Chapter 226 Equipment Dropped!

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According to the spiritual sense on Gong Ziliang, not to mention a Golden Claw Red Fox King, even if a True Dragon came out, it would probably be killed!

“It’s defeated!”

Gong Ziliang did not care about the shock of the others.
Now, his gaze was fixed on the Golden Claw Red Fox King’s corpse!

At this moment, balls of light were erupting there.
What Gong Ziliang was most concerned about was that among these equipment, there was actually a golden pillar of light!

This pillar of light flashed with lightning, and the words ‘Eternal Brightness’ appeared on it, looking extremely extraordinary! Seeing this, Gong Ziliang’s heart could not help but tremble!

“Damn! There’s a pillar of light!!”

Gong Ziliang chuckled.
In the game in his previous life, only when he obtained some top-grade equipment could a pillar of light drop!

It seemed that he had really obtained something good this time!

At this moment, a young figure suddenly appeared.
With a slight flash, Gong Ziliang heard the system notification appear in his ears.

[Ding! Your Treasure Beast Spirit Cat has automatically picked up the Golden Claw Necklace (Green )*1]

Golden Claw Necklace (Green)

Level: 40

Attribute: Holy Damage+8%

[Ding! Your Treasure Beast Spirit Cat has automatically picked up the Golden Claw Boots (Blue)*1] [Golden Claw Boots (Blue)]

Level: 40

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Attribute: Movement Speed+12% [Ding! Your Treasure Beast Spirit Cat has automatically picked up the Golden Claw Armor (Orange)*1]

[Golden Claw Armor (Orange)]

Level: 40

Attribute: Defense+16%

Special Attribute 1: Immunity to Water and Fire Damage

Special Attribute 2: 20% chance to reflect all damage when attacked!

With the system notification, Gong Ziliang felt various lights appear in front of him… (Ding, your Treasure Beast Spirit Cat has automatically picked up the Golden Claw Necklace (Gold)*1)

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Finally, under the notification, Gong Ziliang vaguely heard this and was instantly energized.
Then, he opened his bag and hurriedly checked.

Golden Claw Necklace (Gold)

Level: 40

Attribute: Holy Damage+40%

Special Attribute 1: Attack Speed+5%

Special Attribute 2: 10% chance to double attack when attacking!

Special Attribute 3: 5% paralysis chance when attacking!

“Additional 40% Holy Damage!”

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After seeing the attributes of this necklace, Gong Ziliang felt a little dizzy.

Good lord!

He still remembered the necklace with his Level 10 equipment.
At that time, only 4% of the Holy Damage was already impressive!

Now, it had actually increased by ten times!

If he used it now, it would definitely cause a violent commotion!

Then, Gong Ziliang changed his equipment.

In an instant, Gong Ziliang felt his strength increase more than a fold!

“It’s really quite good!” Gong Ziliang stretched his limbs and felt extremely energetic!

“Without the obstruction of this Golden Claw Red Fox King, I can finally continue upwards!” Below, Mo Lin and the others heaved a sigh of relief and looked at Gong Ziliang gratefully.
If not for Gong Ziliang, they would probably really have stopped on the 99th step today!

At the same time, after seeing the Golden Claw Red Fox King disappear, this also gave the others the motivation to continue walking forward!

Almost a moment later, the 100th step had already become the threshold, and the fastest was the 158th step that Gong Ziliang had taken!

At this moment, even a Spirit Refinement Realm expert like Mo Lin could not move anymore after stopping at the 110th step!

“He’s already at the 158th step.
This big shot is actually still rising steadily…”

Mo Lin looked at Gong Ziliang above, his eyes revealing extreme shock.
Now, on the 110th step, he could already feel boundless pressure coming from all directions!

In order to resist this pressure, he had no choice but to use his spiritual qi as collateral.
This way, the spiritual qi on Mo Lin’s body decreased!

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On the other hand, Gong Ziliang had already left everyone and left!

He could not imagine how much pressure Gong Ziliang was under.

Just as Mo Lin felt, Gong Ziliang indeed felt a boundless pressure attack.

However, because he had cultivated the Great Azure Mystic Spirit Technique previously, even if he exhausted spiritual qi to resist the terrifying pressure around him, he could quickly recover.

This was why he could rise very steadily in the eyes of others!

“How many levels is this heavenly staircase?!” Although Gong Ziliang had already arrived at the 158th step, from his point of view, the heavenly staircase above him still did not stop, as if there were thousands of stairs!

This made the cultivators walking here feel extremely small!

“Looks like it’s still too slow…”

After Gong Ziliang thought for a moment, yellow sand suddenly condensed in his hand!

Then, the yellow sand became more and more.
It actually supported Gong Ziliang’s body, causing the surrounding pressure to change.
Gong Ziliang also felt extremely relaxed!

This was the power of Gong Ziliang’s Earth Intent!

Using the characteristics of the Earth Intent to control soil, Gong Ziliang had already blocked the surrounding pressure with soil.
His entire body became extremely relaxed!

However, the soil was still too weak! Even if he could block for a moment now, he would still be squeezed by the surrounding pressure later, so Gong Ziliang had to seize this opportunity.

He began to climb!


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Gong Ziliang looked ahead and took a deep breath.
Then, a force suddenly erupted from his body.
The demons below seemed to have sensed something and hurriedly looked up.

However, in the next second, they saw a scene that they would never forget in their lives!

Gong Ziliang actually ran up the staircase vertically!!

158th step!

168th step!

190th step!

In almost an instant, Gong Ziliang had already broken through to the 200th step!

Moreover, not only did Gong Ziliang’s speed not slow, but it also became faster and faster!

“Oh my god!” When Ancestor Mo Lin saw Gong Ziliang’s action, he directly covered his forehead.
The shock in his eyes surged like a mountain!

If not for the fact that he was already unable to move while standing on the 110th step, he would definitely think that Gong Ziliang was not under any pressure at all!

Every step they took here required them to rest for half a day.
There were even some who could not withstand it and were directly suppressed by this pressure to lose the qualifications to enter the ruins!

But what about Gong Ziliang?

Not only was he higher than them, but he was also running??

The difference between them was too great!

Finally, when Gong Ziliang arrived at the 280th step, he stopped!

At this moment, the soil around Gong Ziliang could not hold on anymore.
The surrounding pressure descended on him again!

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