Chapter 192 Victory! Advancement!

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“Is this really something that a person can do?!”

They watched as Gong Ziliang retreated calmly while using the Sword Control Technique to remotely command the Heavenly Frost Sword to hold back Xiu Luo.

These students’ hearts could not take it anymore!

Good lord!

Who was the Spirit Refinement Realm expert here?

Originally, they had thought that Xiu Luo should be dominating, but now, Gong Ziliang completely occupied the upper hand and was almost suppressing Xiu Luo!

“50 breaths!”

At the same time, half the time had passed.

“This kid!”

At this moment, Xiu Luo looked at Gong Ziliang in shock.
She had roamed the cultivation world for many years and had seen more geniuses than she could count.

However, none of the geniuses in her impression could compare to Gong Ziliang!

He was simply like a cheat cultivator!

“Kid, you definitely can’t pass this round today!” Xiu Luo looked at Gong Ziliang and snorted.
Then, she suddenly stood in the air without moving.
Just as everyone did not know what she wanted to do, suddenly, a huge phantom surged out of Xiu Luo’s body! This illusory figure looked like an enlarged version of Xiu Luo.
However, the difference was that this illusory figure was wearing a tight black robe.
The terrifying aura on its body seemed to really be like Xiu Luo, causing one’s body to shiver!

“This is… Spiritual Sense Manifestation!”

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When they saw this shadow appear, Teacher Zhao and Teacher Wu beside them widened their eyes!

Spiritual Sense Manifestation was an ability that could only be obtained at the Spirit Refinement Realm!

Once they activated this ability, their entire strength would increase greatly!

What was even more terrifying was that the Spiritual Sense Manifestation could only be dealt with using the same Spiritual Sense Manifestation!

Otherwise, no matter what attack it was, it could not stop the attack of the Spiritual Sense Manifestation!

“Teacher Luo has already broken the rules! How can she use her Spiritual Sense Manifestation when dealing with a student…”

Teacher Zhao and Teacher Wu looked at each other with doubt in their eyes.

Looking at this huge illusory attack, Teacher Zhao and Teacher Wu below were extremely nervous.
They began to be prepared at all times to save the next Gong Ziliang! After all, with Gong Ziliang’s current strength at the True Martial Realm, it was impossible for him to withstand this spiritual sense attack!

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“Is this a spiritual sense attack?”

Gong Ziliang stood in front of Xiu Luo.
It could be said that no one understood the terrifying power contained in this spiritual sense better than him.

This was a completely different power.
It was shapeless and intangible, but it could indeed injure him!

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

At this moment, Gong Ziliang suddenly felt that something in his system bag was trembling violently!

Gong Ziliang hurriedly opened his bag and saw a spirit crystal flying out! “This is…”

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Looking at this spirit crystal, Gong Ziliang’s pupils constricted slightly.

Wasn’t this the spirit crystal with golden runes that the bald old man had given him?


Then, he took it out.

Under Gong Ziliang’s gaze, the spirit crystal slowly rose into the sky.
After the golden runes on it encountered the spiritual sense attack, they actually began to emit a violent light! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Then, in everyone’s unbelievable gazes, the attack that Xiu Luo had just used was actually completely absorbed by the spirit crystal!

It was even to the extent that not a trace of the aftershock was released.
All of it was absorbed by the spirit crystal!

Moreover, after absorbing the spiritual sense, the golden symbols on the spirit crystal suddenly flashed, and then under Gong Ziliang’s surprised gaze, it returned to his hand.

“What… what is this…”

Xiu Luo looked at her attack that was completely absorbed by the spirit crystal.
She stood in the air, feeling extreme disbelief!

She had really never heard of a weapon that could absorb the spiritual sense of others! “Now!”

Gong Ziliang did not care what this spirit crystal was.

Looking at Xiu Luo’s shocked expression, he immediately seized the opportunity!

The starlight formation under his feet also released an extremely dazzling light at this moment!

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“Fifth step!”

“Sixth step!”

With this aura, Gong Ziliang took two more steps.

Immediately, the terrifying overlapping power reached its peak!

Gong Ziliang’s overall strength seemed to have arrived at the Spirit Refinement Realm.
His incomparably powerful strength made him feel that with a wave of his hand, boundless power spread!

“Seventh step! Myriad Star Technique!!” Gong Ziliang looked at Xiu Luo in front of him and took another step! This time, the power of one step simply surpassed everything from the previous six steps!

Chaotic spiritual qi accompanied the aura on Gong Ziliang’s body and began to surge crazily in all directions!

The disciples who were watching the battle were all forced back by this powerful force.
Even Teacher Zhao and Teacher Wu had extremely shocked expressions!

This power clearly made them feel that it was difficult to deal with! “It’s already been 80 breaths!”

At this moment, a disciple reminded!

There was only 20 breaths of time left until the 100 breaths target set by Xiu Luo!

In other words, Xiu Luo had to defeat Gong Ziliang in 20 breaths of time.
Otherwise, it would be her loss!

However, with Gong Ziliang’s current aura, forget about 20 breaths, even if she had 200 breaths, it would probably be difficult to determine a winner!

Gong Ziliang had undoubtedly passed this test!

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“I’ve lost!” Xiu Luo clearly understood this, so she nodded at Gong Ziliang and admitted defeat.

“Alright!” Gong Ziliang nodded when he heard this and started to disperse the terrifying power that he had accumulated! The disciples below were all in a daze when they saw this scene.

It was too dreamlike!

Before seeing this final outcome, who would have thought that the final outcome would be like this!

As a teacher of the Supreme Academy, she could not defeat a student in less than a hundred breaths?

This was simply too crazy! They already had a feeling that if the news of what happened here today was spread, it would definitely cause a huge storm in the Supreme Academy! “Now, you have already obtained the recognition of the three teachers of our first year classes…”

At this moment, Xiu Luo also dispersed her murderous aura.
She looked at Gong Ziliang and said, “Now, you can directly skip a level and go to the second year.”

“Skip a level? Alright!”

Gong Ziliang nodded, very satisfied with this arrangement.

“Damn! Skipping a year in the Supreme Academy?”

After hearing Xiu Luo’s words, the other disciples gulped.

To be able to skip a year in such a strict academy, what monstrous talent did he have?!

Just as Gong Ziliang thought that Xiu Luo was about to turn around and leave, she suddenly turned around and asked, “Right! Is Elder Mei Hua doing well?”

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