Seeing that Gong Ziliang did not say anything for a long time, Zuo Shandiao also discovered some clues.
This was not the style of an expert at all.

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If he was really stronger than him, he could just appear directly.
Could it be that he could turn the world upside down?

Something was amiss, so he continued, “Previously, I also explained the difficulty.
If you’re unwilling to appear, I won’t give up!”


Gong Ziliang suddenly slapped his thigh.
This Zuo Shandiao was indeed as slippery as a loach.

If he got out of the carriage now, he would probably immediately be minced into meat paste.

Even if his strength decreased greatly, as long as the Divine Dragon True Phoenix Body was not crippled, Zuo Shandiao could not even slash him as he stood there.

However, now that Gong Ziliang was as weak as an ant, how could he dare to be careless?

What should he do?

“Boss, there seems to be someone in that carriage!”

A horse bandit sensed the abnormality in Gong Ziliang’s carriage and reported.

“Pull him down!”

Zuo Shandiao snorted lightly, as if he had seen through everything.
Presumably, that person was just a smelly fish.

Apart from hiding in the dark and talking nonsense, it was useless.

Coincidentally, as soon as the bandits took a step forward, a thunderclap descended from the void and killed them!

Zuo Shandiao was directly stunned.
The moon was bright and the stars were few.
How could there be thunder?

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Looking at this lineup, if it had landed on him previously, he would probably have died!

Gong Ziliang was overjoyed.
It was simply like the heavens helping him.
The Heavenly Dao had finally done something good!

“I’ve already said that I’m not willing to kill anymore.
Why do you have to force me? In that case, stay!”

When he said this, Zuo Shandiao, who had a lingering fear, was even more certain that Gong Ziliang had attacked previously.

What kind of existence could casually summon lightning?

It had to be at least at the True Martial Realm?!

Such an existence indeed disdained to attack him because he did not take him seriously from the beginning to the end!

At this moment, there was only one thought in his mind, and that was to run.

He had to run as far as he could!

“I was blind.
I’ve offended you previously.
Senior, please don’t blame me.
I’ll leave now!”

As soon as Zuo Shandiao finished speaking, he fled with the bandits.
Even the horses were left behind.

Seeing Zuo Shandiao and the others retreat, Gong Ziliang finally relaxed.

Previously, when he forcefully used his spiritual sense, his already messy injuries became even more serious.

He directly fainted.

“Missy, you’re indeed blessed by the heavens.
Thank you for your help, Senior.
I wonder if you can appear so that I can personally express my gratitude?” Zhao San endured his injuries and asked in the void.

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There was no response for a long time.

“Since Senior is unwilling to appear, I won’t force you.
I’m from the Qin Family of Heavenly Star City.
I’ll prepare generous gifts in the Qin Family and await your arrival!”

Zhao San cupped his hands and bowed, not thinking of Gong Ziliang at all.

After all, after the battle between Gong Ziliang and the Heavenly Dao, he was now a cripple.

They could not stay here for long.
It seemed that the expert had already left.

Zhao San boarded the carriage and drove away from Tong Pass.

Without the obstruction of the bandits, the journey was smooth.
At dawn, they saw the city walls of Heavenly Star City in the distance.

The Qin Family’s Patriarch stood outside the city and waited anxiously.
Qin Yao’er could be said to be his favorite.

Previously, she had left Heavenly Star City alone, so he had sent Zhao Sanqiao to pretend to be the Qin Family’s caravan and bring him back to Heavenly Star City.

Qin Xiao saw that less than half of the original caravan of more than ten people were left.
Zhao San’s armor was also dyed red with blood.

An ominous feeling immediately rose in his heart.

Zhao San got off his horse and knelt down in front of Qin Xiao, “We were attacked by Zuo Shandiao.
Fortunately, an expert helped us.
Otherwise, I would be ashamed of the Qin Family.
I finally did not disappoint you and brought Miss back to Heavenly Star City!”

After saying that, Zhao San fell to the ground.

“Quickly go to the medical hall and invite a doctor.
I want to hold a three-day banquet to welcome my daughter!”

Qin Xiao was overjoyed.
It was a good thing to be safe.

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Qin Yao’er was unwilling to see Qin Xiao.
If not for her father forcing her to marry the young master of the Wang Family, she would not have run away from home.

Qin Xiao also knew his daughter’s intentions.
After giving the instructions, he ordered someone to bring the carriage back to the Qin Family.

When Gong Ziliang woke up again, he discovered that he was soaked in a wooden bucket.

Hundred Snake Grass, Bodhi Seed, Thousand Red Leaf…

Although they were all ordinary medicinal herbs and could not even be considered spirit herbs, they had the miraculous effect of strengthening the foundation and restoring some mobility.

Now, he should be in the Qin Family.
Gong Ziliang stood up, put on a white robe, and left the room.

Now, he only wanted to return to the Primordial Dynasty as soon as possible, so he could not wait for a moment and was anxious to see Xing Feng.

However, before that, he should thank the Qin Family Head.

Gong Ziliang stopped an attendant and headed over after knowing where the Qin Family’s head was.

As soon as he arrived at the door of the study, a voice sounded not far away, “Brother Liang, you’re finally awake!”

Looking over, it was Zhao San who had saved him previously.
This was perfect, and it saved him from disturbing the Qin Family’s Patriarch.

“You’re the little brother that Zhao San mentioned, right? Quickly come in!” Qin Xia heard the voice outside and opened the wooden door of the study.

After sitting down.

“At such a young age, you’ve already reached the Qi Refinement Realm.
Zhao San told me about your experience.
From now on, you’ll stay in the Qin Family.
I’ll hand over a few businesses of the Qin Family to you to manage and cultivate.
The Qin Family will definitely help you with all our strength.
What do you think, Little Brother?”

Qin Xiao said with a smile.
Although Gong Ziliang was only at the Qi Refinement Realm now, in time, he would become a Meridian Opening Realm expert!

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“No wonder there were magpies chirping on the roof beams when I went out today.
It turns out that something good has happened!”

“Hurry up and thank the Qin Family Head.
With the Qin Family’s support, it’s only a matter of time before he breaks through to the Meridian Opening Realm!”

Zhao San revealed a happy expression.
Previously, he was worried that the Patriarch would not like Gong Ziliang and planned to recommend him.

However, he did not expect that the Patriarch would want to recruit Gong Ziliang himself.

“Thank you for your good intentions, Uncle Zhao and Patriarch Qin.
My ambitions are not here.
I’ll leave soon.”

Gong Ziliang cupped his hands.

Although his cultivation level had fallen, Gong Ziliang believed that he could recover quickly.

As for this Heavenly Star City, how could it stop him from conquering the sea of stars?

Hearing Gong Ziliang’s words, Qin Xiao’s expression immediately became a little ugly.

In this Heavenly Star City, there was actually someone who would refuse the Qin Family’s invitation.

Moreover, this kid’s life was saved by Zhao San.

“Looking at Brother Liang’s previous clothes, I believe you’re not from a rich family.
To be able to rely on yourself to have such a cultivation at this age, your talent is definitely above mine.
Now, you’ve even obtained the support of the Qin Family.”

“If there’s another opportunity, I believe it’s not impossible to break through to the Illusory Core or Profound Realm before the age of 100!” Zhao San hurriedly persuaded.

Gong Ziliang’s words could be said to have cut off his future.

What did the Profound Realm mean? There were only a few in the entire Purple Cloud Kingdom!

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