Naturally, gongzi Liang did not know what Gu chengfeng was planning.
He glanced at Gu lianren and felt that the person beside this fool was rather cultured.
Dong Tianbao was embarrassed.
At this moment, he had already noticed something from the way Gu lianren and Gu chengfeng were looking at Gong Ziliang.
He guessed that the two of them must have crossed paths before, so Gu chengfeng was intentionally using the Supreme class precious artifact to put gongzi Liang on fire.
But the problem was that this way, he, the Deputy Pavilion master, would also be held up.
Meeting Gu chengfeng’s playful gaze, Dong Tianbao knew that he could not avoid it.
Suppressing his dissatisfaction with Gu chengfeng, Dong Tianbao braced himself and said,””Cough, cough.
May I ask, good brother, how many supreme class precious artifacts do you want to sell?” In his heart, Dong Tianbao could only hope that gongzi Liang’s answer would not be too ridiculous.
Of course, one or two pieces were fine, but the quality had to be above average! In the end, he would only take out a mortal martial grade extreme grade precious artifact, making it impossible for him to smooth things over.
Speaking of Dong Tianbao’s problem, gongzi Liang himself had forgotten how many supreme class relics he had left in his bag after obtaining the title [weapon Shatterer demon].
He could only make a rough estimate and said with uncertainty,””There should be more than 60.” After saying that, Gong Ziliang felt that it was his first time doing business, so he shouldn’t leave the impression that he was unreliable.””I’ll take a look at it later.
If it’s not enough, I’ll immediately go and order more.
” He was so busy running, doing parkour, and synthesizing pills and equipment that he had not even had the time to kill the boss for today.
“Pfft, hahaha!” ” 60 extreme grade precious artifacts.
Sky treasure Pavilion’s master, did you really not invite this person to play around with this Gu?” Gu chengfeng laughed out loud.
His Gu clan’s demon suppression guards had a total of 100 people, but the number of supreme class precious artifacts that needed to be replaced every two years was less than one-third of this number.
Furthermore, because the items he took from the sky treasure Pavilion were all standard supreme class relics, he only needed to replace the damaged parts.
Each time he took the goods, he would only get around 30 supreme class precious artifacts.
Even so, the Gu family’s order was the sky treasure Pavilion branch’s biggest business.
If it was the nine Dragon Holy Land and the heavenly Dipper orthodoxy, the amount of extreme grade precious artifacts they used would only be the same as the Gu family ‘s.
As for the bifang Empire, the sects, and the high-level families, they were even less worth mentioning.
But now, this guy actually said that he was going to take out 60 supreme class precious artifacts and sell them to Dong Tianbao.
60 pieces.
This was almost what the Gu clan, Nine Dragons sacred land, and Tian Gang orthodoxies would use for two years.
Even if it was Dong Tianbao, it would be impossible for him to take out so many supreme class precious artifacts at once.
He would still need to get them from the branch Pavilion in the imperial capital, or even from the central State headquarters.
Standing behind Gu chengfeng, Gu lianren didn’t think too much about it.
On the contrary, he felt that Gong Ziliang’s serious expression and words that everyone knew were a joke was inexplicably interesting.
Dong Tianbao couldn’t hold it in any longer.
When Gong Ziliang said that he was going to sell 60 supreme class relics, he could still treat it as a joke and forget about it.
However, when Gong Ziliang said that if it was not enough, he could go and get more immediately, it was a little provocative to Dong Tianbao’s profession.
Was he treating a supreme class precious artifact like a fruit on a tree by the road? “Then, may I ask, good brother, what grade are the Supreme class precious artifacts you want to sell?” Dong Tianbao’s tone was obviously not as kind as before.
How could gongzi Liang not see that he was being questioned? The guy next to the fool laughed so hard that he was convulsing.
It seemed that he had asked him to trade with Dong Tianbao first just to make a fool of himself.
“Pavilion master Dong, if you don’t want to do this business, I’ll just look for other forces,” Childe Liang said with a cold smile.
With that, Gong Ziliang turned to leave.
Dong Tianbao frowned.
He did not believe that gongzi Liang could take out 60 supreme class precious artifacts.
However, as the Vice Pavilion head, his responsibility was to open the trade route for the sky treasure Pavilion and complete every business.
He definitely couldn’t push the guest out of the door just because he lost face.
“Good brother, please wait.
Since you have entered this Pavilion, you are a guest.” “This Dong apologizes for what I did just now.
I hope that brother can forgive me.” “In addition, to express my apologies, this is our Pavilion’s Silver discount card.
With this card, brother Liang can enjoy a 10% discount in any branch of the sky treasure Pavilion, whether it’s selling, buying, customizing, or repairing magical equipment!” Gongzi Liang could tell that Dong Tianbao was not being forceful with his words.
He was sincerely apologizing to him.
As the saying goes, one can see the whole picture with just a glimpse.
From Dong Tianbao’s magnanimity, gongzi Liang could tell that the heavenly treasure Pavilion was a prominent power behind him.
“As expected of the sky treasure Pavilion that can expand and strengthen its business and have branches all over the nine states!” Sighing in his heart, gongzi Liang turned around and accepted the discount card.
He decided that in the future, he would trade any additional supreme class precious artifacts in the sky treasure Pavilion.
“Hehe, sky treasure Pavilion’s master, let him go,” “After leaving the sky treasure Pavilion, this Gu truly doesn’t know who would be able to eat 60 supreme class precious artifacts!” Right at this moment, Gu chengfeng’s sharp voice rang out.
He emphasized the words ” 60 supreme class precious artifacts.” “Old Gu, don’t say anymore!” Gu lianren couldn’t stand it anymore.
She furrowed her brows and stood up to stop him.
She could tell that from the moment Gu chengfeng let gongzi Liang go first, Dong Tianbao had already been a little unhappy.
Although Dong Tianbao had taken out the discount card himself as an apology, he had not given the discount card to Jiang Chen.
However, if it wasn’t for Gu chengfeng being sarcastic in the middle, gongzi Liang wouldn’t have left in a fit of anger.
Now, Gu chengfeng was actually still being pleased with himself.
Although Dong Tianbao did not say it out loud, he must be feeling uncomfortable in his heart.
If this matter really angered Dong Tianbao, then Dong Tianbao could definitely ask for a few more points from the agreed price of the Gu family’s supreme class precious artifacts.
As the Deputy Pavilion master, Dong Tianbao still had this authority.
Gu chengfeng obviously didn’t realize what Gu lianren was thinking.
He only felt that Gu lianren was being too heartless by repeatedly reprimanding him for an outsider who had nothing to do with her! “Eh? Don’t tell me that this wretched girl, Lian Ren, is moved by that pretty boy?” Suddenly, Gu chengfeng realized something and turned to look at gongzi Liang.
Gu chengfeng had to admit that with such a face, if he was a girl, he might be tempted.
Immediately, Gu chengfeng remembered what he had promised the bi Fang Empire’s patriarch and felt that he had to do something.
“Miss, why can’t this old servant say?” “Our Gu family has always had a friendly and cooperative relationship with the sky treasure Pavilion.” Now that the sky treasure Pavilion’s master has been deceived by this lecher who is full of nonsense, this old servant is only speaking a few words of Justice for the sky treasure Pavilion’s master.
Why can’t I?” “Or does young miss really think that this lecher can take out 60 supreme class precious artifacts?” Gu chengfeng pointed at gongzi Liang and tried to argue.

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