Therefore, the production of the Great Unity Azure Wood Sect’s Muscle Growth Pills every year was almost completely occupied by the Flat River Dynasty, causing the situation where other dynasties could not obtain them.

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Even Chen Pingan’s father, who was a noble existence, could not obtain one.

As the heir of the Duke’s Mansion of the Flat River Dynasty, it was not surprising that Yin Zhiping could carry the Muscle Growth Pill with him.

Chen Pingan crawled up with a grunt, forgetting that his wound had not healed.
He bent down and stared at the jade bottle in Yin Zhiping’s hand, wishing he could immediately snatch it away.

In everyone’s opinion, Chen Pingan’s loss of composure was not funny at all.

After all, the jade bottle contained the Muscle Growth Pill that could revive Chen Pingan’s masculinity!

Yin Zhiping even took out the Muscle Growth Pills.

Everyone knew that Chen Pingan would definitely not reject Yin Zhiping’s request for Gong Ziliang.

While waiting for Chen Pingan to nod, Mo Shaoyun, who was riding on the battle canopy, said disdainfully again.

“Tsk, you want to bribe Pingan with just a few Muscle Growth Pills?”

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“Yin, you’re looking down on my brother!”

“Isn’t it just the Muscle Growth Pill? Brother Chen, don’t worry.
I’ll go to the inner warehouse later and find better medicinal pills to treat your injuries.”

“It’s fine if you can’t find him.
Although you can’t find a woman in the future, you still have me, your brother!” Mo Shaoyun waved his hand and said righteously.

When his words fell into everyone’s ears, their expressions immediately became a little strange.

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After looking at Chen Pingan and Mo Shaoyun a few times, they recalled their past actions and immediately revealed enlightened expressions.

At this moment, Chen Pingan could not care less about the strange gazes of those people.

He turned to look at Mo Shaoyun, wanting to say that the Muscle Growth Pill was very important to him!

However, on second thought, he realized that the purpose of him and Mo Shaoyun coming here today was on the orders of the king that the Imperial City had sent back urgently, asking them to rope in Xing Feng at all costs.
They could only break their teeth and swallow it!

Although the Muscle Growth Pill was important, Chen Pingan could still tell which was more important between happiness and the rest of his life.

With nowhere to vent his anger, Chen Pingan suddenly looked at Yin Zhiping and said angrily, “Yin, what do you know?”

“The reason why Young Master Liang did that was to let me turn over a new leaf and repent! How is this disrespectful?”

At this point, Chen Pingan stopped to catch his breath before continuing.

“In these three days, I’ve been reflecting on my mistakes.
I already understand his good intentions and have decided to follow him from now on!”

“As for you, Yin, I’ll give you five minutes to get out of Firewood City with your people and medicinal pills!”

“Otherwise, we’ll fight!”

Chen Pingan’s voice sounded.
Yin Zhiping’s palm that was weighing the jade bottle lost its balance and almost threw it out.

Behind him, the Crippled Heaven Elder’s wrinkled face revealed a rare stunned expression.

As for the onlookers, their faces were filled with disbelief.
Their mouths were wide open and they could not close them.

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Did that Gong Ziliang cripple Chen Pingan’s lifeblood and sever the bloodline of the Marquis?

Why did it become ‘good intentions’ in Chen Pingan’s mouth?

Chen Pingan turned over a new leaf? He even wanted to follow Gong Ziliang from now on?

Could it be that Chen Pingan and the Third Prince were just putting on a show? The true love was Gong Ziliang?

Or perhaps he had been tricked, causing Chen Pingan’s personality to change greatly and fall in love with the Third Prince…

Oh my goodness!

Immediately, everyone imagined a big show.
Moreover, the scene developed at an unbelievable speed.

In front of the attic, Lin Anruo already understood Chen Pingan and Mo Shaoyun’s attitude.
They were not here for Gong Ziliang.

While secretly heaving a sigh of relief, she glanced at Gong Ziliang from the corner of her eye, and her expression became strange.

“My reputation is going to be ruined by this piece of trash!”

How could Gong Ziliang not guess Lin Anruo’s thoughts? His expression quickly darkened.

The reason why Chen Pingan said that was very easy for him to guess.
It was none other than because of Xing Feng.

However, the latter expressed it in an unclear manner.
To those who did not know, it was indeed very easy for them to think wrongly.

Just as he was about to step forward to interrupt this farce, Yin Zhiping had already erupted, “We’ll fight.
Chen Pingan, you said it!”

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At this moment, how could he not tell that Chen Pingan and Mo Shaoyun were not here to take revenge on Gong Ziliang?

This was specially to make him unhappy!

Previously, seeing that Firewood City was the territory of the Monet Dynasty and considering that the strength of both sides was about the same, Yin Zhiping gave Mo Shaoyun some face and negotiated nicely.

However, who would have thought that Mo Shaoyun and Chen Pingan would be so arrogant!

Moreover, Mo Shaoyun was famous for being a good-for-nothing.
Moreover, he was the current prince.
It was fine if he retorted.

But who did he think he was?

A mere son of a Marquis dared to shout in front of him?

Behind Yin Zhiping, the Crippled Heaven Elder was also furious.

Earlier, for the sake of the overall situation, he had let Yin Zhiping endure for a moment.

In the end, taking a step back did not exchange for calm and peace.
Instead, it made Mo Shaoyun and Chen Pingan even more arrogant.

If the master was humiliated, the subject would die!

Therefore, before Yin Zhiping finished speaking, the Crippled Heaven Elder had already gathered spiritual qi and prepared to attack.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Boundless spiritual qi roared and circulated in his meridians, surging in his flesh like thousands of elephants.

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“Protect the Third Prince!”

Behind Mo Shaoyun, the leader of the Golden Armor Guards that he had brought with him unsheathed his longsword.

A True Martial Realm aura that was not inferior to the Crippled Heaven Elder’s rose from his body with a dense smell of blood.

Hundreds of feet away, the two of them faced each other from afar.
The aura they emitted collided in the sky above their heads and quickly exploded with dense sonic booms.

On the ground, everyone’s faces lost all color as their strength was sucked away.

They wanted to escape, but for a moment, they did not even have the strength to move their feet.
They could only stand there in despair, waiting for the aftershock that could attack at any time to take their lives.

The aura of the two of them rose steadily.
The black clouds pressed down on the city and were about to destroy it.
In the blink of an eye, they covered dozens of miles and were still spreading towards the entire city at an extremely fast speed.

Only then did Chen Pingan realize that the matter was serious.

The Crippled Heaven Elder and the Golden Armor Army commander were both late-stage True Martial Realm existences.

An expert of this level could destroy a city with a raise of his hand.

How could this small Firewood City withstand their torture?

“Shao… Shaoyun, what should we do? Quickly think of a way!”

Chen Pingan was about to cry.
Firewood City was the territory given to their family.

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