Chapter 286 Fusion Success, Heavenly Dragon Blade

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At this moment, these two swords did not even need Gong Ziliang to drive them himself.
They had already created a powerful suction force that began to slowly fuse together! Boom!

In an instant, a monstrous sword force rose from this sword.

The terror of this sword force even made Gong Ziliang unable to see clearly.

Terrifying sword force continuously interwoven in the air, condensing, and in the end, it actually turned into a void sword.

It stood between heaven and earth!

“What?! The Profound Heaven Sword has been snatched away…”

At the same time, in Azure City, two groups of people were standing here in a daze.

They were none other than people from the Primordial Dynasty and the Bright Fire Dynasty!

At this moment, the troops of the two dynasties stood here and looked at the surrounding situation in a daze.

The two dynasties had fought for a long time for the Profound Heaven Sword!

However, now, in the end, their two dynasties did not obtain anything.

They did not even see a shadow of the Profound Heaven Sword before it was taken away!

What should they do…

When the Dynasty Emperors behind them knew of this, they wished they could chop off their heads!!

“Legend has it that the Profound Heaven Sword is a supreme divine sword that descended from the sky! Such a divine sword has to be sharpened by someone…”

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At this moment, a few people walked out from the two dynasty teams.

These people did not look like warriors.
Instead, they looked like blacksmiths.

His muscles were quite muscular!

“Among the two Empires, only we, the people from Heaven’s Secret Art, know how to sharpen the sword.
Otherwise, even if you obtain this sword, it’s useless!” One of the white-haired old men touched his beard and said proudly.

“Yes, yes, yes… Master, you’re right!”

When they heard this old man’s words, the generals at the side hurriedly nodded.

Clearly, even they did not dare to offend these elders!

After all, they had the method to forge weapons.

If he offended them, he would probably not be able to obtain a single weapon in the future!

Boom! Boom! Boom!


However, just as the old man’s voice fell, an extremely terrifying huge divine sword was suddenly released in the forest not far in front of them!

This divine sword pierced through the sky and reached above the nine heavens.

It could be said to be filled with an endless chaotic aura that stirred the surrounding endless aura, causing it to tremble and become crazy! “Gasp!! What’s that…”

At this moment, countless cultivators turned around and looked in Gong Ziliang’s direction.

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Looking at the huge sword that stood in the sky, they felt that this sword seemed to be standing in their hearts.

It made them feel as if their entire bodies were about to be cut into countless pieces by this sword!

“Sharpening the sword… Someone is sharpening the sword…” Looking at this surging sword intent, the elders behind could not help but be stunned.

Sword sharpening!

This was definitely sword sharpening!

Moreover, this person’s cultivation was probably a hundred times stronger than his!

Otherwise, it was definitely impossible to cause such a terrifying aura!

“How is this possible? Is there anyone in this dynasty who can sharpen the sword to this extent…”

This old man looked at this sword force that surged into the sky and felt that it was very unbelievable!

After all, he was a blacksmith who had been unsurpassed in the dynasty for many years.
If such a powerful master appeared, how could he not know…

“Oh my god! Sword Intent reaching the nine heavens… This, this, this, I have to quickly report this to the monarch!”

When the generals saw the longsword that stood in the sky, they wiped the cold sweat on their foreheads and felt that it was completely unbelievable!

Such a phenomenon was enough to shock the dynasty’s monarch!

“Success! The fusion is successful!”

At this moment, Gong Ziliang looked at the longsword in front of him and his eyes revealed a surprised expression.

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After the Profound Heaven Sword and the Crimson Dragon Blade fused, the entire sword’s body turned white.

The True Dragon phantom on the Crimson Dragon Blade had already been completely fused with the Profound Heaven Sword!

However, a shocking red light could still be seen on the sword hilt!

The current sword could no longer be called the Crimson Dragon Blade or the Profound Heaven Sword.

It had already become a brand new longsword!

Gong Ziliang took a deep breath and opened the attributes of this sword.

Heavenly Dragon Blade (Red)

Level: None

Attribute: Attack Power+60%!

Special Attribute 1: Facing enemies below the Rank 1, you can use the True Dragon Domain to reduce their defense by 30%!

Special Attribute 2: Every normal attack has a 100% chance of using the Heavenly Dragon True Shadow.
The power of ordinary attacks will increase by 10%!

“Damn, this is too ferocious!”

Looking at the introduction of this sword, Gong Ziliang could not help but feel extremely surprised!

Ignoring everything else, just based on this 60% attack bonus, this Heavenly Dragon Blade was definitely a divine artifact!

It could be said to be the strongest offensive weapon Gong Ziliang had obtained in history! “Moreover, every attack will produce a True Dragon phantom…”

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Looking at the second special attribute, Gong Ziliang’s eyes could not help but light up.

The red dragon that he had attacked those Spirit Refinement Realm Bai Family disciples was the special attack on the Crimson Dragon Blade.

The attributes on the Crimson Dragon Blade only had a 80% chance of triggering the Crimson Dragon phantom! Now, the chance of triggering this Sky Blade had already reached 100%!

This was really the feeling of being on par with him!

At the same time, when Gong Ziliang obtained the Heavenly Dragon Blade, all the members of the Demon Cult were gathered here in Sin City that was thousands of miles away from him!

“Can anyone tell me where that kid called Gong Ziliang is now?”

Mo Yun looked at the Demon Cult disciple below.
The demonic qi on his entire body was trembling continuously, as if it could not suppress the anger in his heart!

Ever since their Demon Cult returned from the Supreme Academy, Mo Yun had been hiding in the Demon Cult and had not left.

After that, after thinking for a long time.

He discovered that the more he thought about it, the angrier he felt!

On that trip to the Supreme Academy, not only did he not obtain any benefits from it, but he even lost so many spirit bombs.

If not for the fact that he was the Branch Altar Master of the Demon Cult, he would have been pushed out by the big shots above to be killed!

Even if a month had already passed, Mo Yun still could not forget Gong Ziliang!

“Altar Master, he, he, he, he seems to have followed the Crown Prince of the Primordial Dynasty to the Heaven Capital…” The Demon Cult disciple below said with a trembling voice.

“Heaven Capital…”

After hearing this name, Mo Yun’s eyes could not help but jump slightly!

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