Chapter 250 Charging Through the Infinity Tower

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In a while, a large number of figures chose to leave!

This was because these people had come for the phoenix aura just now.
Now that they saw that this phoenix aura came from a person, they could only leave in disappointment.

“Such a genius must be a prized treasure nurtured by some empire or even a Holy Land… If I can be on good terms with him, I believe it will definitely be extremely good for the development of the dynasty…”

Among the remaining experts, there was one at the Tribulation Transcendence Realm!

This Tribulation Transcendence Realm expert looked a little thin, but when the surrounding Tribulation Transcendence Realm experts looked at him, their gazes carried a wisp of respect.

This respect was not only because of this old man’s status as a Tribulation Transcendence Realm cultivator, but also because he was a member of the Primordial Dynasty!

This old man was none other than the old man who had chased after Gong Ziliang when he was running around in the capital!

“No matter what, I have to see which powerful sect this young genius comes from…”

After Elder Li thought about it, he immediately made a decision.

As he spoke, his figure moved forward again and flew towards the peak of the Fallen Phoenix Hill!

“It’s time to leave…”

At the same time, Gong Ziliang was almost done adjusting his breathing.

Therefore, he did not plan to stay here.
Instead, he stood up, spread his body, and flew down.

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However, just as Gong Ziliang jumped down, a figure happened to come up from below.
The two of them brushed past each other, their gazes carrying shock.

“It’s him!”

The moment he saw Gong Ziliang, Elder Li was almost instantly certain.

This young man was the young man that he had chased after in the day in the chaos in the capital!

“He actually has such a powerful Divine Body!! No wonder I didn’t catch up to him!”

A trace of shock flashed in Elder Li’s heart.
No wonder he could not catch up to this kid no matter what.
It turned out that he was actually a top-notch Divine Body!

“Fortunately, I didn’t catch up to him.
Looking at his talent, he’s definitely a top disciple of an empire or a Holy Land! If I really catch up to him, I’m afraid it’ll really be difficult to explain!”

Elder Li coughed lightly and could not help but feel lucky.

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After Gong Ziliang glanced at Elder Li, he did not stop.
Instead, his figure increased in speed and ran in the direction of the Heaven Capital.
“A young supreme being suspected to be from the Dynasty or Holy Land has arrived in the Dynasty and is planning to pretend to be a pig to eat the tiger! I have to tell this news to His Highness the Crown Prince as soon as possible!” After Elder Li thought for a moment, his figure did not stop at all.
He also ran in the direction of the Heaven Capital!

“Hello, your room is No.

Late at night, Gong Ziliang returned to the inn.
After obtaining the room number, he went to his room.

It had to be said that the Crown Prince took very good care of these disciples.
Even if there were a total of 30 to 40 graduates who followed the Crown Prince this time, he still ordered a top suite for each of them!

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“It’s time to enter the 40th level of the Infinity Tower and see what it is…”

After Gong Ziliang arrived at the inn, he prepared to continue challenging the 40th floor of the Infinity Tower that he did not have the chance to see previously!

As Gong Ziliang opened the interface of the Infinity Tower, it was accompanied by darkness.

After Gong Ziliang adapted to the surrounding environment, he discovered that he had actually arrived in the clouds!

Everywhere he looked, it could be said to be a sea of clouds.
The scene was so magnificent that it could not help but gasp in surprise! “What is this…”

Looking at the surrounding clouds that continuously breathed, Gong Ziliang was a little surprised.

He tried to reach out to touch these clouds, but he discovered that these clouds were as real as ever.
A cool feeling slowly swept past his fingertip.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

However, before Gong Ziliang could enjoy the visual feast brought about by the sea of clouds, rumbling sounds had no choice but to make him focus!

A white figure actually slowly condensed in the sea of clouds in front of Gong Ziliang!

This figure was condensed from the surrounding clouds.
Almost instantly, the surrounding clouds condensed into a cloud phantom that was like a bull!

However, in a moment, this bull phantom’s entire body had already reached a terrifying height of more than ten meters!

A suffocating pressure was continuously released from its body!

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“Come on!”

Looking at this figure, Gong Ziliang took out the Crimson Dragon Blade.

This time, Gong Ziliang planned to directly open up the Infinity Tower on the 99th level.
“Myriad Sword Convergence!” Accompanied by a light scoff, a huge sword qi swept down.
The domineering sword light carried an aura that swept through everything as it slashed at the bull phantom formed from the clouds!

When the bull saw this, it also held its bull head and collided with Gong Ziliang!

However, its body seemed to be too weak and helpless under Gong Ziliang’s sword qi!

Almost the moment it collided with Gong Ziliang’s sword qi, this bull formed from cloud dew was slashed into two.

At the same time, the health points on its head decreased rapidly and were finally cleared!


As this bull died, a large number of vouchers dropped.
Gong Ziliang’s Treasure Beast appeared.
After picking up all these vouchers, he had already entered the next round!

The next level was the 41th level of the Infinity Tower.

This round was also above the clouds, and the figure condensed was still a bull.

This time, this bull became even bigger.
Its entire body even reached more than 20 meters.
Its huge body made Gong Ziliang seem a little small in front of it!

However, facing this huge bull, he still swept his sword up, turning into an endless sword light that ruthlessly slashed at the bull’s body!

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With a slash, the bull did not even have the chance to resist.
The health bar on its head immediately disappeared, and vouchers dropped on the ground.

“Continue, continue!”

Then, Gong Ziliang looked up.

Level 42.

Level 43.

Level 48.

Level 49.

After Gong Ziliang defeated the largest bull condensed from clouds, he completely cleared the first dozens of levels.

However, he did not feel tired along the way.
Instead, he was full of mental strength!

“Next level!”

Looking at the 50th level of the Infinity Tower, Gong Ziliang flew up without any hesitation!

“This is…”

The entire environment of the 50th level of the Infinity Tower changed again.
The environment of this level was actually in a sea of flames!

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