yelashes trembled slightly.
His golden eyes flashed dimly, and his cold voice carried an imperceptible pain.

“I’ve come to find the treasures of our Chaos Empire.”


Asrit threw the hand towel casually to the steward.
With his green eyes, he put on an appearance of listening carefully.

Qiao Xingnan said slowly: “Seven years ago, the two princes of the Chaos Empire disappeared while traveling with me.”

“In order to prevent the attention of those with an agenda, every year, I would discreetly bring some of my subordinates near where they disappeared to look for them.”

“But there was no clue.”

Asrit looked like he was listening carefully, but his eyes could not help but move to the other party’s eyes.

The other party’s golden eyes are like the most beautiful two gems.
Even if tainted with pain and dullness, it was so stunning that one could not help but want to pick them out and treasure them carefully.

Qiao Xingnan did not know that while he was acting, the tyrant next door was full of thoughts of gouging his eyes.
His mind was full of warm scenes of the original body getting along with his younger siblings, as well as the heartbreaking grief of the original body after the disappearance of his younger siblings, aimlessly searching for them without any idea.


When Qiao Xingnan said this, a trace of coldness flashed in his eyes: “Traitors appeared once again in the Chaos Empire, and my subordinates were separated from me.”


The steward, who was listening to Qiao Xingnan on the side, couldn’t help but drop his eyes on the white-robed man.
If he remembered correctly, this silent man came scurrying over on the third day of Qiao Xingnan’s arrival.

Of course, Qiao Xingnan patched up this bug.

“My subordinates will not keep me waiting for long, and as long as I am here, they will come one after another.”

“Coincidentally, while I was disguised as a refugee to hide from the betrayers, I heard you would come here.” Qiao Xingnan’s eyelashes trembled slightly and seemed to be tinged with some light-hearted smile, but only a little, not too strong.

“I wish to cooperate with Arilance in the search for my two princes within your territory.
After that, the Chaos Empire will always be Arilance’s most sincere friend.”

The steward stood beside the blond man with his plate, recalling the results of the previous investigation.
What the other party said now seemed to be roughly in line with the results of the previous investigation.

But could there really be such a coincidence?

The steward didn’t believe it.
Besides, why would he look for their emperor? Hadn’t he heard of their emperor’s reputation?

After listening to the other party’s words, Asrit had an indistinguishable expression.
After a few seconds, a hint of pity appeared on his handsome face, an expression that the steward had never seen before.

The steward was suddenly shaken.
He lowered his eyes, pretending he was a statue that only breathed, knowing that his emperor, in his heart, must be thinking of something not so nice.

“Qiao, I would be happy to establish a friendship with your Chaos Empire, just like you and me.”

Qiao Xingnan, who was made a friend by the tyrant in seconds, suddenly had a sense of foreboding in his heart.

Immediately after that, Qiao Xingnan heard the snake on the other party’s shoulder hissing and spitting, and Asrit’s low and magnetic voice rang out, “If I were in the main city, I could use the emperor’s decree right now and look for your princes for you, but at this time I am in Utia Manor.”

“If possible, I would like you to stay for a few more days and return to the main city of Arilance with me, and I will issue the order then.”

About this, Qiao Xingnan had expected it.

The tyrant would have been a fool if he had directly believed what he had just said.

If he were the real emperor, he would not let go of people as suspicious as him and would definitely bring them back to the main city for a proper investigation.

However, Zero and Ster’s bizarre appearance was enough to put the tyrant on guard, and he would not touch his own little life for the time being.

Thinking this way, Qiao Xingnan nodded gently and said distantly, “I have a request from your country, so naturally, I am willing to wait.”

Right now, staying alive is most important.

If the tyrant really found the original body’s siblings, he would then find a way to take them far away when the time came.

“Asrit, thank you very much.”

Qiao Xingnan nodded slightly, showing restraint and courtesy to this emperor of the same status as him.

Asrit smiled gently as he stood up and approached Qiao Xingnan step by step.
The python on his shoulder opened its green eyes as he said playfully, “As the emperor of a friendly country, you don’t need to be so polite.”

The expression on Qiao Xingnan’s face was slightly relieved, but his heart was constantly on guard because of the other party’s proximity.

“So, my friend, now that we have plenty of time and the weather is perfect, shall we not go riding together for a break?”

Horsemanship was the most basic requirement for emperors, no matter which continent.
There was no emperor who did not know how to ride a horse, but the poor people never had the opportunity to learn.

Qiao Xingnan’s eyelashes slightly drooped.

The other party must have had the intention of testing by saying this suggestion.

Again, he couldn’t refuse.
After all, he had just made a “friendly agreement” with the other party.

It is really bad.

As a screenwriter, Qiao Xingnan has seen horses on the set, but he was not on the props team.
What he has done with horses was just to sit on them and pose for pictures.

And, on this continent, was a horse really just a horse?

The original body was a refugee and had not been exposed to these but was under the impression that the warriors on the battlefield rode the magical beasts.

Qiao Xingnan looked calm.

But in fact, facing the tyrant’s gaze, he has imagined no less than a hundred ways to die in his head.

How great.

He was just a few steps away from being reincarnated.

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