“This person is definitely at the Spiritual Sea Realm!”

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“In fact, his realm is even above mine!”

Immediately, he confirmed Gong Ziliang’s strength in his mind.

Although an existence whose strength was not inferior to his deliberately came to tease him, this kind of thing sounded funny.

However, when he thought of the Ultimate God who had already appeared in the palace, Ping Xiu felt that it was not difficult to understand.

It was very likely that the other party did not want to be discovered by the Ultimate God, so he deliberately hid his strength.

Immediately, Ping Xiu did not dare to move.

The divine force that was about to be released was also suppressed by him.

He was still injured, so even if he wasted a large amount of strength to break open this Divine Power World, outside, he might not be that person’s match.

Moreover, the Divine Striking Whip had been lost.

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If he ran out, even if that person did not attack him, he would be sad when facing the Ultimate God.

Instead of running out rashly, it was better to save some strength and recuperate here first.

This way, be it facing that person or the Ultimate God, he would not fall into a completely passive situation.

The more he thought about it, the more reasonable he felt.
After finding a corner, he closed his eyes and recovered.

In the outside world.

After Gong Ziliang used the Netherworld Divine Palm to put Ping Xiu into the Divine Power World, he was surprised to discover that Ping Xiu was actually staying inside obediently without any intention of coming out.

With a thought, Gong Ziliang roughly guessed Ping Xiu’s fear.

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The corners of his mouth curled up into a smile.
Then, Gong Ziliang looked at Mo Aotian who was cowering in the corner.

The Netherworld Divine Palm struck again.
The green light instantly devoured Mo Aotian’s figure and threw him into the Netherworld.

After dealing with the two of them, Gong Ziliang looked at the palace ahead.

At this moment, the palace was already covered in blazing golden light.

On a high ground.

A golden avatar emitted a myriad of golden light, becoming the most dazzling existence in the world.

It was the Ultimate God.

Below the Ultimate God, a few familiar figures were wrapped in layers of golden light and fell unconscious.

Xing Feng, Mo Zhongtian, Cao Tianzheng, Mo Shaoyun, Lin Anruo…

Apart from a few people, there was also a group of Tribulation Transcendence Realm and Spirit Refinement Realm cultivators.

However, compared to Xing Feng and the others, the situation of those cultivators was much worse.

Tentacles formed from golden light pierced through the top of their heads, extracting the spiritual qi, mental strength, and all the life force in their bodies and gathering them towards the Ultimate God.

Seeing this…

Gong Ziliang’s eyes instantly turned red.

The coldness in his eyes turned sharp.

In his two lives, he had never been so angry.

Although he did not know any of those cultivators, those people had the same skin color and flesh as him.

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They had the same identity.

That was… the human race!

Gong Ziliang’s entire body trembled.
He could not suppress the monstrous anger in his chest.

At this moment, the Ultimate God lowered his noble head.

His face that was covered in satisfaction looked at Gong Ziliang with pity and said, “You came back to save your friends?”

“Hehe, don’t worry.
After I squeeze these ants dry, it’ll be your friends’ turn.”

“As for you, I’ll save you for the end and enjoy you slowly!”

As soon as the Ultimate God finished speaking, he raised a finger and pointed at Gong Ziliang from afar.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A golden divine pattern condensed on the tip of the Ultimate God’s finger.

It shattered the void and headed straight for Gong Ziliang.

Gong Ziliang raised his head.
Before the divine pattern landed, the terrifying pressure had already caused a layer of fine blood to seep out of his skin.

When he tried to activate his movement technique and temporarily dodge the sharpness of the divine patterns, he discovered that the space he was in had already been blocked by an invisible force in all directions.

The only breakthrough was in the direction of the divine patterns above his head.

His eyes narrowed.
Gong Ziliang knew that other than taking this attack head-on, he had no other choice.


Just as Gong Ziliang’s body was about to collapse, the bloodlines of the True Dragon and Divine Phoenix were automatically activated.

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The cry of the ancient True Dragon and Divine Phoenix crossed billions of years and resounded under the sky of this era.

Then, two shadows rushed into the sky.

On their bodies, there was a light that had once suppressed all the races through the ages.

At this moment, after coming into contact with the vast golden light in the world, it immediately launched a fiery attack.

Gong Ziliang was bathed in divine light and only stood seven feet tall.

However, other than dense anger, there was only endless disdain in his gaze as he looked up at the Ultimate God.

“We were born free.
Why should a god like you be high and mighty!”

With a loud shout, the sun and moon rose from behind Gong Ziliang and collided with the golden divine pattern.

Immediately, Gong Ziliang’s right fist emitted a ferocious force that exploded with golden light, guiding the endless five elements spiritual qi in the world, causing the Five Elements Intent to transform into various five elements above his head.

Immediately after the sun and moon, it rushed into the sky.

Then, Gong Ziliang threw another punch.

Spiritual qi fused with his blood qi, forming six spirit beasts: dragon, phoenix, tiger, lion, turtle, and snake, emitting an ancient aura.

It was the medium-grade Earth-rank martial technique that Gong Ziliang had cultivated to the large success stage: Spirit Beast Four Symbols Technique.

After the six spirit beasts formed, they made a fighting posture and attacked the divine pattern.


Be it the sun and moon phenomenon of the Sun Moon Sword Technique, the Five Elements Intent condensed, or the spirit beast condensed from the Spirit Beast Four Symbols Technique, after facing the divine pattern, without exception, it instantly collapsed.

Even the phantoms of the True Dragon and Divine Phoenix were pierced by the divine patterns, letting out a wail and shattering.

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From the beginning to the end, the divine pattern’s descent was not even slightly stopped.

The expression on the Ultimate God’s face became disappointed as he said indifferently, “Is this all you have?”

“If that’s the case, what qualifications do you humans have to talk to me about freedom?”

Gong Ziliang pursed his lips tightly and did not say a word.

A decadent sword intent slashed out from the divine soul in his sea of consciousness.

Although the Sword Intent that was approaching the Divine Power Realm was invisible and intangible, after piercing Gong Ziliang’s brow bone and flesh, every place in the void was filled with a sharp aura.

Soon, the sword intent split the golden light and slashed at the divine pattern that was less than a meter above Gong Ziliang’s head.


In an instant, unparalleled wild air waves wreaked havoc with the intersection of sword intent and divine patterns as the center.

When everything calmed down, Gong Ziliang’s sword intent disappeared.

The divine pattern was not damaged at all and approached Gong Ziliang’s head.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

At this distance, just the aura of the divine patterns made Gong Ziliang’s skin explode.

It could be imagined how terrifying the consequences would be if he was really struck by the divine patterns.

A ruthless expression flashed in Gong Ziliang’s eyes when he saw this.
A large amount of spiritual qi gathered in his palm and condensed into a green palm.

“Netherworld Divine Palm!”

In his mind, a Netherworld Hell appeared.

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