“For the sake of nine Dragon sanctuary, a Nirvana realm old ancestor has to run around for spirit stones.” Yi kun thought that this Nirvana realm ancestor valued the spiritual stones so much for the sake of nine Dragon Holy Land.
“Also, not only do I have them, I also have some old friends.
Their spirit stone mines haven’t been peaceful recently …” Yin Kun suppressed the joy in his eyes and racked his brain to recall how many spirit mines there were in the Pingjiang dynasty.
As gongzi Liang listened, he secretly noted down those places.
This time, if the Pingjiang dynasty was still unwilling to take out enough spirit stones to redeem the rest … In that case, he would just have to make a few more trips later.
A man and a ROC, followed by the badly battered Yin Kun, quickly headed towards South Peace City.
The distance of five kilometers was covered in the blink of an eye.
“Ya, what’s that?” “It looks like a … Big Bird?” “What kind of bird is so big … F * ck! It really is a divine bird!” In the city below, countless citizens cried out in alarm when they saw the Phoenix-winged divine Peng that almost covered the entire sky.
“Look, there’s someone on the bird’s back!” All of a sudden, a cultivator with sharp eyes noticed Gong Ziliang who was sitting on the back of the Phoenix-winged divine Peng, and his face turned pale.
When the other cultivators heard this, they all looked over.
When they saw Gong Ziliang’s figure, they were both shocked.
There was no other reason.
This Phoenix-winged divine Peng’s aura was already not inferior to that of the sea of consciousness realm.
And to be able to control such a divine bird, what kind of terrifying existence must it be? Heavenly God Realm? And it was the legendary … Nirvana stage? Currently, there was only one person in the spiritual ocean realm in South Peace City.
If the person on the back of the divine bird came with malicious intent … Then today, South Peace City would probably fall! “Hurry … Hurry and report to Cao Gong!” A profound martial realm Guard Captain who was guarding the city shouted in panic.
However, as soon as he finished shouting, he heard a desperate voice behind him.”Duke Cao, he left with the Golden armor Army 15 minutes ago …” Lord Cao had left? Didn’t that mean that there wasn’t even a single person in the sea of consciousness realm in South Peace City? Did this mean that the divine bird above could easily destroy South Peace City? This … Suddenly, the captain of the guards thought of something, and his face changed dramatically.”Not good, His Majesty …” The guard Captain forcefully swallowed back the rest of his words.
His cold gaze swept past the group of trembling guards behind him.
He immediately pulled out the long knife at his waist and looked at the guards.””Everyone, today is the time for us to repay the emperor’s grace!” “Follow me to protect the Emperor!” With a loud shout, the captain of the guards took the lead and jumped off the city wall that was dozens of feet high, heading straight for the royal summer palace of the Monet dynasty.
At the same time.
The Imperial Palace.
In the main hall, two groups of people were at daggers drawn and opposing each other.
One group was led by pingxiu.
To his left, stood ping xinghun.
The other group was led by mo Zhongtian, who was protected by Xing Feng, Zhou Wu, and the others.
“Monarch mo, give up on resisting.” “Cao Tianzheng isn’t here.
These people aren’t patriarch star soul’s match.” Ping Xiu’s tone was calm.
Although he was trying to persuade mo Zhongtian to surrender, he did not show any disrespect to mo Zhongtian.
Ping Xiu had seen mo Zhongtian’s response to the sudden blood rain yesterday.
After that, South Peace City and the Monet dynasty quickly regained their order.
In the eyes of the others, the main reason was that gongzi Liang had appeased the people.
However, ping Xiu was even more aware that if mo Zhongtian had not gambled on the throne and vouched for gongzi Liang, he would not have been able to escape.
Otherwise, the Monet dynasty would fall into chaos before gongzi Liang showed his divinity.
If they were in a different place, he would be able to put himself in mo Zhongtian’s shoes.
Ping Xiu did not think that he could do better than mo Zhongtian.
At the very least, he would never make a promise like abdicating the throne.
Not only could he not do it, but which monarch in the world did not desire royal power? They said that they loved the people like their own children, but if they had to choose between the throne and the people … Other than mo Zhongtian, ping Xiu believed that there wouldn’t be a second ruler who would choose the commoners.
Therefore, at this moment.
Even ping xinghun and the others came to help.
Mo Zhongtian’s only spiritual sea realm cultivator had also been transferred away.
Ping Xiu clearly had the upper hand, but he still did not choose to use force against mo Zhongtian.
From the bottom of his heart, mo Zhongtian had already gained his respect! However, from their own perspective, ping Xiu naturally could not let mo Zhongtian off.
After the blood rain yesterday and the manifestation of gongzi Liang’s divinity, the Monet dynasty profited from a disaster, and the spiritual Qi of heaven and earth became abundant.
As long as the ruler of the Monet dynasty wasn’t too muddleheaded.
It wouldn’t be long before the Monet dynasty’s power would rise to a terrifying height! Even … It was not impossible to give birth to a sky celestial realm expert within a hundred years.
The only way to stop the rise of the Monet dynasty was to kill it before it could grow! Of course, he didn’t mean to kill the hundreds of millions of people in the Monet dynasty.
Instead, it was to cut off the dynasty’s realm energy.
For example, they could control the royal family of the Monet dynasty and make it a vassal state of the Pingjiang dynasty.
In this way, not only would they not waste a single soldier, but the Pingjiang dynasty could also absorb the luck of the Monet dynasty.
Other than that.
There was still a thorn in ping Xiu’s heart.
That was gongzi Liang.
After dealing with the blood rain yesterday, Gong Ziliang had not appeared.
In addition, there was the demonic Qi that had suddenly appeared in the direction of the Imperial City at night.
Although the ignorant people were still fanatically worshiping the good God who had saved the Monet dynasty in their hearts, they were still very happy.
However, many of the cultivators in South Peace City began to wonder if gongzi Liang had already died.
However, pingxiu had an intuition! Gong Ziliang, who could even kill a divine Lord, would not die so easily.
However, he might have been held back by some matters, so he couldn’t show himself.
The moment Gong Ziliang reappeared in the world … At that time, with the support of the people’s will of the dynasty, gongzi Liang’s prestige would surpass all the sovereigns.
Therefore, ping Xiu felt that he had to grab hold of something that could affect Gong Ziliang.
For example, people like mo Zhongtian.
Only by doing so would he have a bargaining chip when he faced Gong Ziliang.
It was also because of this that he had been patient and did not allow ping xinghun and the other experts to capture mo Zhongtian.
He was afraid that he would agitate mo Zhongtian and make him do something too unyielding, pushing the situation into a situation that could not be reversed.

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