Instead of confronting Nazrak, Kim Do-jin chose to win his favor and use it to his advantage.

It didn’t start out that way.

Like many other gamers, Kim prostrated himself before Nazrak hundreds of times.

His strategy was to use him to his advantage.

First, he would win Nazrak’s favor with strategy and diplomacy, two of his biggest weaknesses.

He then has Nazrak attack other territories that pose a threat to Lota.

For example, the neighboring and feuding Sorun territory….

“Did you say Otto?”

Nazrak asked Otto.

“Yes, Lord of Death.”

“You said you have studied strategy and diplomacy for many years.”


“Then how should I move?”

Nazrak, who had experienced the bitter defeats of past ignorant conquests and failed diplomacy, was very cautious.

“For starters, I’d suggest….”

Otto replied.

“You’ve only just been resurrected, and you need to build up your strength first.”

“That I agree with you, Otto.”

“And you should also increase the number of undead soldiers under your command, we are far too small right now.”

“That, too, is true.”

“But if you make any hasty moves, the humans will form a coalition against you before you have a chance to grow in strength and power.”

“Then what should we do? Doesn’t that mean we have no choice but to build up our strength and power?”

“For starters, you should attack the humans to build your strength and power, but you should also make strategic moves to prevent the humans from forming an alliance.
Look here.”

Otto pulled out a map and showed it to Nazrak.

“If you advance as you are, you’re giving the humans time to form a coalition.”

“Is that so?”

“Probably by the time you’ve captured the second province, the humans will have realised your resurrection and formed an alliance.”



Otto said, pointing to the Sorun estate on the map.

“Right here.
If you attack the Sorun Estate first, it will be harder for the humans to form an alliance.”

“From Sorun?”

“If you look at the terrain here… you need to take the Sorun Estate first, so the other factions can’t band together.”


“Start with the Sorun estate, then the Lassene, and then the Orth estate.”

“You mean cut them off in the middle?”

“Indeed, Lord of Death.”

Otto nodded.

“Then I will lead the army of the Lota Estate to disrupt the rear, and if you do that, the entire region will be yours.”

“A brilliant strategy!”

Nazrak admired Oto’s plan.

“If your plan works, this entire region will be my stronghold.”

“Yes, Lord of Death.”

“I see.
As you say, I will attack the Sorun estate first.”

“I am humbled that you would follow my insignificant opinion.”

Otto bowed low to Nazrak, then turned on his heel.

“So you are attacking Sorun territory.
I will go to the Lota Estate, which I control, and raise an army to disrupt their rear.”

“Do so!”

Nazrak graciously dismissed Oto.

[Notification: Nazrak likes you!]

[Notification: Nazrak’s liking for you has changed from ‘expectation’ to ‘admiration’!]

And with that, Nazrak did as Otto said, skipping the Lota Estate and heading for the Sorun Estate.

‘This way, I won’t have to pay back the money I borrowed, fufu.
And the Sorun estate will be wiped off the map.’

Otto grinned as he watched Nazrak and his undead army retreat into the distance.

But the plan didn’t end there.

There was work to be done while Nazrak ravaged the surrounding lands, starting with Sorun.

‘We can’t let him run wild.
Your role is limited.’

Otto mounted the wraith horse that Nazrak had given him as a gift and immediately headed towards the Lota Estate.

* * *

Camille was confused.

‘Was this really part of the plan, all those times you said you were going to destroy the Sorun estate?’

Otto said plainly.

‘I’m going to destroy the Sorun estate in two weeks.’

And his words were becoming reality.

The undead army that had been advancing on the Lota Estate had changed direction and was heading towards Sorun.

If this continues, Sorun is doomed.

On the exact date, Otto said.

‘You were predicting the future? Really?’

But it was very hard to think that Otto had the ability to see the future and the wisdom to use it.

“As it is, we stand by, ready for battle.
And the messengers… spread the word to the neighbouring estates.
It must be spread as quickly as possible.”

“Yes! Sir Camille!”

Camille released the messengers to spread the news, hoping to form a coalition against the undead army.

He locked the gates and watched the events unfold.

And then.

“Camille, Camille!”

Camille looked around without thinking, and his eyes locked with a pale face.

It was none other than….

“You, you’re…?”

Camille was startled to find Otto poking his head out from behind the gargoyle statue.

The guy who ran away from the estate and became a lackey for the undead army, why is he here?

Come here for a second.
I need to talk to you.”

“Who the hell do you think you are….”


Otto cautioned Camille.

“Don’t make too much noise, just come over.”

“… Okay.”

Camille stepped towards the gargoyle statue where Otto was hiding.

Confused as he was, he wanted to get some answers from Otto.

“Over here.
Come on in.”

Otto hid in the secret passage behind the gargoyle statue.

“What the hell is going on?”

Camille bombarded Otto with a barrage of questions as soon as he entered the secret passage.

“You abandoned the estate and ran away.
You even became a lackey for an undead army, so why did you come back and….”

“Oh come on!”

Otto scowled.

“I told you I had a plan! Didn’t I?!”

“Did you… really?”

“So you’re saying I lied to you, even though there’s an army of undead marching into Soroon territory right now?”

“That, that’s….”

“And use some common sense.
Who wants to be an undead? We’ve got work to do.”

“Well, that’s… but….”

“Never mind, I’ll show you the results, but for now, just do as I say.”



Otto narrowed his eyes and glared at Camille.

“That’s a little short, Don’t you have something left to say?”





Otto sighed once, then looked back at Camille and gave the order.

“Knight Camille.”


“At dawn, the undead army, led by Nazrak, will capture Sorun, then head for Lassen, and once they’ve taken Lassen, they’ll advance on Orth, and that’s our chance.”

Otto pulled out a map and pointed Camille to a specific spot in the northern mountains.

“When the undead army advances on the Orth estate, lead your troops here.”

“What’s here?”

“A very old castle, overgrown and crumbling.”

“Why this place…?”

“The main body of Nazrak is here.”

“Is that true?”

“Nazrak has stored his soul in this castle, and it is only his shell that is leading the undead army now, not his body.
To defeat Nazrak, you must defeat the soul that is stored in this castle.”

“How on earth do you know such a secret….”

“It’s a trade secret, I can’t tell you.
So just do what I tell you.
Do you understand?”

“Yes, my lord.”

“And stop swearing at me.”

Otto glanced at Camille.

“You’re making my ears itch like crazy.”


“Isn’t that a dishonour? Are knights supposed to swear at the lord they swore allegiance to?”

“I didn’t… swear.”

“You’re lying.”

“….I did.”

“Even knowing that, you’d have your knighthood revoked and be demoted to a second-class soldier?”


“You did, you did.”

Otto said, giving Camille a shaky look as if he’d expected it, when he clamped his mouth shut.

“You said you trusted me, and then you doubted me behind my back and called me names.”

“That’s not what….”

“Never mind.”

Otto huffed and turned away.

“I’m going to go first, so meet me there when you’re ready.”


“It’s going to be a tough battle, so brace yourself.”

With those words, Otto disappeared down the other side of the secret passage.

“What the hell….”

Camille looked at Otto’s back with mixed feelings.

Even though he had changed, he was too much different to be familiar with.

* * *

Two days later.

“…So, we, the troops of the Lota Estate, are to attack the sanctuary where the soul of the evil undead lord rests, as ordered by our lord.”

Camille led the troops of the Lota Estate to the northern mountains, following Otto’s orders.

“That b**ard… no, the lord didn’t betray us?”

“My God, are you saying that the lord himself disguised himself as a servant of the undead lord to extract information?”

“You expect me to believe that now…?”

“N-no way!”

The knights and soldiers of the Lota Estate could hardly believe what Camille was saying.

That lowly b**tard had risked his life to become a servant of the undead lord Nazrak to extract information from them….

“Believe it or not, in order to keep this secret, he even took on the stigma of being a lackey of the evil undead! I’m sure you’ve all cursed him, but….”

Camille blushed slightly as he said that.

In truth, Camille had also cursed Otto from the bottom of his heart, so he had a guilty conscience.

“Now, our lord has changed, so our forces will follow his orders and advance to the sanctuary where the evil undead lord’s soul rests!”

The knights and soldiers of the Lota Estate took to the march in disbelief at Camille’s words.

* * *

Around the same time.

Nazrak, who had captured Sorun, and then Lassen, advanced on Orth with great momentum.

His army was now more than twice the size it had been at the start.

Nazrak had turned some of the warriors from Sorun and Lassen into undead monsters.

“Ugh, an undead army!”

“Don’t back down!”

The Orth Estate fiercely resisted.

However, they were no match for Nazrak and his undead army, which had grown stronger after passing through Sorun and Lassen.

– Excellent.

Meanwhile, Nazrak’s main body in the Sanctuary was watching the battle in Orth with satisfaction.

The Death Knight and Necromancer on the battlefield were a shell of himself.

An avatar of sorts, created with dark magic.

– Now, if I can capture that Orth estate, this entire region will be mine….


– ……!

Nazrak felt an army approaching his sanctuary and was horrified.

– Who the hell is invading my sanctuary!

Nazrak looked into the eyes of the undead monsters guarding the sanctuary and recognised the identity of the intruders.

The result.

– It’s him…!!!

Nazrak was furious when he saw Otto standing at the front of the invading army.

– That son of a b***h… stabbing me in the back!!!

Nazrak realised that he had been tricked by Otto.

But it was too late.

Nazrak’s main army was far away, fighting in Orth, and Lota’s army, led by Otto, had already entered the Sanctuary.

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