After the golden particles entered his body through his pores, the Great Dao aura contained in it quickly fused into Gong Ziliang’s flesh.

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In an instant, Gong Ziliang felt as if a world was forcefully stuffed into his body.

It made every cell of his feel like it was about to explode.

Taking a deep breath, Gong Ziliang had a feeling.

This Body Tempering might not be so easy to endure.

As soon as this thought appeared, intense pain surged from his bones, meridians, apertures, blood, lungs, and even the depths of his soul.

Even if Gong Ziliang was mentally prepared in advance, he almost fainted.

Beads of sweat seeped out of his forehead.
Gong Ziliang gritted his teeth and guarded his mind tightly.

The attributes of Body Tempering included Iron Bones, Qi Condensation, Meridian Opening, Bloodline, Five Viscera, Particles, and Soul Shattering.

Apart from these seven attributes, there was another special attribute: Physical Sage!

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At this moment, the pain that Gong Ziliang felt was the system increasing his attributes in all aspects.

Under the waves of pain, Gong Ziliang felt that his consciousness was like a lonely boat above the sun.

A wave that could come at any time could shatter him and bury him at the bottom of the sea.

Not only that…

The power of the system Body Tempering did not even let go of his soul.

Every time it rushed over, it would slash at his soul like a steel knife.


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Gong Ziliang’s consciousness became weaker and weaker.

He was still guarding a trace of clarity with his instincts.

The pain in his body became even more intense.

10 million ingots were also spent like water.

Suddenly, in a daze, Gong Ziliang sensed a profound aura scattering down from an unknown place.

Subconsciously, he wanted to follow the source of that aura.

Suddenly, an alarm sounded in his mind.

Gong Ziliang, who was on the verge of losing his consciousness, suddenly woke up.

Then, he reacted.
The aura he had sensed just now was a trace of the Supreme Heavenly Dao power attracted by the Origin Body.

Fortunately, he did not trace back.
Otherwise, his mind would probably have been assimilated by the will of the Supreme Heavenly Dao and become a part of it.

He understood that he had just taken a trip to the gates of hell.

Gong Ziliang immediately broke out in cold sweat.

He became more and more familiar with the dangers of the ninth-stage Body Tempering Realm.

After Gong Ziliang woke up from his shock, accompanied by this, the pain that came from all over his body became extremely clear.

Immediately, in Gong Ziliang’s perception, there seemed to be a sledgehammer hammering in every cell of his.

At the same time, boundless heat enveloped his entire body.

It made him feel as if he was in a furnace.
The spiritual qi of the world turned into invisible flames that burned his body.

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“Heaven and Earth as the furnace, Creation as the work, Yin and Yang as the charcoal, all life as the material…”

Gong Ziliang was overjoyed and instantly realized something.

He had previously undergone eight Body Tempering sessions.
The eight attributes from Iron Bones to Physical Sage had already been raised to the limit.

If the body before Body Tempering was compared to a rough embryo mixed with a large amount of impurities, then, the body of an eighth-stage Body Tempering cultivator was a piece of iron that had all its impurities tempered.

Now, the ninth-stage Body Tempering had to take another step forward and forge this piece of iron into steel!

After completing it, the increase in this body was even greater than the previous eight Body Tempering attempts combined.

After all, the increase brought about by the first eight Body Tempering sessions only stopped at the attributes of the body.
It could not change the essence of his mortal body.

As for the ninth-stage Body Tempering Realm, it wanted him to reach the peak of mortals and reach the peak.

This was no longer something that could be described as a complete transformation.

This was to change Gong Ziliang’s fate!

“No wonder the system said that there’s a chance of obtaining the accompanying laws after forming the Origin Body.”

Gong Ziliang was shocked.

As the first batch of living beings nurtured by the Supreme Heavenly Dao, the gods were blessed by providence.

From the beginning, there were innate laws accompanying it.

His fortune could not be said to be not deep!

The Origin Body that he was about to form now was already on the same level as Connate lifeforms like gods.

Therefore, the accompanying laws appeared.

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When he thought of this… a trace of joy was about to rise in Gong Ziliang’s heart when he instantly suppressed it.

At this moment, Gong Ziliang knew that he could not relax.

This was because many losers were the last step before success.

Gong Ziliang did not want to follow in the footsteps of those losers!

Just as Gong Ziliang held his breath and focused, in extreme pain, he waited for the moment of transformation and sublimation to arrive.

In front of the ancestral hall of Tong City.

In less than fifteen minutes, more than a thousand commoners had gathered here.

Some of them were citizens of Tong City, and some were refugees brought in from outside the city.

However, now, they were no different.

In this sudden blood rain calamity, their houses were destroyed, and their families were separated.

The remaining few were almost all injured.

Therefore, after hearing that the source of this calamity was the guy they had been worshiping these days, these people were all here.

As soon as these commoners arrived, the few guards guarding the ancestral hall threw down their weapons and ran without a trace.

“The magistrate is here.”

Suddenly, someone in the crowd shouted, immediately attracting the attention of these commoners.

When they saw the magistrate of the same city walking over with his head held high, fear, doubt, anticipation… All kinds of complicated emotions surged on the angry faces of the commoners.

Under the lead of a few bailiffs, the magistrate of Tong City walked over.

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Looking at the commoners who were dismissed on both sides of the road, the dignity between his brows flowed.

However, his heart was slowly sinking.

Especially when he thought of the letter of request for help from the nearby cities.

In those places, the refugees had already begun to show signs of riot.

The local officials were already in a terrible state just dealing with the various problems brought about by the blood rain.
They were completely powerless to suppress those refugees.

This situation inevitably made the Tong City magistrate feel helpless.

After all…

This time, he was not only facing a natural disaster.

There was also a human calamity.

Sighing softly in his heart, after the magistrate of Tong City and the few family heads who had been summoned nodded in acknowledgement, they walked to the ancestral hall with firm footsteps and turned around to face the commoners.

They saw that the clothes of the Tong City magistrate were already covered in mud.

An unconcealed exhaustion appeared in his eyes.

The commotion in the crowd could not help but quieten down.

All of them lowered their heads, wanting to hear what this magistrate wanted to say to them.

Under their expectant gazes, the Tong City magistrate opened his mouth and said word by word, “Everyone, I already know the reason for this blood rain.
It was indeed triggered by Gong Ziliang.”

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