How could Gong Ziliang sit back and watch this happen?

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Why not let him keep the treasure that Patriarch Liu Yun had left in the alternate space for the time being to prevent living beings from escaping?

Gong Ziliang’s plan was naturally very good.

Either way, he would not suffer a loss.

However, he did not expect that the alternate space that he coveted did not have even a single strand of Patriarch Liu Yun’s hair.

At this moment, in the sky above the border of the Martial Province and the Overlord Province in the southeast region.

A figure was about to cross over when he suddenly sensed something and turned around to look in the direction of the Azure Province.

“Haha, that kid will definitely be furious this time.”

As Patriarch Liu Yun spoke with a smile, he was about to turn around and leave the Martial Province.

In the next moment, his smile suddenly froze on his face.

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In his perception, a treasure that he had placed in the alternate space was actually dug out.

“Gong Ziliang! You dare to dig up my treasure!”

“You’re not a good person!”

In the sky, Patriarch Liu Yun was furious.
He jumped and cursed without caring about his image.

“Achoo! Achoo!!!”

At the foot of a mountain, Gong Ziliang had just used a spatial pearl he had found in the alternate space to store the stone chamber mystic realm and the alternate space.

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Suddenly, he sneezed twice.

“Who’s talking bad about me behind my back?”

Gong Ziliang rubbed his nose and muttered.

Then, a smile appeared on his face.

This time, although he did not find Patriarch Liu Yun’s treasure, he had dealt with the huge problem of Mo Wentian and obtained a considerable amount of resources.

Coupled with the stone chamber mystic realm and alternate space that he had dug up, it could be said to be a huge harvest.

Especially in that alternate space, when Gong Ziliang put it away with the spatial pearl, he discovered that Patriarch Liu Yun did not even have a mark inside.

This also meant that when his strength recovered a little, he could refine that alternate space into his own mystic realm.

As for the stone chamber mystic realm, it had long been perfected by Patriarch Liu Yun.

Unless Gong Ziliang’s soul cultivated to ten times that of Patriarch Liu Yun, he could not erase the mark without damaging the stone chamber mystic realm.

Before this, Gong Ziliang could only use the array formation inside.

He threw the spatial pearl into his storage ring.

“It’s time to rush to the Imperial City.”

As soon as Gong Ziliang finished speaking, he shot out a stream of spiritual qi that wrapped around Lin Anruo and rushed into the sky.

Time passed.

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In the blink of an eye, three days had passed since the change in Firewood City.

As news of some scales and claws spread to the Imperial City,

After knowing that the Third Prince had actually offended the Crown Prince of the Flat River Dynasty.

The entire court immediately stirred.

Countless courtiers first wrote a letter and asked the King of the Monet Dynasty to draft a decree for the Third Prince.

They would also cede Firewood City and resources to appease the anger of the Flat River Dynasty.

After their memorials were rejected by the Emperor, some old officials who were past their prime actually publicly cursed at him in the royal court.

They said that the current Emperor was muddle-headed and only cared about the royal bloodline, not caring about the life and death of the people of the Monet Dynasty.

In the end, under the threat of death, the Emperor had no choice but to give in.

They would mobilize the Golden Armor Army and head to Firewood City to capture the Third Prince.

“I’m going to die of anger!”

“It was clearly the Flat River Dynasty who wanted to encroach on my Monet Dynasty first.
I killed Yin Zhiping to support the kingdom, but Father listened to those people’s slander!”

In a post house ten miles away from the Imperial City.

When Mo Shaoyun heard the news that Jin Zhan had brought back, he was immediately furious.

In these three days, he, Xing Feng, and Zhou Wu were busy.
They did not even dare to rest on the way.

He wanted to rush back to the Imperial City as soon as possible and publicize the news of the collusion between the Flat River Dynasty and the Demon Cult.

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However, he did not expect that when he was a step away from the Imperial City, he would actually know such news.

Seeing Mo Shaoyun like this, the others wanted to go forward and persuade him.

However, when they thought about how the Imperial City had already become a forbidden area to them, immediately, other than Xing Feng who was cultivating with his eyes closed, everyone else shook their heads in anger.

“Brother Liang might still be waiting for us to save him.
We can’t do nothing here.”

Soon, Mo Shaoyun thought of Gong Ziliang.
He could only suppress his anger and begin to think calmly.

Hearing these words, Jin Zhan said, “In the Imperial City, the defense is tight and water can’t enter.
With our strength, I’m afraid it’s very difficult to sneak in and meet the Emperor.”

Hearing this, Mo Shaoyun frowned fiercely.
He rejected the idea that he had just thought of.

He sighed and said, “Sigh, if only the three teachers were still around.”

The three teachers that Mo Shaoyun mentioned were the three Golden Armor Army commanders that he had invited to Firewood City to ambush Yin Zhiping.

In the Imperial City, they were in charge of defense.

Now, the corpses of the three of them were already buried underground with the Golden Armor Army who had died in the palace three days ago.

Apart from those three people, although Mo Shaoyun still had many old friends in the Imperial City,

However, after screening them one by one, he helplessly discovered that under the situation where he was attacked, those people might not be reliable.

Suddenly, Mo Shaoyun recalled something.
He suddenly patted his head and shouted, “Oh my, how could I have forgotten about that!”

When everyone heard Mo Shaoyun’s words, they immediately looked over in confusion.

Seeing this, Mo Shaoyun hurriedly explained, “A month ago, the Canglan Dao Sect sent a letter saying that the Holy Son of the sect is coming to visit.”

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“Before I went to Firewood City, Father had already decided to let Big Brother welcome me.”

“Looking at the time, it should be in these few days.”

Hearing this, everyone already understood Mo Shaoyun’s plan.

“That’s great.
As long as we wait for Crown Prince Tianchen to leave the city, we can tell him the news.”

Jin Zhan had an excited expression, but just as he finished speaking, he saw Zhou Wu reveal a hesitant expression.

As the only Spirit Refinement Realm existence among them, Zhou Wu had been doing his best to protect them.
Mo Shaoyun naturally would not ignore him and said, “Official Zhou, you can say whatever you think.”

Zhou Wu bowed to Mo Shaoyun and said, “Your Highness wants to find Crown Prince Tianchen.
The idea is indeed good.”

“But the problem is, how does Your Highness obtain Crown Prince Tianchen’s trust?”

Mo Shaoyun frowned when he heard this.

He was about to say that he was close to Mo Tianchen.

Mo Tianchen would definitely not doubt his words.

Zhou Wu clearly had something to say, so he did not interrupt.

Seeing this, Zhou Wu continued, “I also believe in the relationship between Crown Prince Tianchen and Your Highness.”

“But now, the entire dynasty thinks that we offended the Flat River Dynasty.”

“If Crown Prince Tianchen wants to believe Your Highness, it’s equivalent to becoming enemies with the court.”

After the conversation with Zhou Wu, Mo Shaoyun realized that he had thought too simply of the problem.

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