Thinking of a countermeasure, he also knew the difference between him and the heavens.

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If he faced it head-on, he would definitely die.

Now, he could only think of a way to escape as soon as possible.
After all, as long as there was life, there was hope.

This God’s Hand definitely had flaws.

It was just like when it condensed in the lightning clouds.

Gong Ziliang thought that this attack definitely had a range as long as he could escape this range.

Even the Heavenly Dao could not do anything to him.

A pressure that could destroy everything in the world passed through Gong Ziliang’s body.

God’s Hand seemed to have sensed something amiss, and then it slapped down again!

Qin Chuan could not help but click his tongue.
The power of the Heavenly Dao was really interesting.

It was definitely impossible for Gong Ziliang to withstand this palm.

Another palm strike.
Could it be that it wanted to whip the corpse to vent its anger!?

Two consecutive palms exhausted Gong Ziliang’s last chance to be immune to damage.

However, he still did not think of any countermeasures!

When the dust dissipated, it was surprisingly quiet!

Immediately after, the entire world cheered because Gong Ziliang was still alive!

The commoners of the Primordial Dynasty had long treated Gong Ziliang as an existence that was on par with the Heavenly Dao.

The previous Black Armor Demon Dog or the Sky Lion Face were not existences that ordinary people like them could resist.

However, every time, Gong Ziliang would avert danger and win by surprise!

Wasn’t the current power of the Heavenly Dao the same?

In everyone’s minds, there were even people who thought that Gong Ziliang could also shatter the Heavenly Dao!

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Going against the heavens, just hearing it made one’s blood boil!

“Every dog has its day.
Don’t bully the poor.
Today, you’re the high and mighty Heavenly Dao.
In the future, I’ll definitely step on you!”

Gong Ziliang shouted and activated the Divine Dragon True Phoenix Body.

There was no way out now.
Under this attack, he was either dead or alive!

Therefore, he did not dare to be careless and used everything he had learned in his life!

Gong Ziliang’s bold words immediately caused a huge commotion.

Everyone was silently praying for Gong Ziliang.
He had become a true hero!

Even if he died today, he would definitely be remembered by the world!

It was for no other reason!

Every dog has its day! Don’t bully the poor!

Countless commoners roared this sentence.

Countless power of faith rose and condensed towards Gong Ziliang’s Divine Dragon True Phoenix Faith Body!

At this moment, the Heavenly Dao actually felt a trace of real danger!

The Divine Dragon and True Phoenix swam around his body.
The power of faith caused a layer of golden light to condense on the body of the Divine Dragon and True Phoenix!

“What a joke!”

It was still simple!

The God’s Hand expanded again, covering a million miles of the sky.

Another palm covered Gong Ziliang!

Compared to the previous attacks, this palm had already broken through to the Nirvana Realm!

The world trembled!

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Such an attack could even directly destroy a plane.

Qin Chuan immediately panicked.
If it smashed down, the Primordial Dynasty would be completely finished!

The Heavenly Dao wanted to destroy the Primordial Dynasty and Gong Ziliang!

A deep sense of powerlessness assaulted his heart.

Qin Chuan could not even think of resisting the attack of a Nirvana Realm cultivator.

The body of the Divine Dragon soared up, and the True Dragon aura surged towards the God’s Hand.

The True Phoenix Body also leaned on the ground and circled.

The loud phoenix cry echoed with the night sky above the void.

A dazzling shooting star tore through the void and fell towards the God’s Hand!

“Power of the People!” Gong Ziliang shouted again.

Previously, when he formed the Divine Dragon True Phoenix Faith Body, he had comprehended an ultimate technique that could allow him to be immune to one attack.

However, Gong Ziliang was still not confident.

If it was only at the Heaven Deity Realm, he had the confidence to withstand it with the power of faith.

However, this Nirvana Realm attack crossed three major realms.

It was impossible to predict!

In an instant, the world darkened.

Like the Twilight of the Gods, billions of people could only place their hopes on Gong Ziliang.

Qin Chuan finally understood that his thoughts were so ridiculous.

With the ability of the Primordial Dynasty, it was not enough to receive the favor of the Heavenly Dao.

All of this was brought about by Gong Ziliang.
In the eyes of the Heavenly Dao, he was only a pawn.

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Now, they could only pray for Gong Ziliang with the billions of people.

The origin of the Divine Dragon and True Phoenix was definitely an existence that could fight across realms.

Moreover, he had condensed such a powerful power of faith.

Even if a Heaven Deity Realm expert was here, Gong Ziliang had the strength to fight.

However, this God’s Hand could now mobilize the attacks of the Nirvana Realm!

How could fireflies compete with the moon in brightness?

The Divine Dragon and True Phoenix were directly crushed in a single exchange.

The God’s Hand slowly stretched out its palm and directly crushed the two.

With his origin heavily injured, Gong Ziliang spat out a mouthful of blood.

He retreated explosively and panted heavily.

Clearly, he did not have the strength to fight anymore.
The palm that flew down previously also swept down with endless pressure.

At this moment, Gong Ziliang felt like an ant.

He was facing a vast mountain!

The power of the people blossomed at this moment, and a layer of light barrier surged around Gong Ziliang.

It resisted the pressure of the palm.

When the center of the attack arrived in front of Gong Ziliang, the light screen shattered like a dried branch!

The pressure was like an avalanche that directly sent Gong Ziliang’s body flying.

Seeing that the pressure that covered the sky was about to cover the Primordial Dynasty,

Qin Chuan closed his eyes, as if he had already given up hope.

Even Gong Ziliang could not withstand an attack of this level, and in his Primordial Dynasty.

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The strongest was only at the Spiritual Sea Realm, so how could he resist?

Gong Ziliang’s body floated silently in the void, his aura extremely weak.

It was as if a gust of wind could kill him.

What was the Demon Dao and what was the Heavenly Dao? It was only a thought!

The Demon Patriarch was not tolerated by the mortal world, but who knew that he was also an existence with flesh and blood?

The Demon Dao Divine Slayer Spear had followed the Demon Patriarch for hundreds of years and had always been rejected by the world.

The artifact spirit knew very well that it was just an act by the Heavenly Dao.

The Demon Patriarch did not fight for anything, so he could actually be safe for a hundred years.

Now that he followed Gong Ziliang, his temperament that had been covered in dust for a long time revealed its sharpness again!

Even if there was no longer an artifact spirit in the world after this, it was willing to do so!

The Demon Dao Divine Slayer Spear broke free from Gong Ziliang’s palm.

It floated quietly in front of him, and the spear flickered with a faint blue light.

In an instant, it injected into the space between Gong Ziliang’s brows.

Gong Ziliang, who was already on the verge of death, could not stop it at all.

The artifact spirit controlled Gong Ziliang’s body.

Gong Ziliang had already closed his eyes and suddenly opened them.

A ferocious killing intent flashed past!

While the artifact spirit controlled Gong Ziliang’s body, he also felt its memories.

It was a stirring story.

The scattered memory fragments vividly explained the Demon Patriarch’s life.

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