Even if it was the bi Fang dynasty’s celestial God Realm ancestor who had proposed these conditions.
He still had the courage to fight against it! He didn’t expect that young master Liang would even dare to kill a reverent-God! After killing a God, he had returned unscathed, and his cultivation had broken through two realms in a row, rising from the true martial realm to the sea of consciousness realm.
Most importantly, gongzi Liang had already mastered the power of a God! Such a young master, Liang Jiangping, made ping Xiu lose all will to fight.
The sound of peace spread throughout the hall.
Mo Zhongtian, mo Shaoyun, and the surrounding officials were all stunned.
Especially mo Shaoyun.
He had thought that Gong Ziliang’s words earlier were a joke.
However, after gongzi Liang used some unknown means to force ping Xiu to agree to the humiliating conditions of lending the Pingjiang dynasty, he immediately realized that gongzi Liang was serious.
Xing Feng looked at ping Xiu and ping xinghun, who was also kneeling on the ground, not daring to lift his head.
He was deep in thought.
As for Lin anruo, her eyes were only focused on her body.
He didn’t care about the matters of the dynasty.
“In that case, I’ll lend you the Pingjiang dynasty for 500 years.” “For 500 years, the Pingjiang dynasty will bow to the Monet dynasty and have to pay tribute to the Monet dynasty every year.” “In addition, the Pingjiang dynasty also needs …” Hearing the harsh conditions that popped out from Gong Ziliang’s mouth one after another, the young man was stunned.
To the Pingjiang dynasty, each of them was a disgrace to the country! However, pingxiu’s reaction was like a chick pecking at rice, nodding his head non-stop.
At that moment, mo Shaoyun even suspected that gongzi Liang’s true identity was the reincarnation of the great ancestor of the Pingjiang dynasty.
However, the problem was that even if gongzi Liang was the reincarnation of the great ancestor of the Pingjiang dynasty, ping Xiu would not be so obedient and agree to these conditions! Mo Shaoyun’s mind was filled with suspicion.
He wanted to ask Gong Ziliang a few times, but he couldn’t bear to interrupt him.
After all, the conditions that young master Liang had proposed were akin to cutting the flesh of the Pingjiang dynasty.
But the flesh and blood were all sent to the Monet dynasty! A full five minutes passed.
Gong Ziliang had just finished listing his conditions and stopped when he suddenly thought of something.
“There’s something else that I didn’t expect.
Monarch Little Mo, remember to add it in when you get back.
” “Oh, oh, oh.” Mo Shaoyun had yet to react.
After a few “Oh” s in confusion, he suddenly came back to his senses and seized the opportunity to ask,””Senior Liang, how did you do it?” As mo Shaoyun spoke, he pointed at pingxiu, who was lying on the ground.
“If I say that I’m really a God, would you believe me?” Gong Ziliang asked.
Hearing this, mo Shaoyun’s mouth twitched and he rolled his eyes.
“It’s fine if you don’t want to say.
” Seeing this, gongzi Liang wanted to show off some of his deity-like skills and then put on a good show in front of mo Shaoyun.
However, on second thought, it might be better for mo Shaoyun not to know about some things.
It was about what had happened to him.
In the end, gongzi Liang didn’t tell mo Shaoyun and the others.
After settling ping Xiu’s issue, Gong Ziliang released the seal on the God-beating whip.
Following that, under gongzi Liang’s instructions, ping Xiu, ping xinghun, and the returning Cao Tianzheng, the three sea of consciousness realm cultivators, left South Peace City.
Three days later.
The patriarch of the chutian dynasty, which bordered the Monet dynasty, announced that he was going into seclusion.
On the same day, the chutian dynasty sent a letter of credence to the Monet dynasty, declaring that they were willing to forever serve the Monet dynasty as their main country.
Before the news even spread, ping Xiu, ping xinghun, and Cao Tianzheng had already set off for the next dynasty.
Fifteen days after the three of them left.
The letter of credence of the eighth Dynasty was brought back by the three travel-worn people.
At this point, the bi Fang Empire had ten dynasties under its jurisdiction in the southeast Region.
The nine dynasties, including the Pingjiang dynasty, had all become vassals of the Monet dynasty.
As for the sea of consciousness realm patriarchs of the dynasties, they either announced that they were going into seclusion or joined the rest of the group of three as soon as they heard the news.
It wasn’t that the old ancestors in the sea of consciousness didn’t have a backbone and didn’t want to resist.
In the beginning, there was indeed a dynasty’s patriarch who angrily brought a denunciation and invited the sea of consciousness patriarchs of three dynasties to come out of the mountain and ambush them on the path that the three of them had to pass.
However, in the end, under the suppression of ping Xiu’s battle prowess at the peak of the sea of consciousness realm, the four old ancestors were already beaten to a pulp before ping xinghun and Cao Tianzheng could even make a move.
After that, every time the three of them arrived at a dynasty, the sea of consciousness ancestor and the monarch of the dynasty would come out with the letter of credence they had prepared in advance.
Towards this, Cao Tianzheng was naturally all smiles.
Ping xinghun’s face was full of bitterness.
The Monet dynasty had swallowed one dynasty after another, and the Pingjiang dynasty had no chance of turning the tables.
As for the rest day, when he left South Peace City, he was filled with anger.
Originally, he had wanted to vent his anger on the sea of consciousness realm patriarchs of those dynasties.
Who would have thought that those sea of consciousness realm patriarchs would deprive him of even his last chance? As for the rest of the journey, pingxiu’s face darkened day by day.
South Peace City.
As the Monet dynasty had many things to do, the reconstruction of the Imperial City, which should have been on the agenda, was rejected by mo Shaoyun.
He would make South Peace City the capital.
The temporary imperial residence had also become a small Royal Palace.
At this moment.
In the main hall with the sign “golden Imperial Hall,” mo Shaoyun, who was dressed in a dragon robe, immediately jumped up from his Dragon Throne with a “Swoosh” when he heard the report.
“It dropped again?” “All of them?” Such a scene had been played out more than once in this Palace in the past few days.
In the beginning, mo Shaoyun was the calmest one.
After all, he had seen with his own eyes how gongzi Liang had ‘borrowed’ a Pingjiang dynasty from ping Xiu.
He was no longer surprised by the other dynasties ‘betrayal.
However, the ministers were different.
Virtue, merit, and speech-these were the three undying, the extreme of civil officials; Sealing the wolf in the Xu, restraining the stone and Yan Ran, were the pinnacle of generals; Opening up new territory was the ultimate goal of a monarch.
But before this, the Monet dynasty had been weakened due to many factors.
It was difficult to defend two prefectures and 14 states.
As for opening up more territory, it was nothing but a fool’s dream.
But now, it was the Pingjiang dynasty, and then the other dynasties that had handed in their credentials and surrendered their lands.
Such a magnificent feat had never been achieved since the Monet dynasty was founded! Although the Monet dynasty was able to do this, it had nothing to do with the officials.
It was all the work of the good God … No, the one who didn’t like people to call him a God and only let people call him the “good Saint.” However, in this era, their names had become the footnote of the Monet dynasty’s prosperity.
When the people of the future mentioned them, they would definitely point to their names in the history books and talk about this period of extraordinary times! Therefore, every time a Kingdom’s Ambassador came, he would bring a letter of credence.
The court officials swarmed forward, completely disregarding the decorum of the palace.
But later on, they gradually became numb to it.

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