The man did not continue to talk to the other side but moved away with contempt as if he felt dirty to look at him one more time.

Such a cold sight made Neil’s heart thump, and then there was some anger.
Nothing was wrong with all the words he said before, but this liar dared to look down on him?

Qiao Xingnan, who did not have the slightest idea of Neil’s thoughts, kept an eye on the woman who couldn’t think straight and was relieved to see her stop in her tracks.

The knights were about to come, so they had to be quick.

After he set his eyes on the two women, he deliberately showed a strange expression, and his voice was full of doubts: “He has said such ridiculous words.
Won’t you take action?”

Take action?

Luna was a little puzzled.
She knew that the dazzling-looking man in front of her was the liar everyone in the manor was talking about.

Originally, she shouldn’t have paid attention, but at this time, Luna couldn’t help but want to hear what this man wanted to say.

“What action?”

Another victim, Jessica, looked at him chokingly from one side.

“Will your country allow such disloyalty to go unharmed?” There was a hint of disbelief in the man’s cold.
His voice was low as he took two steps forward, the corner of his robe cutting through the air as he stopped before Neil.

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed that the knights had arrived not far from him.
His heart moved, and he lightly tapped the fingers of his right hand on his side.

Ilir did not expect to run into Qiao Xingnan and Zero again today.
Before the emperor’s arrival, he needed to lead the knights to patrol every day.
They just heard the screams before coming from afar, and the result was actually such a disgraceful thing.

Bringing the affair into the manor, this Neil really has thick skin, Ilir’s eyes flashed a dark color.

Just as Ilir raised his foot to stop the farce, a white shadow flashed, and the swords on himself and his subordinate beside him instantly disappeared.

Before they could react, the white-robed man in front of them suddenly appeared next to the black-haired man with two swords in his hands.

If they were correct, those were the swords they had that disappeared just now.

The black-haired man took a sword directly from the white-robed man, then smiled faintly at Neil.
The next second, the sharp blade was against the side of the other man’s neck, getting closer and closer, seemingly just a millimeter away from cutting through the other man’s neck.

When Neil returned to his senses, he became aware of a sword pressing against his neck.
He subconsciously trembled, the fear of death and the desire for life made his legs weak, and he nearly knelt down to the other side.

“No need to be nervous.
You are a child of Arilance.
As a gesture of friendship, I will not touch you.”

The black-haired man glanced at him and seemed to find it somewhat ridiculous.

Behind him, Ilir watched his subordinate knight being held by the sword at his neck.
He was also a little nervous, afraid that this unknown black-haired man in front of him would kill his own men on a whim.

He frowned and raised a hand to warn the others not to act rashly.
If it was any other crook, Ilir believed they did not dare to do it, but the man in front of him had too many unknown matters.
He could not guarantee that Neil would still be alive after they rushed up.

Dressed in gorgeous clothes, the exquisite-looking man seemed unaware of how horrible he looked when he put his sword on someone’s neck with a smile at the corner of his mouth.
He changed the subject and spoke lowly: “In my country, betraying your partner is infidelity.
The partner will cut off the betrayer’s arm and drink his blood to show his anger.”

“What about Arilance?”

His eyes turned to the woman next to him, but the sword in his hand moved closer to Neil’s neck.

Neil felt the coolness of the weapon on the side of his neck and was too frightened to move.
The man’s soft questioning made him even more fearful, his chest heaving violently.

Luna did not dare to reply.

The words of the dazzling man to deal with her partner were indeed too horrible.
However, deep inside, the hidden darkness was still screaming with resentment against Neil, how she wanted to make Neil regret betraying herself as the man said.
However, in Arilance, it was normal for a noble knight to have more than one lover.

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