Just nice.
Other than the Gu family’s demonic land, Gu chengfeng also knew of the existence of a few other demonic lands.
However, compared to the demon land guarded by the Gu family’s demon-suppressing guard, the other demon lands did not have as much resources.
After weighing the pros and cons, the Gu family felt that it was not worth it to continue increasing the number of demon-suppressing guards to excavate the demon lands, so they gave up.
But now, with a sea of consciousness extreme precious artifact, even tribulation passing realm cultivators could enter and mine resources after wearing it.
Even though a sea of consciousness “extreme grade precious artifact would be corroded by the demonic Qi of the demonic land over time, and would slowly become useless.
At that time, he might not be able to find gongzi Liang to replace him.
However, Gu chengfeng thought that when these 60 sea of consciousness supreme class precious artifacts were destroyed, the resources obtained from the demonic land would definitely exceed the spirit crystals he was currently spending.
“Hold on!” Gu chengfeng shouted out loudly.
He took a step forward and grabbed onto the hand that gongzi Liang was using to pick up the Supreme class precious artifact,”put it down!” “I’ll buy all of these supreme class precious artifacts!” Gongzi Liang was taken aback.
He swept his gaze over Gu chengfeng and smiled,””You bought it? Do you still have enough spirit stones?” “Furthermore, these three extreme level precious artifacts are not ordinary goods.
They can not be counted as ordinary sea of consciousness extreme level precious artifacts.
You have to add spirit stones!” Gu chengfeng lowered his head and glanced at the “Azure demon necklace” in gongzi Liang’s hand.
His divine sense could sense that it seemed to have a purifying aura attached to it.
If he brought it to the demonic land, it should have a very good suppressing and restraining effect on the demonic Qi.
The aura of purification that Gu chengfeng sensed was coming from the Holy damage that was added to the necklace of the Azure demon.
Immediately, Gu chengfeng’s heart was moved.
Gu chengfeng was not the only one who was moved.
“Dao friend Liang, can you part with these three Ji realm precious artifacts to the Gu clan?” “As for the price, as long as it’s fair, I can accept it.” “Also, Lian Ren has ready-made spiritual crystals here.
We can trade immediately.” Gu lianren could not wait to take out a storage ring.
After opening it, two mountains of spiritual crystals were neatly placed inside.
These spirit crystals were originally used by the Gu clan to purchase the Supreme realm precious artifacts of the sky treasure Pavilion.
However, Gu Lian Ren had a reason to take the three “necklace of the Azure demon.” It wasn’t for the demon-suppressing guards.
It was because Gu lianren had taken the Gu family into consideration and had left five people in the spiritual ocean realm, including Gu chengfeng.
Although it was not a big loss, it was still a big loss for the Gu family.
If he could buy back these three supreme class precious artifacts of the sea of consciousness realm, even though he would not be able to make up for the loss of the five sea of consciousness realm experts, he would at least be able to raise the morale of the Gu clan.
Apart from that, there was a deeper reason for Gu lianren’s actions.
She had taken a fancy to gongzi Liang! She wasn’t an idiot.
Since Gong Ziliang was able to take out so many sea of consciousness tier precious artifacts, it meant that there was an even more terrifying force behind him.
If they could form a relationship with that force, it might bring a glimmer of hope to the Gu family at a critical moment.
Of course, Gu lianren was not an ignorant young girl.
As the Holy daughter of the Gu family, Gu Lian Ren naturally knew that the greater the power, the more complicated the interests involved in all aspects.
Unless the Gu clan could bring sufficient benefits to the power behind Gong Ziliang, the other party would definitely not help the Gu clan for no reason.
He recalled how Gu chengfeng had helped the great-great-grandson of the bi Fang Empire to reconcile … In Gu Lian’s heart, she was already prepared to give herself up! If he sacrificed himself, he could save the Gu family.
Then, Gu lianren would definitely not hesitate at all! However, Gu Lian was well aware of what the bi Fang dynasty’s Grand Elder was thinking, so she was too lazy to care.
Furthermore, Gu Lian did not hate young master Liang as much as she hated young master Ma, whom she had never met before.
He felt that if he were to become Dao companions with such a person in the future, he would still be able to accept it.
As such, even though they didn’t know why young master Liang was in such a hurry to sell these Supreme realm precious artifacts, they were still confused.
However, Gu lianren had already thought it through.
Even if she had to give more spirit crystals, she would definitely get the three extra supreme class relics.
Gu chengfeng naturally did not know about Gu lianren’s many considerations.
He only thought that Gu lianren was taking revenge on him, or, as he had thought before, Gu lianren had really fallen for this pretty boy.
However, no matter what the reason was, these precious artifacts were related to his future.
Gu chengfeng would never hand it over to Gu lianren! “Gu Lian Ren, a sea of consciousness extreme grade precious artifact costs 200 million spirit stones.” “These three are of higher quality, so I’ll just charge you 400 million spirit stones each.” “Three pieces would be 1.2 billion!” “Take out these 1.2 billion spirit stones.
Do you still have enough spirit stones to buy the Supreme class relics that you ordered from the sky treasure Pavilion master?” Gu chengfeng hit the nail on the head.
He knew that the Gu family could not afford to offend the sky treasure Pavilion, so he deliberately pointed out the problem of Gu lianren’s lack of spiritual stones.
Gu Lian Ren’s expression changed.
She had also considered the problem that Gu chengfeng had mentioned earlier.
The original plan was to let Dong Tianbao wait for a day or two before the Gu family sent another batch of spiritual stones over.
But who would have thought that Gu chengfeng would be so vicious, hitting his weak spot right from the start.
And now, Gu chengfeng had pointed out the problem.
Or, he could use the spirit stones in his hands to buy the Supreme class precious artifact that he had reserved with Dong Tianbao.
Or, he could compete with Gu chengfeng for the three supreme class precious artifacts in Gong Ziliang’s hands.
If she chose the former, Gu lianren could not be sure that there would be a next time when gongzi Liang would sell supreme class relics.
If he chose the latter, he would offend sky treasure Pavilion.
The Gu family could not afford to pay such a price! Gu lianren was caught in a dilemma.
She did not know that Dong Tianbao was still in shock over the Supreme class precious artifact that gongzi Liang had taken out.
As the Vice Pavilion master of the sky treasure Pavilion, the information that Dong Tianbao obtained from those supreme class precious artifacts was far more than the others present.
The first was the number.
If it was just one or two extreme level sea of consciousness precious artifacts, then it would be fine.
Taking out 60 pieces at once.
In the entire Central Plains, Dong Tianbao knew less than a handful of forces that could do this.
The second was the standard.
Although the sky treasure Pavilion monopolized the dark gold mine that was used to forge Supreme level precious artifacts, the technique to forge Supreme level precious artifacts was not a secret in the cultivation world.
As such, after some powers purchased profound gold from the sky treasure Pavilion, they would forge different extreme grade precious artifacts according to their own needs.
However, the Supreme realm precious artifacts that young master Liang took out were clearly standard Supreme realm precious artifacts.
Moreover, even Dong Tianbao could not see the slightest difference in the size of the same part.
It was so precise that even the five Nirvana stage smithing grandmasters from the sky treasure Pavilion might not be able to do it.
To be able to achieve these two points, it was enough to prove that the power behind Gong Ziliang not only had five Nirvana stage grandmasters in blacksmithing in the sky treasure Pavilion, but also had a stable source of profound gold.
What terrified Dong Tianbao the most was that the sky treasure Pavilion had never heard of such a force before!

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