“Even a Heaven Deity can’t have such a terrifying spiritual sense!”

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“Could it be that there’s a Nirvana Realm old monster hidden in the palace?”

A thought that made him tremble flashed in Cang Ji’s mind.

The Nirvana Realm was an existence that stood at the peak of the cultivation path.

It could understand the mysteries of heaven and earth and see through the mysteries of life and death.

His lifespan was easily tens of thousands of years.
It could be said to be as long as the world and compete with the sun and moon.

However, the problem was that such old monsters would not appear easily.
Most of them were sleeping in the Holy Lands or ancient orthodoxies.

With the foundation of the Monet Dynasty, even if they emptied their assets, they might not be able to withstand the exhaustion of a Nirvana Realm old monster who had slept for a hundred years.

“Perhaps that Mr.
Xing has reached the realm after the sixth transformation of the Divine Opening Realm and his spiritual sense is close to Nirvana.”

Suddenly, Cang Ji thought of a possibility.

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The direction of the spiritual sense was the palace where the Divine Power Sword Intent was.

Previously, when he used his avatar to forcefully spy on the palace, apart from an aura that had just broken through to the True Martial Realm, he did not notice anyone else.

However, with Mr.
Xing’s realm, it was too easy to hide from his prying.

Immediately, Cang Ji suddenly realized that if not for Cao Tianzheng breaking through to the Spiritual Sea Realm at the last minute and stopping him for a moment, he would have interrupted the sword intent of the sword cultivator in the palace.

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In that case, what was attacking now would probably not be as simple as a spiritual sense.

When he thought of this, Cang Ji’s entire body trembled.

On his forehead, fine cold sweat instantly seeped out, wetting the corners of his brows.

At this moment, Cang Ji felt that he had already found the secret to the two sword cultivators who could cultivate Divine Power Sword Intent at the True Martial Realm and Spirit Refinement Realm.

With Mr.
Xing, who was about to become a Nirvana Realm old monster, teaching these two disciples was not an exaggeration.

After understanding this, Cang Ji could not care less and hurriedly headed in the direction of the palace where the spiritual sense was coming from.

With a thud, he knelt on the ground.

“I’m Cang Ji of the Canglan Dao Sect.
I didn’t know that Mr.
Xing was here.
Please don’t blame me for offending you.”

Cang Ji prostrated on the ground and did not dare to move.

Mo Zhongtian and Cao Tianzheng were so shocked that their eyes almost popped out.

The dignified Supreme Elder of the Canglan Dao Sect, an existence at the Spiritual Sea Realm.

He knelt down so casually?

Immediately, the two of them thought of something at the same time.
After looking at each other, their expressions could not help but become strange.

In the other palace, Gong Ziliang saw everything that happened in the Qinglan Palace clearly through the perspective of his spiritual sense.

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Hearing Cang Ji kneel down and shout “Mr.
Xing”, Gong Ziliang guessed that the other party had mistaken him for Xing Feng.

But soon, Gong Ziliang placed his attention on Cang Liu’er.

Under the enhancement of the Qi Observation Technique, Gong Ziliang saw that Cang Liu’er’s entire body was almost filled with white power of faith.

On Cang Liu’er’s glabella, there was a diamond-shaped mark that contained the power of faith.
It was so pure that it turned into golden fluid.

Soon, Gong Ziliang discovered that the power of faith was flowing out of a large seal in Cang Liu’er’s hand.

Just as Gong Ziliang looked over, there was still an endless stream of power of faith pouring into Cang Liu’er’s body.

Apart from that…

Gong Ziliang’s spiritual sense was still jumping on the golden lightning arcs behind the crack in the sky above Cang Liu’er.

He sensed an aura that was extremely similar to the World Destruction Lightning that he had triggered after stabbing through the Heavenly Dao in the Primordial Dynasty.

Seeing such a huge amount of faith, Gong Ziliang had to admit that his eyes were turning red.

If he could absorb this power of faith, Gong Ziliang estimated that even if he could not eliminate all the Heavenly Dao curses in his soul,

it could definitely allow his realm to recover greatly.

As for the Void Golden Lightning…

Although Gong Ziliang did not know what those lightning arcs were, he had a faint feeling that if he could devour those lightning arcs and use them to eliminate the Heavenly Dao curse, the effect would be even better than the power of faith.

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However, although his eyes were red, after his spiritual sense detected the cultivation of the Spiritual Sea Realm, he quickly calmed down and sent a voice transmission to Mo Zhongtian.

After a while.

“The Holy Son of the Canglan Dao Sect?”

“There’s also a Dao Protector at the Spiritual Sea Realm…”

Standing in the palace, Gong Ziliang’s eyes flickered with light.
According to the information he obtained from Mo Zhongtian, he quickly formulated a plan.

From Mo Zhongtian, Gong Ziliang already knew about Cang Ji’s previous domineering and unreasonable actions.

Therefore, he did not feel any burden about what he had to do next.

He attacked with his spiritual sense without holding back!

In an instant, the entire palace was enveloped by his spiritual sense.

Cang Ji, who was kneeling on the ground, was the first to notice this situation.

His body softened, and he was shocked stiff.

However, a few seconds after he closed his eyes and lay on the ground, he was surprised to discover that the lightning attack that he had imagined did not land on him.

He raised his head in doubt and saw that a few meters away, strands of white power of faith were quickly being extracted from the various apertures on Cang Liu’er’s body.

In a moment, the Divine Spark that was about to take shape showed signs of shattering.

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The Void Golden Lightning above his head also became unstable, as if it was about to collapse and dissipate in the next second.

This scene simply made Cang Ji’s mind explode.

Although the Immortal Dao was the only mainstream in the current era, the Divine Dao was not without merit.

This was especially true for Cang Liu’er.
After he obtained any martial techniques and cultivation techniques, he did not need any guidance at all.
He could master them himself.

Moreover, he could draw inferences from the original foundation and find the flaws to make up for it.

However, his talent in martial techniques and cultivation techniques could not make up for the lack of a Divine Body.

Even without relying on the Divine Body, Cang Liu’er’s future achievements would definitely surpass the most outstanding geniuses of the Canglan Dao Sect in history.

However, the Canglan Dao Sect had high hopes for Cang Liu’er.
They wanted him to compete with the Dao Children of those Holy Lands and the Ancient Dao Sects.

In the future, if he faced those dragons and phoenixes, it was very likely that this would become the key to widen the gap between Cang Liu’er and those people.

Now, Cang Liu’er had encountered a great opportunity.

As long as he endured the cleansing of the Void Golden Lightning, he could make up for his only weakness and condense a Divine Dao Divine Body.

He would really be on the same level as the Holy Sons of those Holy Lands and the Dao Children of the Ancient Dao Sects.

These thoughts flashed through Cang Ji’s mind in an extremely short period of time.

He had to make a decision.
No matter what price he had to pay today, he had to protect Cang Liu’er’s Divine Body.

He knew that the longer he delayed, the greater the effect on Cang Liu’er’s Divine Body.

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