“Monarch ping, I’m standing right in front of you.
Do you think I look like how I used to be?” The sound of laughter.
Every word was like a bomb.
Ping Xiu’s mind, which was already in a state of shock, was completely out of control like a wild horse out of control.
For a moment, countless thoughts came to him.
This person was Gong Ziliang! He’s back! The young master Liang who had killed the Hierarch had broken through to the sea of consciousness and was back! He had taken away ten state cities, one billion spiritual stones, and thirty spiritual mines! Why did he say again? This was because her God-striking whip was already in his hands.
He was finished.
The Pingjiang dynasty was going to be finished, and so was he! It’s all over … Ping Xiu felt like he was stepping on cotton.
He almost lost his balance and fell.
The next moment, ping Xiu bit the tip of his tongue.
The sharp pain from the tip of his tongue rapidly stimulated his nerves, forcing him to maintain his clarity.
He kept reminding himself in his heart,””No, we can’t fall like this!” “I still have a chance!” “This is patriarch star soul’s abhijna world.
Even if gongzi Liang has three heads and six arms, he’ll …” Just as he thought of the word “too.” Before ping Xiu’s eyes, he saw the golden light on the tip of young master Liang’s finger condense into a three-inch golden sword.
With a light wave.
“Cila!” A crack appeared in ping xinghun’s small world.
“Origin Energy!” Ping Xiu, who had cultivated a divine Dao technique, immediately sensed that the aura emitted by the three-inch golden sword was the power of origin that gods used to condense divine Dao laws.
And when this power appeared on a mortal … It meant that this mortal creature had entered the realm of gods and become a transcendent existence on the same level as gods! “He has become a God …” The last thought appeared in his mind.
Ping Xiu’s fragile mind could no longer hold on.
His vision turned black, and he fainted.
Looking at ping Xiu’s falling figure, Gong Ziliang couldn’t help but shake his head.
In terms of intelligence, pingxiu and Yin Kun were like a pair of Crouching dragon and phoenix chicks.
However, compared to Yin Kun, ping Xiu’s ability to take it seemed to be worse and he would faint easily.
Look at that Yin Kun, he was beaten into a pig head by the Phoenix winged divine Peng, but he was still alive and kicking.
As he was thinking about these random things, the golden sword of laws that gongzi Liang had condensed had already cut open a passage in this small world.
It was only then that ping xinghun realized that something was wrong.
His mind went from suppressing mo Zhongtian and the others in the main hall, especially to prevent Xing Feng from self-destructing, back to the small world of magical powers.
However, when he sent his spiritual will in, ping xinghun realized that ping Xiu was the only one left in the room, and he was still unconscious.
As for the sea of consciousness realm cultivator, ping xinghun’s spiritual will quickly searched the small world of his sacred art, but he couldn’t find a single person.
“Gongzi Liang, this is a ghost!” Ping xinghun’s shock went without saying.
Then he suddenly thought of something and said in surprise,””Could that person really be the Nirvana stage ancestor of the nine Dragon Holy Land …” To be able to knock pingxiu out in his own small world and escape without him noticing at all.
Other than the Nirvana stage, ping xinghun could not think of anyone else who could pull off such a feat.
But immediately, ping xinghun thought that if the other party was really a Nirvana stage ancestor from the nine Dragon Holy Land, he could directly reveal his identity.
As long as he asked for it, not to mention the ten state cities and those spirit stones and spirit mines, he would be able to obtain it.
Even if he asked for the Pingjiang dynasty, he and heixiu would have to give it to him obediently.
As his heart was enveloped by a dense cloud, ping xinghun’s spiritual will carefully scanned the small world of his sacred art again.
Finally, not far from ping Xiu, he sensed an aura that made his Dao heart unstable.
“This is …” “The legendary … God’s power!” Ping xinghun had never come into contact with deities before.
As an existence at the sea of consciousness realm, he could come into contact with ten thousand Arts and comprehend by analogy.
He was also the old ancestor who had ruled the Pingjiang dynasty for an era.
Naturally, he knew many secrets that ordinary people had no way of knowing.
For example, in many dynasties, the ritual used for sacrifices was to inherit the way of the ancient gods.
As for the Tribulation stage, one of the ten major stages of cultivation, the word ‘divine fire’ was derived from the divine path’s dharmic formulation.
Lighting up the divine fire meant that it would never be extinguished.
However, according to what ping xinghun knew, the gods had long since disappeared from this world.
Why did a God suddenly appear? What made ping xinghun’s heart sink the most was, what was the purpose of this God for coming here? What did he want from pingxiu? As he thought of ping Xiu, ping xinghun suddenly recalled the few times he had detected traces of ping Xiu.
Although he had always been very secretive in his cultivation of the divine Dao during his peaceful days, he had never seen anyone like him.
However, ping xinghun was the old ancestor of the ping Jiang dynasty.
How could he hide anything from him? Ping xinghun had already discovered it almost at the moment he started cultivating.
After secretly observing for a while, he realized that not only did ping Xiu not have any problems, but he also advanced at a lightning speed.
Only then did he relax and let ping Xiu cultivate.
And now, could this deity be related to the divine Dao technique that ping Xiu cultivated? As ping xinghun was filled with doubt, he did not notice that when Yi kun was looking behind him, he seemed to have seen something unbelievable.
At the same time, Yin Kun’s eyes widened.
Then, from the bottom of his eyes, layers of anger surged.
And when that anger accumulated to the extreme.
“Young master Liang!” A furious roar exploded out from Yi kun’s throat.
After hearing the news of Yin Zhiping’s death, Yin Kun had mobilized all the forces that the Pingjiang dynasty had planted in the Monet dynasty.
In the shortest time possible, he obtained information on the murderer of his beloved son.
When the Monet dynasty was building the ancestral hall for gongzi Liang … In front of Yi kun’s study and bed, there was also a portrait.
The person in the portrait was the murderer who killed his beloved son, Suan ni gongzi Liang! As for the appearance of the culprit who killed his son, Yi kun had long since imprinted it into the deepest part of his mind.
In her dreams, she even dreamed that her most beloved ping ‘er had died a tragic death at the hands of that face.
After he woke up, he drew a stroke on the picture.
At this moment, when he saw the enemy who had appeared in his dreams countless times appear in front of him alive … How could Yi kun suppress it? The moment he roared, he was like an angry lion.
He summoned his tribulation passing realm cultivation and rushed forward.
Ping xinghun was worried as he pondered about the problem of the gods in the magical small world.
He was suddenly jolted awake by Yin Kun’s shout and was about to scold him.
When he suddenly saw Gong Ziliang standing there, he was taken aback.
Ping xinghun seemed to recall something as he took out a portrait from his chest. 

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