There were many ingots needed for Body Tempering.

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However, at least he could obtain it by earning mortal gold and silver, as well as clearing checkpoints and farming Bosses to recycle equipment.

However, divine crystals…

This thing could only be produced by gods.

Where could he find it?

Could it be that he had to spend money to buy gift bags?

Although it felt good to spend money at times, Gong Ziliang was afraid that his heart could not take it!

“Upgrading laws requires divine crystals, and upgrading my Origin Body also requires divine crystals!”

“Then will my weapons and artifacts need divine crystals to increase in the future?”

After Gong Ziliang finished cursing, he suddenly thought that his expectations might really come true.

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When he thought of the day when he would become a heartless money machine for the sake of divine crystals, Gong Ziliang suddenly trembled.

“Dog system, why don’t you just give me a number? Tell me how much it takes to instantly kill me!”

After saying this angrily, Gong Ziliang suppressed his thoughts and continued to look at the Body Tempering interface.

The next line was:

Accompanying Law: Law of Strength

[Law of Strength] Level 0: Increases along with the Origin Dao Body.

Seeing the words ‘Law of Strength’, Gong Ziliang instantly smiled crookedly.

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The Law of Strength!

Legend had it that the great god who had created the world from the chaos cultivated this Law of Strength, which was said to be the first of the three thousand laws!

When cultivated to the extreme, he could really sweep through everything!

His Origin Body was actually accompanied by this Dao Law!

What made Gong Ziliang even more excited or surprised was that this accompanying Law of Strength actually did not need to spend any divine crystals to increase it.

As long as the Origin Body increased, the Law of Strength could increase at the same time.

It was equivalent to spending a portion of divine crystals to increase the Origin Body and the Law of Strength at the same time.

Two words—great profit!!!

The anger in Gong Ziliang’s heart was swept away.
He smiled until only a crack was left in his eyes and said, “System, I’m sorry.
I wronged you just now.”

The system naturally did not respond.

Seeing this, Gong Ziliang pursed his lips.
He knew that the system was cold and did not disturb it anymore.

“It’s time to test my Origin Body and the Law of Strength.”

Rubbing his chin, Gong Ziliang wished that Wu Zhiqi could immediately revive and let him beat him up again.

However, looking at the cold corpse in his bag, Gong Ziliang could only shake his head helplessly.

“Ah, how could I have forgotten about the Infinity Tower?”

Suddenly, Gong Ziliang patted his head and recalled something.

The last time he broke through to Level 70, he had rushed to the 79th level in one go.

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In the end, he was locked.
He could only open the 80th level after breaking through to Level 75.

Previously, after removing the Heavenly Dao curse in his soul, he used the medicinal effect of the Jade Essence Pill and the Level Pill to directly increase his level to Level 76, just enough to open the 80th level of the Infinity Tower.

When he thought of how there was not only a gold farming monster that could drop vouchers in the Infinity Tower, but he could also obtain a stable and considerable income.

Moreover, every 10 levels, a reward round would appear.

All the gains in the reward round would be calculated ten times.

Gong Ziliang immediately entered the Infinity Tower.

His vision temporarily lost light.
After recovering, the words ‘Reward’ appeared in front of Gong Ziliang.

Gong Ziliang was slightly stunned before understanding that he had directly entered the reward round.

[Ding! Congratulations on successfully reaching the 80th level and obtaining a reward!]

[This round will last for a minute and a half! The countdown will begin now!]

Gong Ziliang was listening to the system notification impatiently.

When he suddenly heard that the reward round for the 80th level had increased by half a minute compared to the 70th level, he was immediately overjoyed.

Without waiting for joy to appear on his face, the Heavenly Dragon Purple Blade fused from the three swords directly appeared in his hand.

Then, monsters that Gong Ziliang had encountered in the gold farming event appeared in front of him.

Gong Ziliang slashed down.

Those roosters, ostriches, vajra… Before they could even cry out, vouchers dropped on the ground in a ball of light.

After passing the 70th level, Gong Ziliang’s attention was not diverted by the vouchers.

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He knew that the most important thing now was to seize this minute and a half to deal with as many monsters as possible…

After all…

All the monsters here were real gold farming monsters.

Every one of them was not something those beautiful bitches in the gold farming dungeon could compare to.

Coupled with the mechanism of ten times the reward, it was not accurate to say that he was picking up money.

He was completely using a sack to store money.

If he missed this opportunity to take advantage of the system, he would have to wait until the 90th level opened to encounter it again.

Holding the Heavenly Dragon Purple Blade in one hand, green light flickered on Gong Ziliang’s body, and the Azure Demon Set appeared on him.

After a few swords, Wu Zhiqi, who had been summoned, activated his innate divine power, the Hair Clone.

The Wu Zhiqi transformed from clones rushed towards the gold farming monsters like tigers entering a flock of sheep.

At the same time, Gong Ziliang used the Five Elements Divine Power.
With a sweep, a large area was swept up, killing those gold farming monsters until they immediately fell.

“Slow, slow! It’s still too slow!”

“Yi Yi, Gong Ziyin, Goddess, attack at full force!”

Gong Ziliang shouted and handed the Heavenly Dragon Purple Blade to Gong Ziwu to control.
Then, he summoned other artifact spirits and killed those gold farming monsters with a series of sounds.

Gong Ziliang did not stay idle either.
The Sword Law condensed another golden sword.
Wherever it passed, killing monsters was as easy as cutting grass!

Under Gong Ziliang’s full strength, immediately, the speed at which the Treasure Beast Spirit Cat picked up the vouchers could not even keep up with Gong Ziliang’s movements.

Ten seconds.

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Nine seconds.

Eight seconds.

The moment the number on the clock above Gong Ziliang’s head reached zero…

[Ding! The ten times settlement reward has been triggered! Congratulations on obtaining $800 this time!]


When the system reported the number, Gong Ziliang suddenly gasped.

Although he had a feeling that he would definitely gain a lot from this reward round, in a minute and a half, he had obtained $800!

Such a terrifying earning speed really made Gong Ziliang speechless.

Unfortunately, the reward round could only be entered every ten levels of the Infinity Tower.

Otherwise, if he could maintain this speed, all the subsequent problems would not be a problem.

Be it divine crystals or ingots, there was just one word: Buy!

Shaking his head, Gong Ziliang dispelled the unrealistic thoughts in his mind.

This was because his body had already been teleported out of the reward round.

In his vision, the monsters on the 80th level and a group of black demonic wolves had already surrounded him.

Looking at the wolf fangs revealed by the Demon Wolves, they reflected a terrifying light.

Gong Ziliang’s Sword Law swept out.

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