However, since the Spiritual Sense Function could only be unlocked at Level 70, wouldn’t it mean that he had to reach the Spirit Refinement Realm?

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What the heck!

Since he could not use the Intent and Spiritual Sense functions now, Gong Ziliang still chose to inspect the Body Tempering column.

The eight attributes in the Body Tempering column directly attracted Gong Ziliang.

Iron Bones, Qi Condensation, Meridian Opening, Core Condensation, Five Treasures, Golden Body, Transcendent Mortal, and Divine Power.

In the middle of the eight attributes was a rather large icon.
It was connected by the eight attributes, and it was the Physical Sage!

If the skill corresponded to a martial technique, then could it be that these nine attributes corresponded to the nine realms of the Martial Spirit Continent?

This was because among the nine major attributes of the Body Tempering, only the Iron Bones symbol was brighter.
Every level up required 100,000 copper coins!

Coupled with the nine major realms of the Martial Spirit Continent, they were: the Martial Body Realm, Qi Refinement Realm, Meridian Opening Realm, Illusory Core Realm, Profound Realm, True Martial Realm, Spirit Refinement Realm, Tribulation Realm, and more…

Each realm had ten stages.

Precisely because the numbers matched, Gong Ziliang could not help but suspect that the two were related.

If the Iron Bones corresponded to the Martial Body Realm, it did not sound wrong.
The Martial Body Realm was an increase in the cultivation of the human skeleton.

If that was the case, then…

There was no time to lose.
In any case, there was still 1 million copper coins left.
Each time he lit it, it would only be 100,000 copper coins.


[Iron Bones has been successfully upgraded!]

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In an instant, a sharp pain assaulted him.
Gong Ziliang could directly sense that every single bone in his body seemed to have been bitten by thousands of ants, and it was extremely painful.

However, a few seconds later, the pain gradually faded away.
Beads of sweat appeared on his forehead and back.
He felt as comfortable as he was in the sauna room.
His body became much lighter.

Gong Ziliang raised his head to look at the moon in the night sky.
He slowly raised his fist and punched!




Gong Ziliang was shocked!

This Dragon Roar Fist Technique was actually twice as powerful as before!

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No matter how one looked at it, this punch did not seem to have been thrown by a fifth-stage Martial Body cultivator.
Some people would even believe that it was a seventh or eighth-stage Martial Body Realm cultivator!

As for this, the Iron Bones attribute in the Body Tempering column had only risen to one level and had a leap.
If he raised this to the same level as the character, wouldn’t that be…

Damn it!

Gong Ziliang did not hesitate any longer.
In the back mountain of the outer courtyard of the Profound Heaven Sect, he faced the distant Profound Snow Peak and sat down.
In his mind, he only wanted to level up his Iron Bones.

[Iron Bones has been successfully upgraded!]

Every time Gong Ziliang clicked to increase his level, the surrounding spiritual qi seemed to be absorbed into his bones and dispersed in his body.

Gong Ziliang knew this very well.
Only by raising his cultivation level to the Qi Condensation Realm could he suppress the spiritual qi in his body to his dantian and form a cyclone, greatly increasing his cultivation.

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As for the Meridian Opening Realm, he would circulate the spiritual qi in his body from his dantian’s vortex to his eight meridians, opening up every acupuncture point in his body.

Now, the spiritual qi only entered the bones to improve every bone in the body.

As a matter of fact, every time Gong Ziliang clicked to increase the level of his Iron Bones, he would experience twice the pain compared to the previous level.

This feeling came and went quickly.
Every time his bones increased, Gong Ziliang had to circulate the spiritual qi around his body and pour it into his bones to familiarize himself with this ability.

He closed his eyes and meditated on the spot.
He sensed the spiritual qi of heaven and earth and took it for himself.

What Gong Ziliang did not care about was that the clouds above his head gradually gathered together to form a dark cloud vortex.


In the vortex eye, a ray of light shot over.
In the light, it was as if…

Profound Heaven Sect.

On the inner sect’s Profound Snow Peak.

An old man wore a white robe, his snow white eyebrows fluttering with the wind.
His white hair was as long as flowing water, but he had a pair of deep and wise eyes.

He was the Sect Master of the Profound Heaven Sect, Xuan Guangzi.

Tonight, he, who had just eaten his fill, was practicing the Taiji Fist in the courtyard.
Every move he made exuded an immortal qi.
As he pushed and retracted his hand, he could see a stream of spiritual qi fluctuating along with him.

At this moment, Xuan Guangzi retracted his hands and slowly exhaled.
He spread his hands behind him and looked up at the distant sky.

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He slowly said, “The world is about to change.”

“Sect Master! Sect Master! Did you see that?”

At the same time, a robust voice sounded from outside the courtyard.
The door opened, and four middle-aged and old men who were dressed similar to Xuan Guangzi walked in quickly.
Their expressions were very nervous and happy.

“Old Liu, you’re already so old, yet you still rush around like this.
You have to calm down.”

Xuan Guangzi looked at the four of them.

These four people were the four elders of the Profound Heaven Sect.

Tonight, they observed the stars at night and accidentally discovered that a golden light had appeared on the back mountain of the outer courtyard of the Profound Heaven Sect, and a phenomenon had also appeared in the sky!

In the eyes of the other disciples, they might not know what this phenomenon was.
After all, their realms had not reached that level.

It was very likely that an outer sect disciple had awakened a Divine Body physique and had a chance of cultivating to the Heaven Deity Realm!

One had to know that even the Sect Master of the Profound Heaven Sect, Xuan Guangzi, was only at the eighth-stage Spirit Refinement Realm.


Now, in this Profound Heaven Sect, there was an outer sect disciple with a Divine Body that was rarely seen in a thousand years.
He had the chance to bring the sect to greater heights and increase the sect’s status.


As soon as the four elders of the Profound Heaven Sect saw the abnormality, they immediately came to discuss this matter with Sect Master Xuan Guangzi.

First Elder Liu immediately pointed at the vortex in the sky and said happily, “Sect Master, our Profound Heaven Sect has a Golden Dragon!”

Xuan Guangzi looked up.

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There was a ray of light in the dark cloud vortex, and in the light, there was the shadow of a Golden Dragon rising and roaring towards the sky.
They could also sense a powerful spiritual qi fluctuation in the back mountain of the outer courtyard of the Profound Heaven Sect.

It was really a high-grade Divine Body.

The Divine Body was divided into high, medium, and low grades.
It was of great significance in the Martial Spirit Continent.
It was the physique with the greatest hope of cultivating to the Heaven Deity Realm.

Even Xuan Guangzi was only a medium-grade Divine Body cultivator that was seen once in a hundred years.
However, he was only at the eighth-stage Spirit Refinement Realm and had a chance to advance to the Tribulation Transcendence Realm.


Now, in the back mountain of the outer courtyard of the Profound Heaven Sect, a phenomenon appeared in the sky.
The fluctuation of spiritual qi was very likely caused by a high-grade Divine Body.

At this moment, this phenomenon was very likely to reach the heavens in a single step!

When he thought up to here, Xuan Guangzi waved his hand and immediately ordered, “The disciple of the Profound Heaven Sect is about to sense the spiritual qi of heaven and earth.
The golden dragon will coil around them.
Elders, follow me to the outer court’s back mountain to protect this disciple!”


The four elders agreed in unison.

Just as he was about to move, First Elder Liu said in surprise, “Oh no! The phenomenon disappeared.
Could it be…”

At this moment, Elder Zhang, who was on the right of Xuan Guangzi, said, “Sect Master, the phenomenon in the sky disappeared.
Looks like there was a problem when that high-grade Divine Body disciple awakened, causing it to fail.”

“That’s right.
However, fortunately, once a high-grade Divine Body awakens, even if it fails, it won’t lose much.
Right now, it’s more or less a half awakened state.
It can still completely awaken later.
This is just a matter of time.”

Xuan Guangzi nodded slightly.

How many years had it been since the Profound Heaven Sect had produced a disciple with a high-grade Divine Body physique? Even he, the Sect Master of the Profound Heaven Sect, only had a medium-grade Divine Body.


No matter what, he had to find this disciple.

This was the future hope of the Profound Heaven Sect!

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