His natural talent was extraordinary.

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He had come back from the future and reincarnated, solving many of the problems left behind in his cultivation in his previous life.

He was confident that he would not be stuck at the heavenly God ninth transformation like he was in his previous life, unable to enter Nirvana.

But even with such talent and experience, Chu Yang still didn’t think that he would be able to catch up to Gong Ziliang.

That guy was completely outrageously monstrous!

“Perhaps only that person from the Bai family can compete with you in terms of talent.”

After sighing, Lin Xiao suddenly had a sudden impulse.

Frowning, Lin Xiao looked in a certain direction outside the ruins in bewilderment.

Just a moment ago, he suddenly felt a will land on his body.

However, that feeling had come and gone very quickly.

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It caused his mind to be unable to trace back in time and the connection was already cut off.

“No matter who is targeting me, I should improve my strength and form the divine fire vortex first!”

His will was like a blade, cutting off all distracting thoughts.

Lin Xiao closed his eyes and used his powerful spirit to condense and compress the spiritual energy vortex above his head.


Heavenly Fire demonic land.

A figure was like the king of this world.
Above his head was a spiritual Qi vortex that was thousands of miles long, and under his feet were flame-shaped demons.

Suddenly, the man opened his eyes.

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“What’s wrong?”

Inside his body, a spiritual body sensed that this person had suddenly stopped condensing the divine flame and asked with concern.

This person’s face was filled with doubt.
His two burning pupils swept across this demonic land, but he didn’t find anything.

“I’m fine, drug lord, maybe it’s just an illusion.
“He shook his head.

The great Xia Dynasty.

The source of the Dragon’s Vein of the great Xia Dynasty was suppressed under the Imperial mausoleum.

Here, the Dragon Qi had fused with the earth veins, forming a special spirit mine.

At that moment, in the deepest part of the spirit mine, a figure was lying on a pile of spirit Crystal Chalcedony that was glowing with golden light.

A terrifying suction force flowed out of the seven apertures of his body, quickly extracting the spiritual Qi and Dragon Qi contained in the spiritual Crystal Chalcedony.

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Suddenly, an undetectable crisp sound came from one of the acupuncture points.

Then, a series of crisp sounds rang out from the other six apertures.

“Wow, I’ve filled my seven apertures with spiritual Qi so quickly.
I can break through to the Tribulation passing realm!”

The figure revealed a look of joy and immediately looked down at the spiritual Crystal Chalcedony that was still enshrouding with spiritual energy.

After thinking for a while, he suppressed the urge to explode from his seven apertures and continued to suck.

“Just a little more.”

After a while, his seven apertures felt like they were about to burst.

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The figure stood still.”Absorb a little more!”

After a while, the feeling of breaking through reached its peak.

“Just a little more …”

“More …”

Finally, the spiritual Qi in his seven orifices could no longer be suppressed and began to boil.

Not even a trace of it could be absorbed.

“Hehehe, there’s still some space.”

As the figure spoke, he pushed out the anger that was pushed out of the mouth of the five grains reincarnation.

Instantly, the spiritual Crystal Chalcedony beneath him was dyed with a layer of yellow.

The figure, on the other hand, revealed a comfortable smile.
Just as he was about to absorb more spiritual Qi, a wisp of his mind involuntarily split off.

Before he could withdraw his mind, the spiritual energy that he had suppressed in his seven orifices suddenly exploded …


At this moment, gongzi Liang had no idea that his thought had affected Shangguan Yan and Lin Xiao.

At this moment, he had already left the profound Gold Pavilion.

Gu lianren also left with her.

As for Dong Tianbao, after he handed over the batch of precious artifacts of the paramount tribulation passing stage that the Gu clan had ordered, he brought the profound Gold Pavilion with him and rushed back to the bi Fang Empire’s imperial capital.

The sky treasure Pavilion’s teleportation array was in the branch Pavilion in the imperial capital, and he could only use it when he got there.

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On the streets, the pedestrians were like a web, and the flow was endless.

Two figures were walking side by side.
They were Gong Ziliang and Gu lianren.

Gu lianren was as talented as Lin anruo, and she was born in the Gu family, a powerful family.

To be able to travel with her, even Saint children and Dao children would inevitably feel restless.

However, at this moment, Gong Ziliang did not have many worldly thoughts.

Of course, it would be impossible to say that he did not have any thoughts at all.

However, Gong Ziliang’s intention was not for Gu lianren, but for the key to the Gu family.

He was thinking about how to ask Gu lianren about the information of the key.

“Fellow Daoist Liang, I remember that you used a key as a bet at the profound Gold Pavilion,” Gu Lian Ren took the initiative to speak.

“May I ask why fellow Daoist Liang wants that key?”

Eh, was this little girl a worm in his stomach?

Gongzi Liang was a little surprised, but he knew that Gu lianren had probably just happened to think about the key.

The Gu family was an influential family with a strong foundation, on the same level as Holy Lands and ancient orthodoxies.

It was a giant force at the top of the pyramid of the cultivation world, established in the southeast Region.

Therefore, before he met Gu lianren, Gong Ziliang did not have much hope for the key in the Gu family’s hands.

However, after what had just happened, Gong Ziliang realized that the Gu family’s situation didn’t look too good.

To be able to cause the servants of the Gu family to turn against each other in public, it was obvious that the hearts of the Gu family had already collapsed to a certain extent.

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This made Gong Ziliang start to think about the Gu family’s key.

And now, Gu Lian had taken the initiative to mention the key, and Gong Ziliang was naturally more than happy to have it.

“I’m interested in the divine Kingdom ruins.

The only use of the three keys was to combine them to open the divine Kingdom ruins.

As the Gu family’s Holy daughter, Gu lianren must be more aware of this than she was.


Gongzi Liang did not hide his purpose and spoke frankly.

Gu lianren was stunned.

She did not expect Gong Ziliang to be so direct and tell her his purpose.

Facing young master Liang’s open gaze, all the words she had prepared to use to inquire about him were useless.

Her originally clear train of thought was suddenly disrupted.
She stood there, not knowing how to continue the conversation.

Seeing Gu lianren’s dazed and adorable look, Gong Ziliang could not help but recall that when he had asked Gu lianren for directions on the street earlier, the latter also did not seem to be very smart.

“No wonder you can’t suppress Gu chengfeng and those old guys.”

Shaking his head, gongzi Liang snapped his fingers to wake Gu lianren up and said,”Miss Gu, can you give me the key to the Gu family?”

“I’m willing to take out 100 extreme level sea of consciousness precious artifacts as an exchange.

100 spiritual sea extreme state precious artifacts, even if it was according to the price that Gong Ziliang gave Dong Tianbao, that would still be 10 billion spirit stones!

For example, the branch of sky treasure Pavilion in the bi Fang dynasty only had a net profit of about one billion spirit stones in a year.

It was equivalent to Gong Ziliang giving away ten years ‘worth of profits from a branch of sky treasure Pavilion.

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