Surging spiritual qi swept up the soil and rocks on the ground and formed a thousand-foot-long earth dragon in the blink of an eye that roared and devoured Xing Feng.

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Seeing this, Jin Zhan’s expression changed.

Mo Shaoyun had not hidden Xing Feng’s identity from him previously.

Moreover, he already knew that the current Xing Feng was no longer the Heaven Deity Realm mighty figure who had massacred the Imperial City with a sword twenty years ago.

Instead, it was a Profound Realm cultivator who was even inferior to him.

Even so, the aura that erupted from Xing Feng’s body steadily stepped into the True Martial Realm.

However, after fighting the Crippled Heaven Elder until now, Jin Zhan had already discovered that his true strength was far from just the late-stage True Martial Realm.

Some peak True Martial Realm cultivators, or even cultivators who had just broken through to the Spirit Refinement Realm, might not be able to obtain much benefit from him.

As for Xing Feng, who was only at the first-stage True Martial Realm, he would probably only be slaughtered in front of the Crippled Heaven Elder.

However, at this moment, even Jin Zhan did not have the time to stop the Crippled Heaven Elder.

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They could only watch helplessly as the earth dragon swept up sand and rocks that filled the sky, drowning Xing Feng and Gong Ziliang’s figure.

“It’s over…”

Jin Zhan quickly sentenced Xing Feng and Gong Ziliang to death.

The Crippled Heaven Elder’s expression became leisurely.

Between him and Jin Zhan, neither of them could do anything to the other for a while.

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If they continued to fight, it would only be a waste of each other’s time.

Of course, if he consumed the medicinal pill given to him by the Demon Envoy, killing Jin Zhan was just a flip of the palm.

However, the Crippled Heaven Elder did not need to think to know how great the side effects of a medicinal pill that could directly increase a major realm were.

In any case, the mission Yin Zhiping gave him was not to take down Jin Zhan.
He just had to delay him.
There was no need to pay such a huge price.

“Jin Zhan, why don’t you…”

When he thought of this, the Crippled Heaven Elder was about to persuade Jin Zhan to stop the battle.

Suddenly, several huge auras rushed into the sky from Firewood City that was less than a hundred miles away.

The light of spiritual qi even illuminated the sky, instantly turning the world into day.

“That’s… the aura of the Spirit Refinement Realm!”

Jin Zhan’s attention was directly attracted by those auras and he let out a shocked voice.

“No, that direction is…”

However, he quickly discovered that the location with the strongest aura was surprisingly Mo Shaoyun’s residence.

“Impossible! How can so many Spirit Refinement Realm cultivators appear in the city at once?”

Jin Zhan could not hide his shock, his face filled with disbelief.

As the center of the Monet Dynasty’s trading with the surrounding dynasties, the number and strength of the cultivators coming and going in the city every day had to be clearly recorded.

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As far as Jin Zhan knew, other than the City Lord who lived in seclusion, he was at the mid-stage Spirit Refinement Realm.

In addition, the president of the Chamber of Commerce had spent ten thousand gold coins not long ago to beg for a medicinal pill and barely advanced to the Spirit Refinement Realm.

However, at this moment, he could sense that there were more than five Spirit Refinement Realm cultivators!

How did the Flat River Dynasty secretly send so many Spirit Refinement Realm cultivators into Firewood City without anyone knowing?

Jin Zhan did not expect that the Spirit Refinement Realm cultivators who appeared in Firewood City were all temporary breakthroughs.

After all, when a cultivator broke through to the Spirit Refinement Realm, no matter how poor their talent was, they would still condense a spiritual qi vortex of hundreds of miles.

On the other side, the Crippled Heaven Elder was also looking in the direction of those auras.

His eyes that were illuminated by the spiritual qi light flickered.

He naturally knew where those Spirit Refinement Realm cultivators came from.

However, what puzzled him was why Yin Zhiping’s men would consume the Demon Reversal Pill.

Could it be that other than Jin Zhan, Mo Shaoyun had other experts hidden around him?

While the Crippled Heaven Elder was thinking…

Jin Zhan had already thought of Mo Shaoyun from his initial shock.

On Mo Shaoyun’s side, there were three Golden Armor Army leaders who were not inferior to him.

However, when those people faced so many Spirit Refinement Realm cultivators, they could not escape death!

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Immediately, Jin Zhan gritted his teeth and wished he could rush back to Firewood City to save them.

However, he understood that the Crippled Heaven Elder would definitely not let him leave.

“Hehe, you want to leave? You have to get past me first.”

As expected, when the Crippled Heaven Elder saw Jin Zhan’s impatient appearance, he said.

Although someone on Yin Zhiping’s side had already consumed the Demon Reversal Pill, even if Mo Shaoyun had other arrangements, he was definitely not a match for the few people who relied on medicinal pills to break through to the Spirit Refinement Realm.

However, before obtaining confirmation, the Heavenly Crippling Elder would not let Jin Zhan leave.

“Old fool, if anything happens to the Third Prince, I’ll make you and Yin Zhiping pay the price even if I die!”

Jin Zhan roared angrily, and the longsword in his hand slashed out thousands of times in a flash.

The saber light instantly formed a saber net that covered the sky and the earth as it descended on the Crippled Heaven Elder.

Seeing that Jin Zhan had already taken a desperate posture, the Crippled Heaven Elder did not dare to be careless.

The gray robe shook slightly, and spiritual qi formed a spiral force that tore open a hole in the saber net.

With a move, the Crippled Heaven Elder escaped from the saber net.

However, suddenly, a faint sense of danger appeared in his heart.

Without any time to think, light flickered on his body.
He summoned an Extreme Realm Artifact and barely blocked a sword blade that descended from the sky.

“It’s you? You’re not dead?!”

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However, when the Crippled Heaven Elder saw that the person who slashed over with his sword was actually Xing Feng, who had been devoured by the Earth Dragon, he could not help but cry out.

Then, the Crippled Heaven Elder suddenly thought of something and turned to look at the place where Xing Feng was standing.

As expected, Gong Ziliang’s figure also stood there unscathed.

The Crippled Heaven Elder knew his strength very well.

With Xing Feng’s early-stage True Martial Realm cultivation, the attack he used on him previously could only be instantly killed.

Even if Xing Feng had some method that he did not know of and blocked the attack, what was going on with Gong Ziliang?

Could it be that he, the Crippled Heaven Elder, was at the late-stage True Martial Realm and could not even deal with a peak Profound Realm Gong Ziliang?

Seeing that Gong Ziliang was fine and casually patted the dust on his clothes, at this moment, Jin Zhan’s heart was also filled with intense disbelief.

Then, he thought of something and looked at Xing Feng with a hidden gaze.

Twenty years ago, Xing Feng was a mighty figure at the Heaven Deity Realm.

Although later on, because of Mo Qinglan’s matter and being intercepted, his Dao Realm fell all the way to the Profound Realm, Xing Feng had already returned to the True Martial Realm.

Perhaps he had awakened some methods, so he protected himself and Gong Ziliang under the Crippled Heaven Elder’s attack.

In Jin Zhan’s opinion, this explanation was reasonable.

“Congratulations, Senior Xing, on recovering your strength and returning to your peak!”

Jin Zhan’s current realm was above Xing Feng’s.

However, at this moment, he took the initiative to lower his posture and congratulate him from the bottom of his heart.

Xing Feng’s expression could not help but be a little strange when he heard this.

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