Chapter 55: Sun and Moon Appear, Spirit Burning and Sea Boiling

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Although he was only a weakling in the game, Gong Ziliang knew how awesome he was now when he fought the Meridian Opening Realm cultivators.

But now, he did not have any money left!


Help me ask if there are rich women who want me? I don’t want to work hard anymore!


Without the copper coins to level up, Gong Ziliang was helpless.
He could only exchange the ingots for some spirit stones, place them around his body, and begin to absorb them.

What was this?

It was simply burning money!

Cough cough, of course, he did not have copper coins.

However, there were many things like ingots!

Profound Snow Peak, in the Elder Pavilion.

Shangguan Yan fell into a strange world.

The originally empty gray world gradually became lively after the comfortable fog entered.

In the sky, there were seven huge spiritual qi vortexes that continuously spun.

Every time a trace of fog floated down and landed on his body, he would feel comfortable.

Especially as the spiritual qi vortexes became stronger, his entire body felt like he had ascended to become an immortal.

However, not long after, a strange thing happened.

A kiln that was burning with flames appeared in the distant sky.

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It spat out flames.
Although it did not cause him any damage, it burned the fog of this world.

The fog that he was supposed to absorb actually floated towards the kiln after being burned!

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This made Shangguan Yan unable to endure it!

How dare you snatch my things!

Damn it!

He could not endure it!

Shangguan Yan immediately wanted to take back the fog, but he had no choice.

However, at this moment, the seven large spiritual qi vortexes in the sky suddenly formed a connection with him!

Shangguan Yan could fully feel that he seemed to be able to control their strength.

This made him, who had originally been in disbelief, attempt to spin the seven spiritual qi vortexes and begin to take back the fog that had been absorbed by the kiln.

As expected, as the saying went, hard work pays off!

When Shangguan Yan began to familiarize himself with this feeling, he relied on the seven spiritual qi vortexes to forcefully block the flames spat out by the kiln.
The fog finally stopped flowing.

However, when Shangguan Yan started to feel happy, there was a sudden bang.

A bright white moon suddenly appeared!

A stone bridge that crossed the sky suddenly crossed from the side of the kiln and collided into this world!

What was even more terrifying was that a golden dragon actually followed behind the stone bridge.
It even carried ice-cold ripples and boundless seawater.
This kind of magnificent scene was not something that could be created easily.

When the seawater collided with the stone bridge and entered this world, the fog in the vortex surprisingly dissolved and disappeared!

Shangguan Yan was stunned and surprised!

Damn it!

There was another person fighting with him!

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Who had the handsome Shangguan Yan offended!

‘Jealous of my beautiful appearance?’


He could not take it anymore!

However, just as Shangguan Yan was about to counterattack, a terrifying thing happened!

The kiln in the sky that was spewing flames actually fell into the cold seawater, stirring up surging flames and ripples!

Profound Snow Peak, in the Elder Pavilion.

“No way? How can so many spirit stones be consumed so quickly?”

“It’s fake, right? Could it be that the spirit stones we accumulated are all low-grade?”

“How… How can this Seven-Orifice Spirit Spiral Body be so absorbent? How many spirit stones has it thrown in already? It’s still not full?”

“How terrifying!”

The high-grade spirit stones that were originally spread on the jade bed turned into dust and dissipated.

This scene directly attracted everyone’s attention.

At the same time, Shangguan Yan’s originally calm expression suddenly flashed with pain.

As the seven rice-sized spiritual qi vortexes were gradually growing, they actually began to dim!

“This… is this due to insufficient spiritual qi?” Elder Guan asked.

At this moment, everyone was ceaselessly determining what exactly was going on, and their faces revealed extremely strange expressions.

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This was because they had already spent a total of 70,000 spirit stones!

Why was there insufficient spiritual qi?


At this moment, Sect Master Xuan Guangzi looked at the sky and said in a low voice, “Everyone, bring over all the spirit stones.
This time, it’s not only Disciple Shangguan Yan who needs spirit stones, but the three divine bodies!”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone was stunned.

At some point, a stone bridge in the sky, and golden dragons accompanied by the moonlight and seawater surged over and collided with the seven spiritual qi vortexes.

“This… the golden dragon appeared again with the moon and seawater?” Elder Li cried out in surprise.

However, in the next moment, when the Scorching Sun Furnace rumbled and sank into the sea, the phenomenon on the Profound Snow Peak changed drastically!

After the monstrous seawater was burned by the flames, it surged in the sky.
The golden dragon rose into the sky and roared.

However, the size did not disappear.
Instead, it gradually became bigger and bigger.

The seawater covered the Scorching Sun Furnace and drowned the moonlight stone bridge.
The golden dragon roared at the sky.

At this moment, a white moon had unknowingly hung high in the sky, competing with the sun’s radiance.
It scattered the moonlight and fell into the sea.

“What’s going on?”

“Spirit Burning and Sea Boiling?” Elder Li cried out in surprise, as if a legend had sounded.

That was related to something that happened at least five thousand years ago.

It was the golden era when elites appeared in large numbers.

There were as many Divine Body geniuses as there were dogs.

An expert had specially created a hundred rankings for this era!

Among them, the Divine Body Board had been passed down until now!

However, even high-grade Divine Bodies could not enter the Divine Body Board!

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Among them, according to the description of the phenomenon of the 99th Divine Body, this was the phenomenon of the sun and moon appearing together, the burning of the spirit and boiling of the sea!

Its name was: Sun Moon Sea Burning Body!

“Sun Moon Sea Burning Body? That’s not right.
How can such a Divine Body appear in our Profound Heaven Sect?”

At this moment, First Elder Liu was directly stunned, his beard trembling.

“This… is unbelievable, unbelievable! The Scorching Sun Furnace fell into the stone bridge under the moon.
It… it has actually become the Sun Moon Sea Burning Body?”

The other elders were shocked.

However, in the next moment, something even more terrifying happened!

A strange power turned into a vortex and began to appear in the center of the sea.
The entire sea surged even more terrifyingly.

As the vortex slowly spun, the violent sea gradually calmed down at an unbelievable speed.

Everything seemed to have stopped.

Although the seawater turned into a vortex, it eventually calmed down.

However, at this moment, a powerful force surged out of the sea.

In an instant, the world changed.
The sun and moon were actually pulled down from the sky by an extremely huge baptism.

The burning sun and the quiet moon actually fell into the sea at the same time!


In an instant, the sky collapsed!

A huge wave actually surged out from the center of the vortex.
At that instant, the originally quiet seawater actually turned black at the same time and gradually spread throughout the entire ocean!

Then, everything…

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