Chapter 334: Dragon Phoenix Faith Divine Body 

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Therefore, the avatar phantom that Gong Ziliang had condensed was still a little far from being a true avatar! 

“However, condensing an avatar at the Tribulation Transcendence Realm is too terrifying!” 

Qin Chuan wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and felt incredulous. 

To Qin Chuan and the others, it was extremely unbelievable that a Tribulation Transcendence Realm cultivator could condense this avatar! 

This was like an ordinary person who had not come into contact with cultivation and suddenly cultivated Intent! 

Therefore, Qin Chuan and the others felt so shocked! 

“Hurry, hurry, hurry! We need to worship such a phenomenon!” 

Qin Chuan looked at Gong Ziliang in the sky. 

Although he did not understand what Gong Ziliang was cultivating now, he felt the power of a powerful Divine Body coming from this technique! 

This also proved that Gong Ziliang was cultivating the Divine Body now! 

According to his understanding, if he could worship when cultivating the Divine Body, he would definitely be able to obtain the Divine Body’s blessing! 

To be able to obtain the gift of the Divine Body, as a Spiritual Sea Realm expert, as long as he improved slightly, his strength could increase greatly! 

“Yes, yes, yes.
I’ll do it now!” 

Qin Shanhe also understood the importance of this matter, so he hurriedly walked out. 

“This, this is…” 

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However, when Qin Shanhe arrived outside the palace, 

Only then did he realize that all the cultivators in the entire Heaven Capital had already knelt down to Gong Ziliang! 

It could be seen that these cultivators looked at Gong Ziliang in the sky with dense respect in their expressions! 

Now that they were kneeling here, no one forced them.
Instead, everything was done on his own accord! 


As these cultivators continuously kowtowed to Gong Ziliang’s avatar, white-colored power of faith actually appeared above these cultivators and condensed towards the avatar in the sky! 

With this power of faith, Gong Ziliang’s avatar immediately became even more condensed! 

It was as if he had been augmented by countless people. 

“Gasp! The power of the faith of the people…” 

Seeing these white lights, a trace of surprise appeared in Qin Shanhe’s eyes. 

These white lights were none other than faith! 

Even as the monarch of the Primordial Dynasty, Qin Shanhe had never seen so much power of faith! 

“What pure power!” 

In the palace, Gong Ziliang also opened his eyes in surprise. 

He raised his head and could see white flames actually condensing towards him from all directions! 

The amount of faith simply made Gong Ziliang feel surprised and excited! 

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Then, this faith began to surround Gong Ziliang’s body. 

Gradually, as these beliefs increased, a layer of white smoke seemed to have appeared around Gong Ziliang’s body! 

“The power of faith seems to be very useful to them…” 

Gong Ziliang could clearly see that the shadows of the Divine Dragon and True Phoenix on his arm seemed to have come to life. 

They actually began to slowly crawl along Gong Ziliang’s arm! 

What surprised Gong Ziliang even more was that these two tattoo-like shadows actually began to absorb the surrounding power of faith into their bodies! 

As they absorbed, the surrounding white smoke began to slowly thin. 

However, this process seemed to be very slow! 

As they absorbed more and more power of faith, the tattoos of the Divine Dragon and True Phoenix became more and more real. 

Looking at it now, it was as if a dragon and phoenix had really appeared on Gong Ziliang’s arm! 

[Ding! Because your Ancient Dragon Phoenix Physique has absorbed the power of faith, it has successfully evolved into the Dragon Phoenix Faith Divine Body!] 

“Oh? Dragon Phoenix Faith Divine Body??” 

Hearing the system’s sudden notification, Gong Ziliang was directly stunned! 

Dragon Phoenix Faith Divine Body?? 

Why had no one ever heard of this Divine Body before?! 

Could it be that this was the first time this Divine Body had appeared?? 

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“Oh? This is…” 

At the same time, Gong Ziliang noticed that a faint white layer had already appeared on his shoulder as the white power of faith surged in.
It looked very magical! 

“What is this…” 

Sensing the powerful force coming from his arm, Gong Ziliang could not help but clench his fists! 

He could sense a powerful force coming from his fingertip! 

“Then I want to take a good look at this Divine Body…” 

After Gong Ziliang opened the system interface, he looked at the Body Tempering location. 

As expected, the Divine Body on the interface had already become the Dragon Phoenix Faith Divine Body! 

Seeing this, he stretched out his hand and pointed at it. 

< New > Dragon Phoenix Faith Divine Body 

Level: None 

Attribute: Attack+200%, Defense+100%, Elemental Damage+100% 

Special Attribute 1: (Left Hand – Divine Dragon Power) 

Wave your left hand and release the Divine Dragon Power, turning into a Divine Dragon that increases the attack attributes by 300%! You can awaken a special attack, Divine Dragon Breath! 

Special Attribute 2: (Right Hand – True Phoenix Power) 

Wave your right hand and release the True Phoenix Power, turning into a True Phoenix that increases your movement speed by 200% and defense by 300%! You can awaken a special attack, Phoenix Wings Meteor! 

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Special Attribute 3: Faith of the People 

When activated, the Divine Dragon and True Phoenix will appear at the same time.
You can use the Absolute Defense skill, Eternal God! You can fully block the next attack! 

“Good lord! I’ll call you my good lord!” 

After seeing the introduction on this interface, even Gong Ziliang could not help but gasp! 

Gong Ziliang had never opened the Body Tempering interface to take a look. 

Now, after Gong Ziliang opened it, he could not help but gasp. 

The enhancement of this Divine Body was much stronger than Gong Ziliang imagined! 

Not to mention anything else, when this Divine Body was fully activated, it could increase Gong Ziliang’s attack by 500%, defense by 400%, and many other bonuses! 

It could be said that if Gong Ziliang did not use his spiritual qi now, he could kill an existence at the Tribulation Transcendence Realm like him! 

This was really invincible in the same realm! 

When he recovered from his shock, he saw that his shirt had been burned by the Divine Dragon Flame, and the explosive muscles on his entire body were obvious. 

A dragon and a phoenix continuously circled on his arm and passed his shoulder. 

The people underground were shocked by this phenomenon of heaven and earth.
They lay on the ground and did not dare to breathe heavily, afraid that they would blaspheme Gong Ziliang who was like a divine miracle in the void. 

Qin Chuan could not remain calm either.
There were 36,000 types of Divine Bodies in the world, they could be anything imaginable. 

However, the difference in the Divine Body had a huge impact on overall strength. 

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