“Gu lianren, have you thought about it?” At this moment.
Gu chengfeng saw that Gu Lian Ren was unable to make a decision after a long time.
He became impatient and said loudly.
Upon hearing the voice, Dong Tianbao came back to his senses.
Looking at the scene in front of him, combined with the faint sound he had just heard, he could not help but understand what had happened.
From his personal point of view, Dong Tianbao wished he could wave his hand and let Gu lianren bid against Gu chengfeng to buy the three supreme class relics from Gong Ziliang.
However, he was the Vice Pavilion master of the sky treasure Pavilion.
If the higher-ups found out that he had rejected sky treasure Pavilion’s own orders and allowed customers to use spirit stones to buy supreme class precious artifacts from other channels … At that time, what he would remove would not just be the “vice” word above his head.
It was because the sky treasure Pavilion had nothing to do with him anymore.
Another point was that gongzi Liang brought these extreme grade precious artifacts to the sky treasure Pavilion to sell.
In Dong Tianbao’s opinion, the motive of this action was not simple! Since the power behind Gong Ziliang had a stable source of precious artifacts at the pinnacle level of the sea of consciousness realm … In other words, it would form a competitive relationship with the sky treasure Pavilion.
Therefore, it was likely that Gong Ziliang had brought a supreme class precious artifact here to sell it.
Instead, he wanted to trample on sky treasure Pavilion and spread his own reputation.
If gongzi Liang knew that Dong Tianbao had so many thoughts because of his supreme class precious artifacts, he would probably be dumbfounded.
Of course, if Dong Tianbao knew that gongzi Liang did not have the power he had imagined, he would probably doubt his life.
However, with the lack of information, Dong Tianbao only wanted to watch coldly and see what gongzi Liang was going to do next.
On the other side.
In the end, Gu lianren still decided that she could not create a powerful enemy like the sky treasure Pavilion for the Gu family at this time.
It was also because she was not clear about Gong Ziliang’s identity.
It was also unknown how much benefits it would bring to the Gu family.
“I’m sorry, young master.
” After he finished his sentence.
Gu Lian put away the storage ring and stood there.
She bit her lower lip so hard that it started to bleed.
The cultivators in front of the counter felt their hearts break when they saw this.
He wished he could be generous and buy the Supreme class precious artifact in Gong Ziliang’s hands to make the beauty smile.
However, when he thought about how a single supreme class precious artifact was worth 400 million spirit stones, he immediately understood.
Someone could only say indignantly,”that young master is really not a toy.
If I had a supreme class precious artifact, I would definitely not make things so difficult for the Gu clan’s Holy daughter!” “I don’t want a single spiritual stone.
I’ll give it to the Holy daughter of the Gu family!” Gong Ziliang was initially feeling apologetic for Gu lianren’s pitiful and aggrieved appearance.
But when he heard that guy’s words, he was shocked.
F * ck, who did I offend? why am I not a toy? Gongzi Liang turned around to see who was attacking him from the moral high ground! What came into view was a well-dressed man with greasy hair and pink face.
For a moment, he could not even tell the gender of this guy, whether he was a man or a woman.
The latter’s expression changed when he saw Gong Ziliang looking at him.
He quickly lowered his head and hid behind a middle-aged man who was probably an elder of the clan.
He saw that the guy who was only in the spirit-forging stage didn’t even have the courage to fight him.
Gong Ziliang couldn’t be bothered to argue with such a weak chicken.
Coming back to his senses, gongzi Liang looked at Gu chengfeng and said,””Dao friend Gu, do you really want to buy these three supreme class precious artifacts?” Gu chengfeng was overjoyed when he heard this.
“Of course I’m buying!” Then, he looked at Gu Dong and the other three.
While Gu Lian Ren was making her decision, he had already explained to the four of them that he wanted to purchase a supreme class relic to mine the resources of the demon land.
He had also received the unanimous support of the four of them.
Therefore, at this moment, they all took out the last of their assets.
However, other than the storage rings that they had taken out earlier, the four of them had left all their other resources at the Gu family.
After trying his best to gather resources, he barely managed to gather less than one billion spirit stones.
The remaining 200 million, however, could not be taken out no matter what.
Gu chengfeng was a little embarrassed.
He had just made a solemn vow to force Gu lianren out of the competition, but now he couldn’t take out enough spiritual stones.
What made Gu chengfeng even more regretful was that he was the one who had called out the price for the three supreme class precious artifacts.
Lifting a stone to harden one’s own feet! “That … Little friend Liang, you see, this Gu has already bought so many of your precious artifacts.
Why don’t you give me a discount?” In the end, between a supreme class precious artifact and his face, Gu chengfeng chose the former.
Gongzi Liang looked troubled.”Fellow Daoist Gu, it’s not that I don’t want to give you a discount.” It’s just that I really need spirit stones.
Otherwise, why would I take out a Ji realm precious artifact to sell?” At this point, Gong Ziliang gritted his teeth, as if he had made a difficult decision.”How about this, I’ll erase 100 million for you.” “Fellow Daoist Gu, as long as you give me another 100 million spirit stones, the three high-quality sea of consciousness extreme state precious artifacts will be yours!” He was still short of 100 million! Gu chengfeng’s breathing became heavy.
However, his expression immediately turned bitter as if he had just eaten a bitter gourd.
If he was still in the Gu family, he would be able to get 100 million spiritual stones from Gu lianren no matter what.
Or, he could borrow it from Dong Tianbao or the cultivators in the profound Gold Pavilion.
But now, he had just left the Gu family.
Who would dare to risk offending the Gu family and lend him a hundred million spiritual stones? Just as Gu chengfeng was scratching his head in anxiety, gongzi Liang’s voice was heard,” “Eh? fellow Daoist Gu’s clothes look pretty good.
They’re probably made from top-quality snow silk.” “How about I give you a discount of ten million spirit stones? what do you think?” Gu chengfeng’s clothes were indeed made from snow silk.
When worn, it would be warm in winter and cool in summer.
On top of that, there was a miniature spirit gathering formation drawn out by spirit threads, which could gather the spirit Qi within a radius of several feet.
It could improve the efficiency of cultivation even when walking, sitting, or lying.
It could be considered a must-have treasure for home and travel.
However, Gu chengfeng remembered that he had only spent a few thousand spiritual stones on this set of clothes.
And now, Gong Ziliang was going to sell it for ten million spirit stones? Was this guy here to do charity? Or could it be that this piece of clothing actually contained a universe within it and was a superior-grade spirit treasure that he had never discovered? Before Gu chengfeng could understand why gongzi Liang had suddenly become so easy to talk to.
Suddenly, from the corner of his eye, he saw that the cultivators nearby had already started to take off their clothes.
F * ck! What the hell was he doing? only an idiot would refuse to sell a piece of clothing for ten million spirit stones! Although it was a little embarrassing for him to undress in public with his status.
However, when he thought of the ten million spiritual stones, Gu chengfeng immediately displayed the speed of a warrior in the sea of consciousness.
Before the cultivators could even finish unbuttoning their clothes, he had already wrapped them up with spirit energy and brought them to gongzi Liang.
There was a hint of disgust in Gong Ziliang’s eyes.
After a quick glance, he said,”Not bad, not bad.
It’s indeed the best natural silk.” Then, he frowned slightly.”Tsk, but I’m still short of 90 million spirit stones.”

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