Even if various top cultivation resources filled their treasure vault, they could rarely sit down and cultivate in peace.

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Under such circumstances, it was already very good for the monarchs of the various dynasties to have the cultivation of the Tribulation Transcendence Realm.

Unless he abdicated, he would not have the time to focus on cultivation.

As for the emperors of the dynasties, at least in the history of the Monet Dynasty, there had never been a Spiritual Sea Realm cultivator.

Mo Zhongtian could not understand how Ping Xiu could manage the same-level dynasty well without falling behind in cultivation.

On the other hand, he had done his best for the kingdom’s affairs and had never slacked off in his cultivation.

Why was the difference between them so great?

What made Mo Zhongtian even more puzzled was that every two years, the Bi Fang Empire would let that Heaven Deity Realm ancestor patrol the various dynasties under its jurisdiction.

Firstly, it could intimidate the various dynasties and make them not dare to have any ill intentions.

Secondly, they had to investigate the situation of the various dynasties.
Once they discovered any signs of a threat to the Bi Fang Empire, they would be directly eliminated.

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Because of this, the monarchs of the various dynasties had always been heavily monitored by the Bi Fang Empire.

He could actually hide from the Divine Opening Patriarch of the Bi Fang Empire and break through to the Spiritual Sea Realm without anyone knowing.

Mo Zhongtian would not believe that there was no expert behind Ping Xiu to help him deceive the world.

Then, Mo Zhongtian saw Mo Aotian lying on the ground.
Coupled with the military incident of colluding with the Demon Cult some time ago in the Flat River Dynasty, he roughly knew what was going on.

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He was about to attack Ping Xiu about the Flat River Dynasty and the Demon Cult.

Ping Xiu did not even look at Mo Zhongtian.
His gaze was fixed on Gong Ziliang, and his expression alternated between bitterness and hatred.

Previously, in the Divine Power Space of the Netherworld Divine Palm, he was recuperating from his injuries when he was suddenly blasted in by a divine pattern.

After Ping Xiu used all his methods to deal with the divine pattern, in a flash, he saw Gong Ziliang holding the Divine Striking Whip and rushing towards the Ultimate God.

At that moment, Gong Ziliang’s back overlapped with the back of the person who had injured him and left outside the palace.

How could Ping Xiu not understand that the person who injured him, took away his Divine Striking Whip, and the person who pretended to be a passerby to attack him?

It was Gong Ziliang!

After understanding everything, he wished he could light a lamp and boil Gong Ziliang’s medicine, skin him alive, and pull out his tendons.

However, dealing with that divine pattern had cost him greatly.

Originally, it was only the injuries to his flesh and blood that implicated his soul.
Even if his greatest enemy was in front of him, he could only stare.

On the other side, when Gong Ziliang put Mo Aotian and Ping Xiu into the Divine Power Space, he roughly guessed their identities.

There was no need to mention Mo Aotian.

Apart from the Heaven Deity Realm Altar Master, there were only two Demon Envoys in the Demon Cult’s branch in the southeast region.
They were grand cultivators at the Spiritual Sea Realm.

One of the Demon Cult’s Right Envoys had already been burned until only ashes were left.

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Then, other than the other Spiritual Sea Realm Left Envoy of the Demon Cult, Mo Aotian, who had appeared in the Monet Dynasty, had another identity.

On the other hand, Gong Ziliang originally thought that it should be the Spiritual Sea Realm old woman guarding the Flat River Dynasty.

He did not expect that it was actually the monarch of the Flat River Dynasty.

At this moment, being targeted by Ping Xiu, Gong Ziliang had a thought and reacted to the reason why he was looking at him like this.

It was none other than for the Divine Striking Whip.

“The dignified monarch is actually so petty.

After cursing in his heart, Gong Ziliang smiled and stepped forward, “Ah, so you’re the monarch of the Flat River Dynasty.
I was rude previously.
Please don’t take it to heart.”

Ping Xiu frowned.
The anger in his throat dissipated a little in front of Gong Ziliang’s posture.

However, Ping Xiu only placed his attention on Gong Ziliang.

They did not notice that after Gong Ziliang finished speaking, Mo Zhongtian and the others not far away revealed strange expressions.

They had not known Gong Ziliang for long.

The longest, Xing Feng, was only two months old.

However, they had roughly figured out Gong Ziliang’s personality.

For example, he liked to scam others.

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Especially when Gong Ziliang appeared to be very easy to talk to.

This meant that he was going to scam them.

Of course, from their point of view, the few of them were very happy to see what Gong Ziliang was going to do next.

Soon, after they communicated with their eyes for a while, they smiled and looked at Ping Xiu.

Ping Xiu was thinking about how to ask for the Divine Striking Whip back from Gong Ziliang.

As for the Ultimate God, although Ping Xiu did not know what happened in the end, since Mo Zhongtian and the others were all standing here well, presumably, he had been frightened by the Divine Striking Whip and fled to somewhere.

As for being subdued by Gong Ziliang, Ping Xiu did not consider this at all.

After all…

Although the Divine Striking Whip had the effect of restraining gods, in the hands of cultivators who had not cultivated the Divine Dao technique, they could not unleash the true power of the Divine Striking Whip.

In this case, as long as he could get back the Divine Striking Whip and find the Ultimate God, he and the Flat River Dynasty would still have a chance of survival.

Suddenly, Ping Xiu felt an inexplicable chill.

It was as if something bad was about to happen to him.

“My injuries are too serious.”

“I should quickly retrieve the Divine Striking Whip and return to recuperate.”

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When he thought of this, Ping Xiu gave up on beating around the bush and went straight to the point, “This… Fellow Daoist Liang, my Divine Striking Whip should be in your hands, right?”

“Return it to me.
I can use spirit stones, medicinal pills, and other resources to exchange for it.”

When he spoke up to here, Ping Xiu recalled something.
His gaze swept past Mo Zhongtian and the others not far away, and a wisp of determination surged in his eyes as he continued.

“Apart from that, I can also sign a contract with Monarch Mo not to invade the kingdom.
As long as I’m in power, the two kingdoms will never have any military affairs!”

Hearing the price that Ping Xiu offered, especially the last one, a trace of interest immediately appeared on Mo Zhongtian’s face.

It was not that his position was not firm, but he was easily persuaded by Ping Xiu’s words.

Instead, it was because Mo Zhongtian knew better than anyone that the situation of the Monet Dynasty was not as good as he thought.

Although there was Cao Tianzheng, a Spiritual Sea Realm cultivator, in the Flat River Dynasty, other than the Spiritual Sea Realm Patriarch, there was also Ping Xiu.

They had two Spiritual Sea Realm experts!

Coupled with the fact that he had worked hard during his retirement, this made the Flat River Dynasty already have a million soldiers waiting.

If they were really determined to launch a military attack, the Monet Dynasty would not be able to stop the Iron Army of the Flat River Dynasty at all.

If he could sign a letter of credence with the Flat River Dynasty, then, the Monet Dynasty could obtain the opportunity to recuperate.
When Cao Tianzheng stabilized his realm, he could slowly develop the kingdom’s strength.

However, Mo Zhongtian only kept these thoughts in his mind and did not say them to affect Gong Ziliang’s choice.

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