“Gong Ziliang, do you really want to fight us to the death?”

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One of them shouted and threw his fists at the air in front of him, creating afterimages.

The other four people’s reactions were also not slow.
They used various martial techniques.

For a moment, demonic qi surged and quickly enveloped their figures.

However, in the next moment, there was a burst of wind.

Outside the five of them, the demonic qi that had formed a huge black cocoon was actually easily torn open by the sharp sword intent that Gong Ziliang casually pointed out.

“This is… Dao Intent!”

Zhou Wu was a little stunned.
Dao Intent was an Intent that was even stronger than Martial Intent.

To be able to comprehend Martial Intent at Gong Ziliang’s age, he could already be considered a genius.

As for Dao Intent, it was a level that even Tribulation Transcendence Realm mighty figures could not reach.

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Now, he actually saw it on Gong Ziliang!


Zhou Wu recalled the white flames that appeared on Gong Ziliang’s body when he first arrived.

It seemed that it was also an Intent?

I must be seeing things.”

“He’s only at the Profound Realm.
It’s already extremely heaven-defying for him to be able to comprehend Sword Intent at the Dao Intent level.
How can he have other Intents?” Zhou Wu convinced himself.

Suddenly, he saw three white, blue, and green balls of light condense in Gong Ziliang’s hand.

Fire Intent!

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Water Intent!

There was also the Wood Intent!

He felt that among the three balls of light, there was no fake Intent aura.

Zhou Wu felt like he was about to go crazy!

There were four Intents, and one of them was Dao Intent!

This was the young supreme beings of the Empires or the Holy Sons nurtured by the Holy Lands.

It was definitely impossible for him to have so many Intents alone.

However, the scene in front of him was real.
Zhou Wu could not doubt it at all.

For a moment, Zhou Wu felt that the term genius was no longer worthy of Gong Ziliang.
Such a person could only be described as ‘monstrous’.

Immediately, Zhou Wu thought of something and looked at the unconscious Yin Zhiping.
As the heir of the Duke’s Mansion, Yin Zhiping should have an extremely bright future.

However, of all people, he had to provoke Gong Ziliang.

With this outcome, Zhou Wu could only say that he deserved it!

On the other side, after the five Spirit Refinement Realm cultivators outside the hall saw the three Intents that Gong Ziliang used again, they immediately lost the courage to continue fighting Gong Ziliang.

What could they use to fight such a monster?

They immediately turned around and plunged into the endless demonic qi.

However, before they could escape far with the help of the demonic qi, a water wall formed by water suddenly blocked in front of them.


A Spirit Refinement Realm cultivator shouted and raised his fist to attack the water wall.

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However, that domineering punch was enough to send a Spirit Refinement Realm cultivator flying.

After smashing into the water wall, the power had yet to erupt.

Like a clay ox entering the sea, it was canceled out by the water wall.

In the end, a faint ripple appeared on the water wall, as if it was mocking him.


The Spirit Refinement Realm cultivator was furious and threw punches like raindrops.

Suddenly, when he threw another punch, a wooden thorn crawled out of the water wall.

It was too late to stop.
His fist and the wooden thorns collided.
Then, he sensed a pure wood element power drilling into his body from the wound on his fist.

Soon, a strong numb and itchy feeling came from all over his body, making him want to peel off his skin and scratch the flesh inside to stop the itch.

However, before he could attack, a plant sprout grew on his fist.

Then, in a few breaths of time, his body was already drowned by the crazily growing plants.

When the four people beside him saw this scene, their scalps almost exploded.

They immediately did not dare to attack the water wall again.
They turned around and wanted to break out in other directions.

However, when they turned around, they saw that the white flames that filled the sky behind them had already sealed all their escape routes.

In the next moment, thick flames licked towards them under the help of the demonic qi.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

He heard a painful cry from the depths of the demonic qi.

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In the hall, the expressions of everyone could not help but turn pale.

Mo Shaoyun had an excited expression.
He could tell that those voices were from the few people who had escaped just now.

Towards them, Mo Shaoyun naturally would not show any mercy or pity.

In less than a moment, the voice from the demonic qi became softer and softer.

Even the demonic qi that enveloped the City Lord’s Mansion quickly became thinner.

When the demonic qi was almost gone, Mo Shaoyun was the first to run out of the hall and towards the direction of the voice.

However, after walking around, he did not discover anything.

“How strange.
I don’t see them alive or dead.
Gong Ziliang, where are those guys?”

After Mo Shaoyun returned, he clicked his tongue in wonder and asked Gong Ziliang.

“I don’t know either.
Perhaps they had some means to escape.”

Gong Ziliang casually dodged the question and did not explain further.

Mo Shaoyun had a look of disbelief, although he had not seen what had happened in the demonic qi just now.

However, from the commotion, it was obvious that those people had suffered a huge loss.

Even if they escaped, they would still leave some traces.

However, other than some buildings corroded by demonic qi and withered plants, Mo Shaoyun did not find any other traces.

However, seeing that Gong Ziliang did not want to say, Mo Shaoyun tactfully did not continue asking.

He walked to the corner of the hall and was about to kick Yin Zhiping, whose eyes were closed.

His nose suddenly smelled a stench.

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Looking down, a stream of water was flowing out of Yin Zhiping’s crotch.

The effect of the Demon Reversal Pill had already ended.

The side effects of overdrawing a large amount of life essence to forcefully increase his strength gradually began to appear on Yin Zhiping.

It made his entire body twitch and foam at the mouth.

The aura of the late-stage True Martial Realm plummeted.

After quickly falling into the Profound Realm, there was still no sign of stopping.

Peak Profound Realm.



Under the shocked gazes of Mo Shaoyun and the others, Yin Zhiping’s cultivation finally stabilized after falling from the Meridian Opening Realm.

From the late-stage True Martial Realm to the early-stage Meridian Opening Realm.

He lost more than three major realms at once!

Even Yin Zhiping’s originally handsome figure became dispirited and quickly became skin and bones.

He saw Yin Zhiping’s change with his own eyes.

Apart from being shocked, everyone had a deeper understanding of the demonic path’s methods.

Seeing Yin Zhiping’s outcome, Mo Shaoyun’s anger dissipated by 80%.


Swallowing a mouthful of saliva, Mo Shaoyun asked a few Golden Armor Guards to drag Yin Zhiping out of the hall like a dead dog.

The people Yin Zhiping had brought from the Duke’s Mansion had already been wiped out.

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