Five days ago, the monarch of the Flat River Dynasty sent an order to let this Demon Envoy attack the Monet Dynasty.

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In the end, this Demon Envoy suddenly disappeared.

Why would he appear here now?

However, he thought of how this Demon Envoy had always acted according to his own will and was temperamental.

Previously, in the Demon Cult, he was mostly elusive.

Even the Branch Altar Master could not do anything to him and could only let it be.

The young man did not care too much about these questions.

He seemed to have heard the young man’s shout.

In the sky, Mo Wentian lowered his head and looked over.

After seeing the commotion at the inn, he suppressed the demonic qi and his figure moved from the sky to land in front of the young man.

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With a flick of his finger, a tall sword intent erupted from his body and steadily suppressed Xing Feng’s sword intent.

However, what puzzled the young man was that the Demon Envoy in front of him did not defeat Xing Feng’s sword intent.

Not only that, but he also threw out a green ball of light.

It contained dense wood attribute spiritual qi.
After injecting it into the unconscious Xing Feng, it quickly healed his injuries.

Seeing this, a trace of shock involuntarily appeared in the young man’s eyes.

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“This person was previously a Heaven Deity Realm mighty figure.
I have a use for him.”

Immediately, hearing Mo Wentian’s explanation, the young man suddenly thought of something.

His shocked gaze landed on Xing Feng as he said in disbelief, “Could this person be the legendary Heaven Deity Realm sword cultivator who slaughtered the Monet Dynasty’s imperial family?”

Seeing Mo Wentian nod, the young man understood.
No wonder Xing Feng could slash out such a terrifying sword intent at the True Martial Realm just now.

It naturally made sense that the Demon Envoy in front of him did not directly kill Xing Feng.

When he thought of this, the young man gave up on fighting for Xing Feng with Mo Wentian.

After all, a mighty figure at the Heaven Deity Realm was more than enough to guard the headquarters of the Demon Cult.

Although the current Xing Feng had already fallen to the True Martial Realm, he was still of great use.

Even if the Demon Envoy in front of him did not care about such an existence, the higher-ups of the Demon Cult would definitely not hand him over to them.

After recognizing reality, the young man recalled something and said respectfully to Mo Wentian, “Lord Demon Envoy, it’s good that you’re here.”

“Five days ago, the monarch of the Flat River Dynasty had already ordered the courtiers they bought to shake the foundation of the Monet Dynasty from the inside.”

“At the same time, he asked us to cooperate and carry out a decapitation operation to eliminate the top cultivators of the Monet Dynasty and take over the throne.”

“However, beside the monarch of the Monet Dynasty, the eunuch, Cao Tianzheng, who is at the half-step Spiritual Sea Realm, has been protecting him.
He doesn’t leave his side at all, causing us to be unable to attack.”

“Now that the Demon Envoy is here, we can eliminate the one with the surname Cao and completely isolate the monarch of the Monet Dynasty.”

The young man was afraid that Mo Wentian had disappeared for five days and did not know about these things, so he explained everything in detail.

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As expected, when he heard his words, Mo Wentian revealed a look of realization.

“In the past few days, I’ve obtained something and entered seclusion to cultivate.
I didn’t know that so much had happened outside.”

After Mo Wentian finished speaking, he took out a demonic artifact that looked like a longsword from the storage bag at his waist and threw it to the young man.

“You’re very good.
You’re loyal to me and the Demon Cult.”

“Take this demonic artifact as a reward for you.”

The young man received the demonic artifact and felt the demonic qi surging inside.
The quality was not inferior to the Soul Devouring Bell he had destroyed previously.
He was immediately so excited that he did not know where to place his limbs.

“In addition, I have something I need you to do.”

At this moment, Mo Wentian’s expression was solemn as he said solemnly.

When Sun Yaowan heard this, he was immediately happy.

Being able to help the Demon Envoy was a blessing that many people in the sect could not obtain.

Now that it had landed on his head, how could he dare to hesitate? He immediately said firmly, “Lord Demon Envoy, please instruct me.”

Mo Wentian’s expression was solemn as he said, “This matter concerns the revival of our sect.
The secret cannot be spread elsewhere.”

“Open your mind.
I’ll transmit my soul to you.”

When Sun Yaowan heard this, he glanced at the demonic artifact longsword in his hand from the corner of his eye.

The trace of hesitation that was about to arise in his heart was immediately suppressed.
He gritted his teeth and said, “Lord Demon Envoy, come!”

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A moment later…

After Mo Wentian carefully searched through Sun Yaowan’s soul memories, he left a message and retracted his soul power from the other party’s consciousness.

His soul endured the intense pain of the knife cutting into his flesh.
After quickly reading the information left behind by Mo Wentian, Sun Yaowan was immediately shocked speechless.

The Bi Fang Empire had produced an ancient Bi Fang’s descendant?

The Five Elements Sacred Sect wanted to fight with the Demon Cult?

If either of these two secrets were leaked, it was enough to cause a huge commotion in the Southeast Region, especially the ancient Bi Fang’s descendant in the Bi Fang Empire.

Even the Holy Land might not be able to sit still and take a share.

When he thought of this, Sun Yaowan immediately understood.

Why was even the Demon Envoy so careful to send a message through a dangerous soul transmission method?

Then, Sun Yaowan realized.

Since the Demon Envoy was willing to tell him these two secrets, he was clearly putting them in an important position!

Thinking of how Mo Wentian had casually given him a Demon Artifact longsword just now, such generous spending coupled with the other party’s identity immediately made Sun Yaowan feel that his future was bright.


He directly knelt on the ground and held the demonic qi longsword as he said with a trembling voice,

“From today onwards, Sun Yaowan is the Demon Envoy’s dog!”

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“As long as the Demon Envoy says the word, Sun Yaowan will go through thick and thin and die without hesitation!”

Seeing this, Mo Wentian nodded in satisfaction.
He raised Sun Yaowan with his demonic aura and said.

“Our sect is currently in the midst of prosperity.”

“People of the world, those who submit to my sect prosper, and those who resist my sect die.”

“In the future, if you follow me, you’ll only have a good life.
There’s no need to climb a mountain of blades or plunge into a pot of boiling oil.”

Hearing Mo Wentian’s words, Sun Yaowan had a fanatical expression and nodded in agreement.

“In the next period of time, our sect’s main focus will be on fighting with the Five Elements Sacred Sect for the item of the Bi Fang Empire.”

“You just have to show some suppression towards the Monet Dynasty, understand?”

Hearing the meaning of Mo Wentian’s words, Sun Yaowan hurriedly replied, “Sun Yaowan understands! We want to make it not so easy for the Flat River Dynasty to devour the Monet Dynasty.”

“This way, the surrounding factions can keep their gazes on the battle of the two dynasties and not have the time to care about anything else.”

“In this case, our sect can let loose and focus our strength on dealing with the Five Elements Sacred Sect.
We don’t have to worry about the Bi Fang Empire stirring up trouble.”

When Mo Wentian heard this, he revealed a smile.

He looked at Sun Yaowan and praised, “You’re so promising.”

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