All that could be seen around were sand, rocks, and a grayish sea.

“….Where is this?”

The people around me were already confused and bewildered.

Certainly, who would have expected to suddenly be thrown to a remote place like this?

Except for me, of course.

“That damn instructor….”

The Blond haired punk next to me was biting his lip and looking around.

Oh, is he observing the surroundings like a hero candidate?

“Damn it! Why isn’t the internet working!”

… It seemed like he was complaining because the internet wasn’t working.

There were a few others who seemed to be seriously observing where we were, but I was able to infer about this place by examining the angle of the sun that was rising and the fact that the color of the surrounding sea was a dark gray.

‘It’s the West Sea.’

More precisely, it’s a remote island in the West Sea, a little away from the Korean Peninsula.

It was a random event that occasionally appeared during the first class of the academy.

At the same time, the sound of a smartphone alarm rang out.

[Main Story Open]

[You, who will become the Emperor of the Underworld, must first engrave your power! Make your fellow students respect or fear you!]

[Target: 0/10]

‘…The main story?’

I had a clue.
The focus of the CS ending was on living the character’s life.

And what this main story referred to was becoming the Emperor of the Underworld.

If I followed the main story, I would surely find some clues.

“Hey, you there.”

While I was thinking about that, the Blond-haired punk suddenly came up to me with a smirk on his face.

“Why are you looking at such a boring dictionary on your phone at a time like this? Is there something written about how to survive on a deserted island or something?”

He muttered something like that after looking at my smartphone.
A dictionary?

“Do you think this is a dictionary?”

“Then what is it, a scholarly journal? You’re so calm looking at something like that at a time like this.
Hey, don’t look at that useless thing and let me give you some important information…”

The guy spoke and smiled wickedly.


As I asked in confusion, the guy smirked.

“Yeah! Information.
I saw those rocks over there before.
I remember seeing them in the West Sea.
So, this is the West Sea!”

It was information that I already knew.

By the way, that crazy instructor sent the students all the way to the West Sea and told them to come back by 4 pm.

It was even more absurd when it actually happened.

“But, you know, I’m from Incheon, so I know quite a few people around the West Sea.
You seem like a guy with some money from what I saw earlier.
How about it?”

What nonsense was this guy spouting?

“1 million credits.
If you give me 1 million credits, I’ll take you with me.
Well, even 1,000 dollars is okay.
I don’t get much from it, as I have to give some money to those fishermen.
Look over there.”

He then pointed to one side of the island, where other guys were gathered, having a strange meeting.

“Don’t you want to join them? If you ride with me on the boat, you can still make it to the academy by 4 pm, even if we’re a little late.
It’ll be very comfortable.”

I responded calmly to the guy who spoke like that

What’s your name?”

“Huh? Name? Blunte Jinwoo.
Blunte is my surname.
Oh, are you asking because that instructor lady told you to introduce yourself?”

Blunte Jinwoo.
I thought he wasn’t Korean from the looks of it, but he seemed to be a Korean immigrant like me.
And if his surname is Blunte…

“Are you by any chance from the ‘Family’?”

When I asked nonchalantly, he widened his eyes in surprise and then patted my back.

“What’s this? I thought you looked mixed race, but you’re also ‘one of us’? Then we can understand each other.
That’s right, I’m part of the ‘Blunte Family’ under Corleone.
This might work out better than I thought, huh?”

In that case, the “Fishermen” he mentioned earlier were probably related to Corleone.

As I was thinking that, he put his hand around my shoulder and said, “If you’re one of us, it’s better to please me, right? Who knows, I might even make a spot for you? Kukhahaha!!”

I casually shook off his arm and moved my steps to where the other students were gathering.

“Oh, are you here to help too?”

As I approached, the guy with glasses who was supervising the others spoke to me.

“Just curious about what the plan is.”

He laughed slyly at my words.

“If you listen, you’ll definitely be satisfied.
You know this is an uninhabited island located in the West Sea, right?”

I nodded my head.

“Fortunately, the person here knows a little bit of spatial magic,” said the glasses-wearing person, looking at the girl who lowered her head shyly.

“Just a little… Oh! I’m Kim Se-ah.”

I replied with what was on her name tag, feeling there was no need to give my full name.

After briefly exchanging greetings, I asked the glasses-wearing person again, and they continued speaking.

“According to Se-ah here, if we had a magic stone to supplement our lacking mana, we could return to where we came from.
However, the problem is…”

“How do we get the magic stone on this deserted island?” I interjected.

The problem is how to acquire the magic stone.
If we had it, we could all return by 4 p.m.,” said the glasses-wearing person in a somewhat serious tone.

At the same time, three people came running from the other side, shouting, “There’s a dungeon here with goblins!”

“A dungeon? Wait, if it’s a dungeon, we might be able to find a magic stone… Did the Instructor Ji Soo-hyun think of this too?”

An excited smile spread across the glasses-wearing woman’s face, perhaps feeling a glimmer of hope upon hearing that a dungeon where they could obtain a magic stone had been discovered.

And I, too, couldn’t help but smile upon hearing that a dungeon had been found.

Goblins were monsters that signaled the start of an adventure and allowed one to experience their own abilities.

So, how much of my strength could I really wield now?

Amidst the growing excitement, the story had finally begun.

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