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Embers burned on the surface of the Heavenly Frost Sword.

However, these flames were all white.
The moment these white flames appeared, the temperature of the entire forest seemed to be rising rapidly!

Some withered grass even started to burn!!

“Gasp! What kind of flame is this?”

Wang Chong felt the terrifying temperature contained in the white flames and felt that it was extremely unbelievable!

At this moment, because of the wall of poisonous bees blocking him, his attack did not hit the Queen Bee.
This meant that the Water Intent attack had been broken.

If he wanted to continue stacking the damage, he would probably have to start from the beginning!

However, this time, the Queen Bee would definitely be even more careful.
It would definitely not let him succeed so easily!

Gong Ziliang frowned and shook his sword before looking in the direction of the beehive.

From here, it could be seen that the Queen Bee was crazily devouring the Divine Bee Nectar.

At the same time, its aura also grew again extremely quickly!

“Gasp! Junior Brother Liang, this bee is using the miraculous effect of the Divine Bee Nectar to desperately recover! If we don’t attack now, I’m afraid…”

At this moment, Wang Chong arrived beside Gong Ziliang.

He felt a powerful aura crazily surging out from the nest.
Because of the Divine Bee Nectar, his strength had already reached the highest peak!

It was even to the extent that its strength was continuously increasing!

It seemed that it was about to break through beyond the True Martial Realm!

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Its gaze stared fixedly at Gong Ziliang.
That vicious light seemed to be saying that the moment it broke through would be the moment of Gong Ziliang’s death!

“Unfortunately, you don’t have enough time to break through!”

Gong Ziliang looked at the bee and smiled.
At the same time, the Heavenly Frost Sword in his hand emitted a light that covered everything!

“Broken Army Swift Dragon Strike!”

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With a light scoff, a red light directly enveloped the entire Heavenly Frost Sword.

Immediately, an extremely huge sword intent surged into the sky!

The white sparks and sword intent combined and actually turned into short swords that carried flames that rushed crazily towards the beehive!

Endless sword intent surged into the beehive.

The bee watched this scene in a daze.
It did not even have the chance to dodge before it was directly enveloped by endless sword intent!

Immediately, screams sounded from behind the bee!

The flames on the sword intent were as terrifying as anything that could burn everything!

No matter how this bee tried, the flames could not be extinguished!

What was even more terrifying was that what followed this sword intent was Gong Ziliang’s true attack!

A huge sword light landed on the Queen Bee with a sharp aura.
Its True Martial Realm body quickly shattered under the sword light.

In the blink of an eye, its body was split into two by this sword light!

[Ding! Congratulations on successfully killing the Level 30 Wild Boss, Blood-Patterned Poison Queen Bee.
You have been rewarded with two red packets!]

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Seeing that this bee was split into two by his attack, Gong Ziliang heaved a sigh of relief and the aura on his body slowly dissipated.

True Martial Realm spirit beasts, in terms of strength and defense, were indeed much stronger than Illusory Core Realm and Profound Realm spirit beasts!

If it was a True Martial Realm cultivator, it would probably be even harder to deal with than this spirit beast.

After all, this spirit beast did not know any martial techniques!

“Killed… really killed… He killed a True Martial Realm spirit beast alone…”

When Wang Chong saw this scene, he was stunned on the spot and did not move for a long time!

As the only bystander, he could be said to have seen everything that had happened!

Gong Ziliang’s performance this time could be said to be extremely explosive!

To fight this terrifying spirit beast alone and display two different Intents, coupled with the previous Dao Intent realm…

Was this really a realm that a cultivator around the age of 20 could reach?

“Gasp! Master is indeed right! Even if I don’t gain anything from this trip to the ruins, as long as I can follow this mighty figure, my gains will be sufficient!”

Wang Chong sighed deeply in his heart.
He felt that being able to encounter Gong Ziliang was really something!

“It’s here! My Divine Bee Nectar!”

Looking at the beehive ahead, Gong Ziliang rubbed his hands in anticipation and walked forward.

As expected, when Gong Ziliang arrived at the edge of the beehive, he immediately felt a sweet aura coming towards him.

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An extremely dense spiritual qi seemed to be able to increase his cultivation greatly with a single breath!

“Divine Bee Nectar, so much!”

At this moment, Wang Chong walked over.

However, when he looked at the huge beehive that was five to six meters tall, it was actually filled with Divine Bee Nectar.
Even he felt a little dizzy.

This scene was too shocking!

According to the legends, if one could eat a mouthful of Divine Bee Nectar when breaking through, it would definitely be a stable breakthrough.

In fact, after breaking through, his cultivation realm could even increase by a few levels!

Therefore, a small bottle of Divine Bee Nectar was already sold for a sky-high price in the cultivation world!

Now, looking at this full of Divine Bee Nectar, not to mention eating a mouthful, even if he ate this thing every day for three meals, it would probably take a long time to finish it!

“Junior Brother Liang, you’re rich!” Wang Chong said to Gong Ziliang excitedly.

“Hehe, no problem!” Gong Ziliang nodded, and then he casually dug a spoonful and handed it to Wang Chong.
“Take it as a greeting on behalf of your master!”

Gong Ziliang did not feel that there was anything wrong.

After all, Elder Mei Hua had always taken very good care of him.

Moreover, this opportunity to enter the ruins was taken from the disciples by Elder Mei Hua!

Although Gong Ziliang did not know why Elder Mei Hua was so good to him, he was not someone who did not know how to be grateful.

“Thank you, Junior Brother Liang!”

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Looking at the Divine Bee Nectar in front of him, Wang Chong did not stand on ceremony and accepted it generously!

This much Divine Bee Nectar was already enough for him and his master to cultivate!

As for the rest of the beehives, Gong Ziliang directly put them in his bag.

After they cleaned up this place, they walked out of the forest.

When the two of them passed through the forest, they discovered that there were already more than ten people standing here!

Among them were Zhao Ling, Zi Yanrou, and the others.

They looked in the direction of the forest and revealed very surprised expressions.

This was because even at such a distance, they still felt the battle that had just erupted in the forest.

A battle of that level had definitely reached the True Martial Realm!

Someone had actually encountered that True Martial Realm spirit beast in the forest!

Moreover, from the looks of it, it seemed that a huge battle had happened!

There was such an impressive existence among these disciples…

“Could it be him?!”

Zhao Ling looked at the forest in front of him and Gong Ziliang’s figure appeared in his eyes.

It seemed that only Gong Ziliang could do such a crazy action!

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