In front of the sword intent that rose from the depths of the palace, Cang Ji’s hand on the sword hilt actually trembled slightly.

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“The Monet Dynasty actually has such a Sword Dao expert!”

Cang Ji’s tone was trembling.
A material light shot out from his eyes and pierced through the wall of the hall, looking in the direction of the sword intent.

At the same time, he muttered at an extremely fast speed, “Cultivators can only transform their aura into Intent when they comprehend the power of heaven and earth and reach the Meridian Opening Realm.”

“Intent is divided into Elementary, Small Success, Great Success, and Minute Subtlety.”

“After Minute Subtlety, they will reach Martial Intent.”

“Above Martial Intent, one can form a Dao Intent!”

“This Sword Intent is brilliant and bright, pointing straight at the foundation of the Sword King.
If I take another step forward, I’ll be able to open up the Divine Power Realm of the Sword World!”

Cang Ji spoke faster and faster.
In the end, the word “Divine Power” jumped out of his mouth.

The longsword hanging at his waist unsheathed itself.

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It was a three-foot-long sword that could cut through all the waves of the Azure Wave River and destroy the bloodline of the Wolf Court Dynasty.

At this moment, it was pointed in the direction of the sword intent in the depths of the palace.

It was as if the sword was bowing to a king.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

In the next moment, endless sounds of swords being unsheathed resounded in every corner of the palace wall with the sword intent as the center.

Not only that!

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Outside the palace wall, in the huge imperial city.

Wherever there were sword cultivators, longswords were unsheathed and pointed in the same direction.

“Myriad Sword Court, this is Myriad Sword Court Phenomenon!”

“There’s actually such a Sword Dao Great Cultivator in the palace.
The heavens are blessing our dynasty!”

“I heard that today, the Holy Son of the Canglan Dao Sect and his Dao Protector entered the palace to meet the monarch.
Could it be that the monarch angered the other party and made the Dao Protector draw his sword?”

“Gasp, the Dao Protector you’re talking about, is that Cang Ji who killed the royal family of the Wolf Court Dynasty because the Holy Son of the Canglan Sect was scolded as a ‘bastard’?”

“Ah, this… won’t the monarch be in danger…”

The phenomenon triggered by Sword Intent shook the Imperial City.

In the palace hall.

In the eyes of the people outside, Mo Zhongtian might have already died under the sword.

At this moment, he looked in the direction of the sword intent, his face filled with doubt.

“Isn’t Shaoyou in Qinglan’s palace these days? Why did he go to Mr.
Liang’s place?”

However, doubt was doubt.

Thinking of how Xing Feng had recovered his strength to the peak of the True Martial Realm because he had opened the knot in his heart, now, in just a few days, he had broken through and displayed such terrifying sword intent.
Mo Zhongtian was naturally extremely happy.

Just as Mo Zhongtian was immersed in joy…

“Monarch Mo, can you introduce me to that Sword Dao expert?”

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As a sword cultivator, Cang Ji was quite interested in the person who triggered the Sword Intent.

Hearing this, Mo Zhongtian sneered in his heart, but he put on a difficult expression and said, “Young Master Xing… Mr.
Xing’s time is precious.
Moreover, you don’t like to be disturbed.”

“How about this? After Mr.
Xing breaks through, I’ll go over and ask on your behalf.”

“If Mr.
Xing is unwilling to see you, there’s nothing I can do.”

Hearing Mo Zhongtian’s words, there was a hint of hostility.

Cang Ji immediately became angry and said coldly, “Hmph, all the sword cultivators in the world are terrified when they hear my name.”

“Get that Mr.
Xing to…”

He originally wanted to ask Mr.
Xing to come and see him.

However, just as he said the word ‘to’, Cang Ji suddenly thought of something, and his expression changed greatly, “You said that the surname of that Sword Dao expert is Xing? Could it be that…”

As the Supreme Elder of the Canglan Dao Sect and a Sword Dao expert,

how could Cang Ji not have heard of Xing Feng’s name?

However, back then, Cang Ji had only heard a little from the people in the sect.

Coupled with the fact that so many years had passed, he did not connect that sword intent to the Heaven Deity Realm.

At this moment, after learning that person’s surname from Mo Zhongtian, how could Cang Ji not guess that the Sword Dao expert was the Heaven Deity sword cultivator who appeared in the Monet Dynasty twenty years ago?

Immediately, Cang Ji recalled that a few days ago, the Flat River Dynasty had already sent a million troops to the border of the Monet Dynasty.

In the end, he suddenly retreated another hundred miles.

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Now, Cang Ji finally understood that the Flat River Dynasty must have learned of Xing Feng’s existence, so they were frightened and retreated.

In his heart, Cang Ji did not find the Flat River Dynasty’s retreat laughable…

Instead, he felt that it was extremely wise.

Forget about a million troops.

Even if the Flat River Dynasty could mobilize ten times the number of troops, it was meaningless in front of a Heaven Deity.

After all…

The Heaven Deity Realm was an existence that could suppress an empire alone.

Even the strength of the sect far surpassed the Canglan Dao Sect of any dynasty in the Southeast Region.

In front of such a mighty figure, he had to be extremely respectful.

When he thought of this, Cang Ji suddenly reacted.
He seemed to have said something disrespectful just now.

In an instant, his face became extremely pale.

Oh no.

He, a small Spiritual Sea Realm cultivator, actually dared to say such words and ask Mr.
Xing to come and see him.

Even if the other party was confident in his status and did not argue with a junior like him, if this matter was spread and the sword cultivators of the world knew, at that time, it would affect them.

If he ruined the reputation of the Canglan Dao Sect, the problem would be huge.

The more Cang Ji thought about it, the more terrified he became.
The transparent Sword Heart was covered in a layer of dust without him noticing.

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“Monarch Mo, I spoke without thinking previously and offended Senior Xing.”

“I’m willing to take out 50 million spirit stones as compensation for the apology.”

As Cang Ji spoke, he endured the extreme pain and took off a storage ring on his hand.

There were exactly 50 million spirit stones inside.

These spirit stones were originally prepared for Cang Liu’er’s cultivation.

Now, in order to appease Mr.
Xing’s anger, he had no choice but to take it out.

As the Supreme Elder of the Canglan Dao Sect, the resources in the sect were almost nothing to him.

However, the problem was that the Canglan Dao Sect was only a high-grade sect.

Even the Canglan Dao Sect could almost be ranked in the top few among the high-grade sects in the Southeast Region.

However, 50 million spirit stones was definitely not a small number for the Canglan Dao Sect.

After all, some medium-grade sects could already be considered to have a good foundation if they could have 10 million spirit stones.

The 50 million spirit stones that he took out at once was enough for those medium-grade sects to nurture countless generations of disciples.

Seeing that Cang Ji threw out 50 million spirit stones, Mo Zhongtian’s eyelids immediately twitched.

50 million spirit stones!

This was almost equivalent to one-fifth of the current inventory of the Monet Dynasty.

Immediately, Mo Zhongtian thought of the teleportation array.
In the past two days, because of the lack of spirit stones, the progress of the arrangements was extremely slow.
He could not help but sigh in his heart.
At this moment, they had given the most needed help.

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