At this moment, as more and more white smoke was absorbed by Cang Liu’er in the Mountain River Seal, although his realm did not show any signs of improvement, it still steadily stopped at the peak of the Spirit Refinement Realm.

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However, an extremely sacred aura began to emit from his body.

“Hahaha, I understand now.
Liu’er is absorbing the power of the will of all living beings inside.”

At this moment, Cang Ji suddenly laughed loudly.

Hearing this, Mo Zhongtian suddenly recalled some secrets.

It was rumored that in ancient times, there was a type of cultivator.

It was not a towering Dao technique, but it spread faith to all living beings and condensed divine force to cultivate.

The Dao that these cultivators cultivated was called the Divine Dao.

Divine Dao cultivators usually built a Divine Kingdom and raised their children and people there, gathering incense.

This cultivation method could allow those Divine Dao cultivators to escape their dependence on cultivation resources.

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They did not need to use the grotto-heaven or consume spirit stones.
They did not even need to cultivate.

As long as they ascended the Divine Kingdom Altar and received the baptism of the power of faith, they could continuously break through.

However, in the future, the Divine Dao suddenly disappeared.

It was not because the rise of the Immortal Dao had suppressed the Divine Dao.

It was because those Divine Dao cultivators discovered that although condensing divine force with the will of all living beings could break free from their reliance on cultivation resources, the people they raised in the Divine Kingdom could focus on worship and provide them with pure power of faith at first.

However, after a few generations, those citizens would develop various desires.

As a result, the power of faith it provided became extremely mixed.

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Not only was it troublesome to refine, but if they were not careful, their minds would be affected.

In the end, some experts who had condensed the Divine Spark were even reduced to evil gods controlled by desire and committed endless killing.

This triggered a huge purge.
Countless Divine Dao cultivators died, and countless Divine Dao cultivation techniques were lost.

Thousands of years ago.

A sect in the Southeast Region had accidentally discovered the ruins of a Divine Kingdom.

According to the clues around the ruins, the sect knew that there was a mysterious altar in the ruins.

Moreover, the complete Divine Dao cultivation method was imprinted on the altar.

After the news spread, countless dynasties, sects, and families swarmed over.

Even the Holy Lands and some ancient orthodoxies could not sit still anymore and sent Heaven Deity Realm cultivators to the ruins.

However, after the ruins opened and everyone who entered came out, they all went crazy at different times.

Those people ignored everything and wanted to return to the ruins.

Moreover, the content was identical.
It said that there were gods sleeping under the altar.

As envoys chosen by the gods, they had to wait for the gods to descend and bring them to the eternal Divine Kingdom.

Later on, those people never appeared again.

Even the ruins of the Divine Kingdom were jointly sealed by the Holy Land, the Ancient Dao Sect, and the high-level families.

However, those legends were spread.

Some broken Divine Dao techniques were sorted out by some sects.

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However, because it was too incomplete, it was difficult to cultivate it well and was gradually abandoned and forgotten.

Coupled with these secrets, Mo Zhongtian thought of how Cang Liu’er had traveled to the various dynasties over the years to observe countless inheritance techniques.

Perhaps there was information about the Divine Dao cultivation.

The power of faith in the Mountain River Seal was used by those ancient Divine Dao cultivators to refine divine force.

After realizing this, Mo Zhongtian wanted to take back the Mountain River Seal even more.

This was the most basic foundation of the Monet Dynasty.

Moreover, although the current Monet Dynasty already had Cao Tianzheng, a Spiritual Sea Realm cultivator,

Cao Tianzheng had just broken through to the Spiritual Sea Realm and still needed some time to stabilize his realm.

This period of time could almost be said to be the most dangerous moment in the Monet Dynasty.


The trump card of the Mountain River Seal could not be lost!

However, before Mo Zhongtian could continue activating the artifact controlling technique, a stream of spiritual qi opened in the air and shook the Mountain River Seal out of his hand.

Then, Cang Ji said, “Monarch Mo, lend our Holy Son this seal for a while.”

“Don’t worry, our sect will take out ten thousand spirit crystals as a reward.”

One spirit crystal was worth at least ten thousand spirit stones.

However, when he heard that Cang Ji wanted to take out a hundred million spirit stones in exchange for the Mountain River Seal,

not only was Mo Zhongtian not happy at all, but he was also furious.

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However, at this moment, without the Mountain River Seal, he was not qualified to bargain with Cang Ji.

He watched the power of faith in the Mountain River Seal pour into Cang Liu’er’s body without stopping.

For a moment, Mo Zhongtian almost gritted his teeth.

Seeing Mo Zhongtian’s appearance, Cang Ji sneered in his heart.

He secretly decided that after protecting Cang Liu’er, he would kill Mo Zhongtian first.

Then, they would wash the palace with blood.
Apart from the two sword cultivators, no one would be left alive.

As time passed…

The power of faith in the Mountain River Seal did not decrease.

The sacred aura on Cang Liu’er’s body became heavier and heavier.

Gradually, golden patterns slowly appeared between his brows, drawing the shape of a diamond-shaped mark.

“Could this be the legendary Divine Spark?”

Cang Ji seemed to know something about the Divine Dao.
He looked at the diamond-shaped mark between Cang Liu’er’s brows and said.

Although Mo Zhongtian did not know what the Divine Spark was, the change in the aura on Cang Liu’er’s body was clearly extremely extraordinary.

Seeing Mo Zhongtian’s confused expression, the corners of Cang Ji’s mouth could not help but curl into a smile.
He took the initiative to explain, “The so-called Divine Spark is a mark that can only be condensed using divine force by a deity who has reached the Transcendent Realm.”

“The so-called Transcendent Realm is equivalent to an existence above the Nirvana Realm!”

Hearing Cang Ji’s words, Mo Zhongtian’s expression became even uglier.

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The Nirvana Realm was already the limit of the Immortal Dao.

Above that was the legendary immortal.

The Divine Spark condensed between Cang Liu’er’s brows actually involved that level.

In this case, wouldn’t he have given him a huge opportunity?

In front of Qinglan Hall.

On Cang Liu’er’s forehead, the golden diamond-shaped mark that Cang Ji called “Divine Spark” became clearer and clearer.

The holy aura on his body became stronger and stronger.

It made Mo Zhongtian, who was forced to retreat dozens of feet away, unable to look at the other party directly.

Because he had looked at it for a long time, Mo Zhongtian actually had the urge to kneel down and kowtow, causing him to hurriedly look away.

“Hahaha, I have to thank Monarch Mo for taking out such a divine artifact this time.”

Cang Ji looked at Mo Zhongtian’s sorry appearance and said smugly.

However, he also had the capital to be arrogant.

Without the Mountain River Seal, Mo Zhongtian had lost the only way to counterattack.

Cao Tianzheng was not his match at all.

Therefore, in Cang Ji’s opinion, the situation could be said to have completely fallen into his control.

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