After advancing to the second-stage, the white holy flame condensed was the natural nemesis of demonic qi, burning upon contact.

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In a few breaths, the Crippled Heaven Elder’s voice gradually became lower.

The struggle became smaller and smaller.

In the end, he fell to the ground and did not move.
He was burned into nothingness bit by bit.

He looked at the charred marks left on the ground where the Crippled Heaven Elder had struggled.

Waves of coldness could not help but rise in Xing Feng and Jin Zhan’s bodies.

In a short moment, their bodies stiffened.

One had to know that the Crippled Heaven Elder was a dignified late-stage Spirit Refinement Realm existence!

However, after being touched by the white flame, he did not even have the ability to resist.
He was forcefully burned until not even ashes were left.

That scene made the two of them recall a little.
They seemed to be able to hear the tragic cry of the Crippled Heaven Elder before he died.

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He could not help but shiver again and hurriedly eliminated those images from his mind.

Gong Ziliang saw that their faces were a little pale and their bodies were trembling from time to time.

Thinking that demonic qi had entered their bodies, he asked with concern, “Brother Xing, Brother Jin, are you alright?”

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Hearing Gong Ziliang’s voice, the two of them subconsciously shook their heads like rattle drums and hurriedly said, “It’s fine, it’s fine.”

Seeing the two of them react so greatly, Gong Ziliang scratched his head in confusion.

Then, he sensed that the Spirit Refinement Realm auras that contained demonic qi in Firewood City had fallen into a violent fluctuation, as if they had encountered an opponent.
He immediately said, “Brother Xing, stay here with Brother Jin.
I’ll be back soon…”

Before the word “soon” ended, Gong Ziliang had already activated his movement technique to the extreme.
His figure turned into a flash and disappeared from the end of Xing Feng and Jin Zhan’s vision.

Looking in the direction of Gong Ziliang’s departure, Xing Feng and Jin Zhan looked at each other and knew that the current situation in Firewood City was complicated and had become the battlefield for the Spirit Refinement Realm battle.

If they followed, not only would they not be of any help to Gong Ziliang, but they would also drag him down.
They could only stay on the spot and seize the time to recuperate.

Firewood City, City Lord’s Mansion.

Flames surged into the sky, and black demonic qi enveloped nearly 90% of the City Lord’s Mansion.

Only the hall in the center was protected by the spiritual light of the array formation and did not fall for the time being.

However, under the bombardment of the five Spirit Refinement Realm cultivators and more than 20 True Martial Realm cultivators, eight of the nine array formation walls that were originally protecting the hall had been broken.

The last wall of light also cracked visibly and could collapse at any moment.

At this moment, in the hall, Mo Shaoyun had already woken up, but his expression was not too good.
He was adjusting his breathing and recovering.

Beside him, other than Chen Pingan and Lin Anruo, there were only a few dozen Golden Armor Guards.

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Not far away, a middle-aged man in a green robe with a seal on his waist was frowning and looking worriedly at the crumbling array formation light wall above his head.

This middle-aged man was the City Lord of Firewood City, Zhou Wu.

Previously, when the Crippled Heaven Elder erupted with his aura to lure Jin Zhan away, in Firewood City, Zhou Wu, who had a sixth-stage Spirit Refinement Realm cultivation, sensed that something was amiss and hurriedly brought people from the City Lord’s Mansion to the Imperial Palace.

In the end, under the fearless delay of more than a thousand Golden Armor Guards, Zhou Wu had to save Mo Shaoyun and the others from Yin Zhiping and the others…

However, not long after, the Golden Armor Army at the imperial residence was dealt with.

After that, Yin Zhiping and the others chased after the City Lord’s Mansion.

With the array formation in the City Lord’s Mansion, they had lasted until now.

After a while, Mo Shaoyun recovered some energy and stood up to walk to Zhou Wu’s side.

He glanced at the rolling black demonic qi outside the array formation light wall and rushed out from the demonic qi from time to time to crazily collide with the figure on the array formation light wall.

Mo Shaoyun frowned and said to Zhou Wu, “City Lord Zhou, the array outside can’t hold on for long.
You should break out yourself.”

When Zhou Wu heard this, he hurriedly said, “I’ve received the grace of the heavens and will protect the safety of the people of Firewood City on behalf of the Emperor.
Now that Firewood City is in trouble, how can I abandon the people in the city and leave alone?”

“Moreover, Your Highness is of the royal bloodline.
Even if I die, I will fight my way out for you!”

Hearing Zhou Wu’s sincere words, Mo Shaoyun knew that it was impossible for him to change Zhou Wu’s mind.
He could only grit his teeth and say, “Yin Zhiping really has no bottom line.
He actually dares to collude with the Demon Cult.
His scheme is not small.
He deserves to be killed!”

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Others might not know about the Demon Cult.

However, as a member of the royal family, the existence of the Demon Cult was not a secret to him.

“Fortunately, Uncle Xing and Gong Ziliang have already left Firewood City in advance.
Otherwise, we would probably be completely wiped out here.”

Immediately, Mo Shaoyun thought of Xing Feng and Gong Ziliang who had bid farewell the day before and could not help but feel lucky.

While this thought was still running through his mind, a familiar cracking sound suddenly sounded in Mo Shaoyun’s ears.

Crack! Crack!

This voice had already sounded eight times when the array formation light wall was continuously broken.

This was the ninth time.

This meant that the last array formation defense outside the hall had been broken through.

As expected, Mo Shaoyun looked up and saw the scene of spiritual light shattering.

“Your Highness, follow me closely!”

Beside him, Zhou Wu roared.
The large seal on his waist was injected with spiritual qi, and in the blink of an eye, it expanded a thousand times, turning into a mountain-like seal that smashed towards the surging demonic qi.

However, before the power of the seal erupted, demonic qi swept up and corroded the spiritual qi on it in the blink of an eye.

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Although Zhou Wu was also at the Spirit Refinement Realm, in order to save Mo Shaoyun, he had fought many enemies alone.

Facing a Spirit Refinement Realm cultivator who was several times his size, it was already his full strength to be able to fight his way out alive with Mo Shaoyun and the others.

The spiritual qi consumed in his body had only recovered less than 20%.

This attack was already his last resort.

In the hall, when everyone saw the huge seal that Zhou Wu threw out, they could not even block the demonic qi slightly.

For a moment, they fell into despair.

“Hmph! When Uncle Xing recovers his strength, he’ll definitely bring his sword to my door and kill you bastards who colluded with the Demon Cult to avenge me!”

In the desperate situation, Mo Shaoyun erupted with ruthlessness.
He stared at a figure that was faintly discernible in the demonic qi and shouted.

The figure that Mo Shaoyun was staring at was Yin Zhiping.

Hearing Mo Shaoyun’s words, a stiff mocking smile appeared on Yin Zhiping’s face that was covered in black gas.
He said coldly, “Mo Shaoyun, you’re about to die, yet you’re still boasting shamelessly here!”

“How many troops your Monet Dynasty has is already under the control of my Flat River Dynasty.”

“If you dare to come here with a sword, my Flat River Dynasty will kill as many as you have!”

In Yin Zhiping’s opinion, even if Zhou Wu, a Spirit Refinement Realm cultivator, was beside him, after consuming the Demon Reversal Pill, the number of Spirit Refinement Realm cultivators reached five.

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