come and exchange them for money.

He was not sure where the better stores were, so he let Ilir exchange them, but he did not expect Ilir to be willing to accept them.

What a pleasant surprise.

Ilir consciously received the gem, took the initiative to pay, and followed them.
Watching these two go towards a small corner, his mind stirred.

Sure enough, the other party was going to the place where the two children were setting up their stall.

It was the first time the boy selling the wood carving came into such close contact with a noble lord that he couldn’t help but cower a little and shield his sister firmly behind him.

“Did you make the wood carving?”

The two mysterious people stood silently.
Ilir took the initiative to speak up as he looked at the green marks on the wood carving.

“Yes, lord.”

The boy nodded and was just about to say something when the little girl behind him started crying.

The little boy scrambled and hurriedly carried his sister off the back, coaxing her carefully.
On one side, he was afraid of angering the noblemen and hurriedly apologized to them.

Ilir was a little displeased, but he would not be angry with the child because of this.
He paid more attention to the attitude of Qiao Xingnan’s side.

After all, the other party was a proud emperor who would get angry because of the attitude of others, and now that he was ignored completely, the other party should be furious.

Unfortunately, he guessed wrong this time.

Qiao Xingnan’s persona was indeed a proud emperor, but he was still an older brother who loved his younger siblings.
At that moment, by chance, when he caught a glimpse of this pair of very close siblings, he planned to lay out the script that he hadn’t had time to lay out before the tyrant comes.

Privately, he also wanted to help these two siblings who were not yet adults, but his own life was not guaranteed, and all he could do was buy those wooden carvings.

So, after giving the gem to Ilir, Qiao Xingnan came to the two children’s stall with Zero.

Ilir vaguely felt that the dark-haired man, after seeing the boy ignoring himself and focusing on coaxing his sister, not only did not get angry at the other party for disrespecting him but looked at the little boy with great appreciation.

Question marks slowly rose up from Ilir’s head.

What was wrong with this man?

Was he holding back his anger, preparing to make a big move?

But it turns out that Qiao Xingnan was really not angry.
Not only was he not angry, but he also wrapped up all the things on the little boy’s spread.

Ilir: ……

Qiao Xingnan calculated that the gemstone was definitely worth a lot of gold coins, while the total value of the two packages he bought would still be less than a hundred silver coins.

And the most crucial thing was, who’s emperor would only buy one thing, little by little?

Packing everything is what an emperor should look like.

Thinking this way, Qiao Xingnan still looks cold on the surface.
After Zero carried the wood carvings to his side, his attitude was arrogant, ignoring the boy’s thanks and leaving the place on his own.

Ilir witnessed the whole process.
His eyes wandered to the boy and his sister, and he rushed after the other two without saying more.

After this, the group did not stroll further.
Qiao Xingnan pretended to have been tired of looking and returned to the manor by Rhett.

He only really relaxed when he sat back in the room.
Looking down at the wood carvings and gray magical beast eyes, Qiao Xingnan could not help but wonder what he could do with these things.

How about selling them to the system and see if it accepts them?

There are no magical beasts in the Chaos card pool, so the eyes of magical beasts must be a new thing, right?

While Qiao Xingnan was wandering, there was a sudden knock on the door.
The person who came was Ilir.
It was already late in the day, so he didn’t talk nonsense and directly explained the purpose of his visit.

“Your Excellency, this is the value given by the appraiser.
After deducting the silver coins from the town this afternoon, the total is one thousand and three gold coins.”

Qiao Xingnan slightly moved his fingertips, controlling Zero’s body to accept the gold coins, and heard Ilir continue: “Your gemstone was very precious, but it has not been processed and adorned, so it totals one thousand and three gold coins.
If there are any doubts, I can take you to the appraiser’s side.”

The thousand gold coins were beyond Qiao Xingnan’s expectations, and there was nothing to be doubtful about.

The next second, Ilir outside the door then heard the white-robed man hmm, “No matter, it’s just a gem.”

Ilir, who was about to continue explaining, paused.
Just a gem?

As a knight of the manor, Ilir’s salary for three months was five hundred gold coins, and the gem was worth half a year of his salary.
If his family was not short of money, he could not afford to buy this.

As if he suspected Ilir was not stimulated enough, the white-robed man continued with a sentence, “In the past, such things were only worthy of being smashed by the emperor to hear the sound.”

This sentence was Zero’s free speech.
Because it was true, the tone was much more real than before.
With the meaning of the words, it was easy for people to produce the illusion that their emperor was really aggrieved by the fact that he only had these gems now.

Ilir was silent.
He now really did not know whether the other party was pretending or not.

How come there are noses and eyes2, anything can be involved in how honorable their emperor is.

Ilir glanced into the room.
The dark-haired man sitting at the table, his golden eyes lowered, looking with curiosity at the gray eyes on the table.

Staring at eyes in the middle of the night, are you not afraid of having nightmares?

Ilir shivered.
He felt that whether this man was really the emperor, anyway, the appearance really looked like it.

In Ilir’s mind, emperors have strange aesthetics, just like their Arilance emperor, and this dark-haired man was not far behind.

Ilir withdrew his eyes and took his leave.

Qiao Xingnan, who had no idea what the other party struggled with, suppressed his excitement, controlled Zero, and sent the other party away, closing the door.

Then, he suddenly stood up and clenched his fist in excitement.

He finally had a thousand gold coins!


To show one’s feet is a metaphor for exposing the hidden truth or revealing the inside story unintentionally This phrase metaphorically describes in great detail things that have not been seen to be true, such as hearsay, rumors, legends, and fiction, as if they had been seen with one’s own eyes.

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