asrit’s mouth were slightly hooked, and his green eyes did not blink as he looked at Qiao Xingnan.

“Asrit.” Qiao Xingnan simply could not ignore the other party’s hot sight, and he inclined his head to look at the blond man, his voice a little suspicious.

What are you looking at me for? My face shouldn’t be dirty, right?

Asrit heard Qiao Xingnan call him and still did not avert his eyes: “What is it?”

“You look at the road.” Qiao Xingnan pursed his lips, and his voice was a little cold.

Don’t look at me.
It makes me panic.

Asrit didn’t even notice the panic in the other party’s heart.
His green eyes raked over the other’s eyes, and he hmmed before looking away.

The road to the back of the mountain was somewhat rugged.
Going deeper into the lush woods, Qiao Xingnan found that there were not many fierce beasts on the way.
Not even a few animals that existed in the memory of the original body could be seen.

This should not be, there are many wild animals living in the mountains.
Was it because the back of the mountain is a forbidden place?

Qiao Xingnan doubted in his heart but did not ask.
Anyway, he was laying down his life to accompany the tyrant.
It was useless to know so much.

Asrit also did not explain.
He looked up at the beam of light through the layers of leaves, slightly squinted his eyes, and seemed comfortable here.

Then, he took the golden python on his shoulder, and as soon as it touched the ground, it scurried out very lively and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“Don’t you need to follow it?”

Qiao Xingnan watched the golden scales disappear into the depths of the forest, and his tone was somewhat puzzled.

Does raising a snake like this really not make it wild?

Asrit didn’t seem to care and said casually, “It went to the hot springs and will be back later when we go back down the mountain.”

It seems that the golden python was very accustomed to this place.

Qiao Xingnan hmmed and unintentionally caught a glimpse of some traces left on some huge trees in the forest, which seemed to have been formed by the impact of beasts, and he felt a thud in his heart.

Maybe it was because of the existence of fierce beasts in the back of the mountain that there were no animals like those hares.

Looking at Asrit’s leisurely look, Qiao Xingnan slightly clenched the reins and lowered his eyes.
He should relax.
Since the tyrant can come to the manor for summer vacation, it means that this place is safe.

Asrit did not know that Qiao Xingnan was worried about whether they would fold in the back of the mountain.
He drove the black horned horse and strolled around twice, occasionally observing the golden eyes of the man next door, feeling very satisfied.

Waiting for the time to go down the mountain, Asrit even wanted to continue to ask Qiao Xingnan up the mountain tomorrow.

Because the horseback riding time was too long, Qiao Xingnan, who was tensed, refused this time with a cold voice, jokingly saying that if he came again tomorrow, his old arms and legs could not stand it.

Qiao Xingnan, who finally left the tyrant and returned to the room, took a long breath of relief with Zero and Ster.

He tiredly slumped on the table and spouted off and on to Zero and Ster about how he felt on the way, and when he got to Howard, Qiao Xingnan’s words paused.

“Uncle Ster, Zero, we have to go earn money tomorrow.”

Since Howard proposed to fight with Zero, there would definitely be another time.

For the sake of his own fragile little life, Qiao Xingnan decided that he needed to upgrade Zero immediately.

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