“Sword Drawing Technique!”

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“Sun Moon Sword Technique!”

“Spirit Beast Four Symbols Technique!”

Gong Ziliang used all his martial techniques at a critical speed.

In an instant, sword light, sun and moon phenomenon, dragon, tiger, lion, phoenix, and other spirit beasts…

Countless phenomena and lights greeted Wu Zhiqi.

However, after those phenomena and lights struck Wu Zhiqi, they only caused a trace of ripples in his protective demonic qi.
It could not even break through his defense.

Seeing this…

Gong Ziliang frowned and knew that he had no choice!

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“Netherworld Divine Palm!”

He threw a palm at Wu Zhiqi, a blood-colored Netherworld.

It spread in front of Gong Ziliang and was about to pull Wu Zhiqi into this Divine Power World.

The Netherworld Divine Palm was a medium-grade Earth-rank martial technique.

When used, it could form a small world.
Be it living beings or items, they could be pulled in.

In the small world formed by the martial technique, Gong Ziliang was the only True God!

He could use various methods to attack the enemy!


The suction force of the Netherworld Divine Palm acted on Wu Zhiqi’s huge body.

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The violent wind blew up a few strands of green hair on Wu Zhi’s body.

Then, there was nothing.

Forget about pulling Wu Zhiqi into the Divine Power Space.

He could not even make Wu Zhiqi’s demonic body move half a step.


Gong Ziliang was also a little stunned.
This was the first time he had encountered a situation where the Netherworld Divine Palm could not pull the enemy into a small world.

Previously, when he used it to deal with Ping Xiu and Mo Aotian, it was accurate.

Why was it that when he faced Wu Zhiqi now, he could not even pull back a little?

However, the failure of the Netherworld Divine Palm did not affect Gong Ziliang.

Instead, it made his eyes flicker with eagerness.

“As expected of a Boss at the Heaven Deity Realm.
Very good, you’ve successfully aroused my desire to fight!”

As soon as Gong Ziliang finished speaking, his body entered the Divine Power World of the Netherworld Divine Palm and used this to dodge the ape palm grabbed by Wu Zhiqi.

In the next moment, his figure had already appeared a few miles away.

Five auras of the Heaven and Earth Intent surged on his body.

Although he had yet to increase his Five Elements Intent after recovering his strength, after grasping the Sword Law, his comprehension of the Heaven and Earth Intent had imperceptibly increased to another level.

At this moment, the Five Elements Intent that Gong Ziliang used was already very close to advancing to the Divine Power Realm.

Gong Ziliang had a feeling.

Perhaps he could break through in this battle.

Of course, he could buy a few Divine Power Pills to max out the Five Elements Intent.

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However, the problem was that after purchasing the Law Pill and Divine Crystal Gift Bags.

He could not even afford a $9.90 Divine Power Pill Gift Bag.

Under the attraction of the Five Elements Intent on Gong Ziliang, in the world, pure five elements began to gather towards him.

They transformed into a water dragon, a fire dragon, a wood dragon, an earth dragon, and a golden dragon.

Five spiritual qi dragons bared their fangs and brandished their claws, flying up and down around Gong Ziliang.

This scene…

The cultivators in the Imperial City below instantly widened their eyes.

A Divine Body that contained the bloodline of the True Dragon and Divine Phoenix.

Now, he had created five Heaven and Earth Intents that were close to the Divine Power Realm.

Was this Gong Ziliang still human?

Then, those cultivators thought of themselves.

After wasting decades in the cultivation world, they originally felt that they were extraordinary.

They were only missing an opportunity to reveal their strength.

Therefore, when they learned that the Monet Dynasty had mobilized cultivators to guard the Imperial City, they hurriedly rushed over.

They wanted to find an opportunity.

But now, they saw an “opportunity” on Gong Ziliang.


Be it the Divine Body with the Dragon Phoenix Bloodline or the Five Elements Intent, these opportunities were not fated with them.

If Gong Ziliang knew what those cultivators were thinking, he would most likely comfort them.

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Comparisons were odious.

After the Five Elements Intent accumulated enough strength, Gong Ziliang pushed the five Intents to fuse.

Five rays of light turned into a colorful ball of light in his hand.

In the ball of light, pure five elements complemented and countered each other, emitting a terrifying aura.

Without letting the light ball stay in his hand for too long, Gong Ziliang flicked his finger and sent the five-element light ball flying towards Wu Zhiqi.

He felt the dense elemental aura in the five-element light ball that flew over.

A trace of human-like disdain appeared on Wu Zhiqi’s face.

The green ape palm was wrapped in the black light formed by demonic qi and slapped towards the ball of light.

Countless gazes stared fixedly at the trajectory drawn by the ball of light.

His heart rose to his throat.

On the other side, after Gong Ziliang threw out the ball of light, he did not even look at it.

Previously, in the Primordial Dynasty, he had used the Five Elements Combination Technique to defeat the Bai Family’s patriarch and make him escape.

If he encountered the current him, Gong Ziliang dared to say that the Bai Family’s patriarch would not have the chance to escape at all.

However, Gong Ziliang knew better that the Bai Family’s patriarch was only at the Spiritual Sea Realm, and Wu Zhiqi was the boss of the Heaven Deity Realm.

It seemed to be only a realm apart.

However, Gong Ziliang, who had once used the artifact spirit of the Demon Dao Divine Slayer Spear to advance to the Heaven Deity Realm, knew very well how huge the difference between the Spiritual Sea Realm and the Heaven Deity Realm was.

Although it was not like low-level living beings and high-level gods, fundamentally, the power grasped by both sides already had a difference in dimension.

However, there was also a difference in quantity between the Spiritual Sea Realm and the Heaven Deity Realm.

It was not the difference between 1 and 10.

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It was the difference between 1 and 1,000, or even 10,000!

Therefore, Gong Ziliang knew very well from the beginning that unless the Five Elements Intent was all raised to the Divine Power Realm, his Five Elements Combination Technique might not be useful against Wu Zhiqi.

At most, it would cause some trouble for Wu Zhiqi.

As expected.

As the Five Elements Light Ball was struck by Wu Zhiqi, there was a bang.

Under the shocked gazes of the cultivators below, the five-element light ball was directly blasted apart.

The power of the five elements contained in it was wiped out by the demonic qi in Wu Zhiqi’s palm before it could completely erupt.

Dead silence swept through the palace below.

Those cultivators looked at Wu Zhiqi’s ape palm that did not even lose a single hair.
They felt a cold aura seep into their flesh, blood, and bones through their pores.

This demonic creature was too ferocious!

The Five Elements Light Ball that could heavily injure the Spiritual Sea Realm was blasted apart by its palm.

Didn’t that mean that only a Heaven Deity could suppress this demonic creature?


In the Monet Dynasty, the strongest, Cao Tianzheng, had just advanced to the Spiritual Sea Realm.

At this moment, where could they find a Heaven Deity Realm cultivator?

When they thought of this… the faces of the cultivators below were covered in fear.
Their bodies trembled.

In their opinion, when this demonic creature killed Gong Ziliang, at that time, none of them would be able to escape.

Just as those cultivators felt that death was imminent, in the sky, Gong Ziliang slowly took out a longsword from his bag.

It was the Profound Heaven Sword.

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