Chapter 49: Scripture Depository, Broken Army Swift Dragon Strike

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“Damn it! Who are you? You actually dare to injure someone from my Bright Fire Army? Die!”

A sword light pressed down on the sky and transformed into a huge sword of spiritual qi that was thousands of miles long that slashed at the vortex black shadow from the Red Tower Mountain in a mighty manner!

However, at that instant, the black shadow let out a hiss!

A ferocious and violent huge snake head wearing an ethereal aura suddenly appeared in the sky and bit towards the spiritual qi sword!


Before the spiritual qi sword could slash down, it was already damaged and dissipated.

Then, an even more terrifying scene occurred.

After the terrifying snake head bit off the spiritual qi sword, it actually began to absorb the surrounding spiritual qi!

The black shadow of the Red Tower Mountain gradually began to grow in the sight of the Bright Fire Dynasty and the Primordial Dynasty.

Not long after, a ten thousand feet tall monster resembling the Bull Demon King held a weapon that was filled with a terrifying aura like the huge Green Dragon Crescent Blade and directly crushed the entire Red Tower Mountain!

On the upper body of the Demonic Ox Beast, there was a terrifying huge snake that was colorful.
It turned into a ribbon-like strip and stuck out its tongue, circling the Demonic Ox Beast.

When the cold, red snake eyes looked at the two sides, everyone felt their souls freeze.

At this moment, the ox demon finally moved!

The furry ox hand held the Green Dragon Crescent Blade tightly and swept.
The spiritual qi in thousands of miles was instantly gathered and transformed into a raging blade qi.

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A loud sound!

When that blade qi spread in all directions in a mighty manner, the territory of the Red Tower Mountain that was suppressing the Ancient Spirit Azure Vein flew, sand and rocks flew, and everything was instantly annihilated!

Red Tower Mountain was flattened.

Countless demon beasts died and the natural treasures dissipated…

What was even more terrifying was that the two sides of the Bright Fire Dynasty and the Primordial Dynasty would no longer have any terrain that could stop an invasion.

However, the only problem was the Purgatory Snake Demon in the middle!

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“You’re the outer sect disciple, Gong Ziliang, right?”


“The 1000 sect contribution points have been spent.
You can enter and choose a low-grade Yellow-rank martial technique.”

The deacon of the outer sect’s Scripture Depository of the Profound Heaven Sect checked Gong Ziliang’s token and let him in.

There were two Scripture Depositories in the Profound Heaven Sect.
One was in the outer sect and the other was in the inner sect.

Apart from the highest-level martial techniques that needed to be exchanged for in the inner sect’s Scripture Depository, as long as the contribution points were reached, the other martial techniques could be exchanged for directly in the outer sect’s Scripture Depository.

At this moment, after Gong Ziliang entered the Scripture Depository, he very naturally walked towards the area where the low-grade Yellow-rank technique was stored.

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Before coming, Gong Ziliang had already thought of something.

He would choose another sword technique to strengthen himself.

This was because in the previous battle with the Fire Cat King, Gong Ziliang had realized that if not for the Heavenly Frost Sword and the Profound-rank Sword Drawing Technique, he would have been the fastest male lead in history to die.

With his current strength, he could only increase his strength by learning a good sword technique.

Although with the Legendary System, Gong Ziliang had opened up a brand new special cultivation path, up to now… there were no freaking good skills!

The Aura Concealment Technique was not bad.
It could hide one’s true strength and not scare others every day.

Therefore, with the prior experience of the Profound Heaven Sword Technique, the Dragon Roar Fist Technique, and the Sword Drawing Technique, Gong Ziliang felt that martial techniques could also increase his strength.

Without saying anything, just take the Profound-rank Sword Drawing Technique as an example.
Once unsheathed, it could destroy the world.
Now, any Martial Body Realm cultivator would be instantly killed in front of him!

As expected of the Profound Heaven Sect’s martial technique depository.

When Gong Ziliang browsed through the low-grade Yellow-rank sword technique area, he saw many interesting sword techniques.

For example, the Wave Sword Technique that he had seen earlier.
Although this was not a fancy name, it was actually a sword technique that was like the overlapping of waves.
The figure was blurry and difficult to capture.

The movements of the Broken Wood Sword Technique were like chopping wood.
After cultivating it, one could slash out a powerful sword qi with extreme lethality.
Everywhere it passed, not a single blade of grass grew.

There was also a sword technique name that Gong Ziliang found quite nice.

It was called the Illusory Smoke Sword Technique.
Gong Ziliang was stunned.
He thought that with such a nice name, it would definitely be very beautiful to let a girl brandish the sword technique.
However, this was actually a type of assassination sword technique that could appear and disappear unpredictably.
Its movements were light like smoke and were extremely fast, killing without batting an eye!

Although this sword technique was not bad, Gong Ziliang still felt dissatisfied.

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This was because these sword techniques did not seem to have a decisive effect.

To him, no matter how difficult a martial technique was, he only needed to spend 100 ingots to immediately learn it and use the copper coins to level up.

Therefore, he had to find the best low-grade Yellow-rank sword technique.
Its power had to be ferocious, and in the best case, it would be the kind that could kill in one strike.

He looked around and stopped.
Fifteen minutes later, when Gong Ziliang passed by a dust-covered shelf, he was suddenly stunned.

That was because he saw a few very familiar and interesting words!

[Broken Army Swift Dragon Strike—Incomplete]

Wasn’t this the skill that he knew in that Sword Soul game he played in his previous life?

Eh? No, it had just a word’s difference.

In that game, it was called Broken Army Swift Dragon Slash, and in this book, it was the Broken Army Swift Dragon Strike.

Was there a bug in the system?

These two should be similar?

If it was almost the same, why did this skill come to the Martial Spirit Continent? Moreover, it was actually only a low-grade Yellow-rank?

Who was it kidding?

In the past, when he played this game called Sword Soul, he used this skill to kill thousands of Goblins.

Taking out this dusty martial technique, Gong Ziliang patted the surface of the book and blew away the dust.
He coughed twice.
This thing was a little too dirty.

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After carefully looking at the name, he realized that this was an incomplete skill book.
In other words, he could learn it, but he could only learn the first part.
He did not know if the system could directly learn the entire book after spending 100 ingots.

When Gong Ziliang opened the introduction of this sword technique, he was amused.

If he wanted to learn this technique, he had to work hard on his mind and bones.
He had to reach the Qi Refinement Realm in order to learn this martial technique.
Moreover, he had to reach the Martial Intent proficiency of the Dragon Roar Fist Technique.

Just the requirement of the Dragon Roar Fist Technique alone would definitely persuade most people to ignore it.

Who could easily temper the Dragon Roar Fist Technique to the Martial Intent level?

Which cultivator had the patience to cultivate the most basic Dragon Roar Fist Technique?

Therefore, this was also why no one cultivated this martial technique that was only a low-grade yellow-rank.

Moreover, this was an incomplete book!

Even if he could learn a part of it, without resources or fortuitous encounters, he would not have the chance to learn the other parts.

These were the thoughts of ordinary people.

After Gong Ziliang saw the entire introduction, he smacked his lips and a strange expression flashed across his face.

He had long since reached the Martial Intent level of the Dragon Roar Fist Technique.
Wasn’t this the martial technique most suitable for him?

It was simply waiting here quietly for this handsome Gong Ziliang to learn it!

According to the introduction, if one learned the Broken Army Swift Dragon Strike to the Minute Subtlety level, it would already be comparable to an Earth-rank martial technique..
Moreover, due to the system, it would directly reach the Martial Intent level as soon as one learned it.
Then, what level would it reach at that point?

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