Chapter 289 Intent Fusion Gift Bag

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More and more weapons condensed in front of Gong Ziliang

Immediately, a shocking metal power rose from the sky.

The terrifying metal tide transformed into invisible sharp forces.

Even if it was just quietly placed there, a breeze blew over.
Wherever the wind blew, be it flowers, trees, rocks, or soil, they were directly cut in half!

Such a scene shocked even Gong Ziliang!

Those sharp weapons would be cut into two if their hair fell on the blades.

However, the weapons he had condensed now could actually cut trees with the sharpness of these weapons in the wind.

This was simply countless times sharper!

“Oh my god… What happened there…”

At the same time, in the city not far from Gong Ziliang, countless experts looked at him with shocked expressions!

This was because the ones affected were weak cultivators at the Martial Body Realm to old monsters at the Tribulation Transcendence Realm.

All the weapons in their hands actually involuntarily pointed in the same direction!

Their weapons that ranged from ordinary weapons to those with artifact spirits all revealed a sense of submission in the direction of Gong Ziliang!

They seemed to be kneeling to their monarch!

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When these cultivators saw their weapons like this, all of them wanted to straighten their weapons!

However, even if they used their greatest strength, they actually could not move these weapons in the slightest!

This involuntarily made these experts feel extremely shocked!

“What happened to my Fire Phoenix Sword…”

A Tribulation Transcendence Realm expert looked at his weapon and could not help but say in extreme shock.

“It’s the Supreme Metal Intent! Any weapon that is made of metal has to bow to the owner who has cultivated the Metal Intent!”

Not long after, the Fire Phoenix Sword in his hand suddenly flashed.
Then, a consciousness spread out from the sword!

If anyone saw this, they would be shocked.

This was because the consciousness that this Fire Phoenix Sword had actually cultivated was the first step to becoming a Sword Spirit!

“Metal Intent… Someone can actually cultivate the Metal Intent!”

When the Tribulation Transcendence Realm expert heard this, he could not help but gasp in disbelief!

If there was one Intent that was the most difficult to cultivate among all Intents, it would definitely be the Metal Intent!

Cultivating the Metal Intent required not only complete comprehension of the power of metal, but also comprehending the supreme offensive path contained in the metal!

Once he comprehended the Metal Intent, then in future battles, if the other party held a metal weapon, he would automatically obtain a disarming effect!

If a swordsman could not control the sword in his hand, how could he fight?

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Even the most invincible swordsman would be helpless without a sword.

Therefore, it was fine if he did not cultivate the Metal Intent.

However, once it was cultivated, it would definitely cause a terrifying storm!

“What kind of genius is he to actually comprehend the Metal Intent…”

This Tribulation Transcendence Realm expert looked in Gong Ziliang’s direction, the shock in his tone not concealed at all.

“Looks like I have another powerful method in the future…”

Gong Ziliang looked at the various weapons he had condensed in front of him and waved his hand lightly.
All the weapons in front of him scattered!

At the same time, the weapons of countless experts recovered their freedom and no longer pointed in Gong Ziliang’s direction.

However, there were still people who looked over with shock.

(Ding! New product in the Gift Bag Shop! The $648 Intent Fusion Pill Gift Bag is already on sale! It contains 1 Intent Fusion Pill+10,000 ingots! Limited quantity, first come first serve!)

Just as Gong Ziliang raised the Metal Intent, the system’s notification suddenly popped up!

“What? Intent Fusion Pill??”

Hearing the system notification, Gong Ziliang was immediately interested!

Without a doubt, as the Intent on his body increased, it caused him to be unable to use all of them efficiently!

If the Intent could be fused, wouldn’t that solve this problem from the beginning!

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“This colorful light that’s connected to the Five Elements Intent is referring to the Intent Fusion Pill…”

Gong Ziliang looked at the seven-colored light on the Intent interface and immediately understood.

“This Intent Fusion Pill is indeed a good thing! However, this matter still has to be considered at length!”

Gong Ziliang finally sighed.

It was because he did not have any money now!

Previously, there was the $799 Soul Beast, the Blazing Heaven Phoenix Gift Bag, and now, this $648 Intent Fusion Pill Gift Bag…

He estimated that when he tempered his body later, he would have to spend money to buy 2 million ingots.

With this, how many thousands could he spend?

“The paywall of this game is really increasingly difficult!”

After Gong Ziliang calculated, he could not help but be speechless!

Good lord!

Perhaps even some big companies did not dare to design such a ridiculous game!

“Hah… It’s still early.
The gold farming activity will only begin at night! I should return to Azure City first!”

In the end, Gong Ziliang looked at the sun above his head.
Clearly, there was still some time before night.

Therefore, he prepared to return to the Azure City.
After spending the night here, he would return to Heaven Capital tomorrow!

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As he spoke, Gong Ziliang used his wings again.

Under a gorgeous light, in a while, they had already returned to the Azure City!

However, at this moment, as the soldiers of the Primordial Dynasty and the Bright Fire Dynasty arrived, the Azure City began to become strict!

After Gong Ziliang returned, he did not alarm anyone.
Instead, he found an inn and wanted to stay.

“Eh, you’re actually really back…”

However, just as Gong Ziliang was about to go upstairs, a surprised voice suddenly sounded from upstairs.

“Oh Demoness, it’s you again…”

Gong Ziliang raised his head and frowned.

In the attic of the inn, the Demoness of the Gemini Stars was holding her chin and resting her elbow on the stairs.

Coupled with the black dress on her, this corner could be said to have fully exposed her perfect figure.

“Annoying! Little Brother, why do you call me Demoness when you see me?!”

This Demoness looked at Gong Ziliang, the charm in her eyes almost subconsciously leaking out, as if it was a conditional reflex!


This scene could be said to have stunned the surrounding people in the inn.

They were all cultivators from small places and had never seen such a scene.
It directly charmed them deeply!

“Little Brother, come to the room quickly! My sister and I… have been waiting for you for a long time…”

The Demoness looked at Gong Ziliang and pursed her lips into a smile.

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