His name is Pizarro.

One of Otto de Scuderia’s henchmen.

A lowly servant who will never be found again.

A rare traitor who accelerated Otto’s corruption and the downfall of the Lota Estate.

This despicable man manipulated Otto’s eyes and ears with all manner of flattery and bribery, while amassing a vast fortune behind the scenes.

In recent years, he has taken much of his wealth out of the country, and is in cahoots with the enemy, Sorun territory.


To sell the dying Lota Estate to the Sorun estate.

He was going to suck the honeydew until the end.

‘Son of a b*tch.’

Otto’s face contorted at the sight of Pizarro.

Pizarro was a character that evoked every ounce of irritation and anger.

What if you tried to do something?

[Notification: Pizarro disagrees with you!]

[Notification: Pizarro disagrees with you!]

[Notification: Pizarro disagrees with you!]

The action is canceled with a message like the one above.

The reason was simple.

Pizarro’s position on the estate is too large, and his control over Otto is too great.

Of course, Pizarro’s opposition doesn’t have a coercive effect.

Players could go against his wishes.

But there’s a price to pay.

‘He’ll cause all sorts of disruptions, and if you disagree with him three times, he’ll try to assassinate you.’

Try to get rid of Pizarro?

Game over.

The moment Pizarro dies, the spies he’s planted will incite the public to rebel.

The Sorun territory’s army also attacked at that time.

This makes him a very annoying and challenging character for the player to deal with.

“No, my lord.
What do you mean by release the food?”

Pijero approached the throne.

“The reason they are starving is because they are lazy and incompetent, and how can you be responsible for that, my lord? The people are ungrateful creatures.
Even if you give them grace, they won’t know it’s grace and will demand more food.”

Then the familiar notification popped up.

[Notification: Pizzeria disagrees with you!]

But Otto, who had been in this situation countless times before, didn’t bat an eye and cut through the objection.

“My decision remains unchanged.”


“As a lord, I will distribute food to my starving citizens.”

“No, my lord.
What’s the matter with you all of a sudden? You’re going to give the pigs….”


Otto interrupted Pizarro.

“Say no more.
That is my order as your lord.”

“M-my lord?”

“This concludes our meeting this morning.
That is all.”

With that, Otto rose from his throne.

“And you, Camille.”

Otto looked back at Camille.

“Come with me.
I have something to speak with you.”

“Yes, my lord.”

Then a notification popped up.

[Notification: You’ve ignored Pizarro’s opinion!]

[Notification: You have offended Pizarro!]

[Notification: Pizarro’s mood is getting worse!]

Ignoring the notifications, he together with Camille, left the place.

‘Offended’ I don’t care how he feels.’

Otto didn’t care about Pizarro at all.


Because he knew all too well how to handle him.

* * *

“You… y-y-you…!”

Pizarro shuddered with rising anger.

“Look, Pizarro.
Calm down.”

“Are you all right?”

“Just calm your rage.”

The henchmen flocked to Pizarro’s side, whispering one word after another.

“You must be embarrassed.”


Pizarro’s eyes widened.

“What’s this to be embarrassed about, it’s just ridiculous, ridiculous!”

Pizarro raised his voice, and the subjects cringed and trembled.

“Suddenly wanting to supply food without consulting us? How could you do that? Ha! It’s unbelievable!”

Pizarro struggled to hold back the words that were about to spill out of his mouth.

Even he could not openly curse his lord in such a public place with many eyes and ears observing him.

‘Whatever that bastard did thinking, he did it wrong, and how dare he disregard my opinion.
Okay, yeah, that’s it, you will pay for this.’

Pizarro gritted his teeth and walked out of the hall in a rage.

Thinking that Otto, whom he considered his puppet, had gotten out of control, he decided that he would have to fix that habit of his once and for all..

* * *

‘First I need to get Camille on my side.’

Camille was the only one who could protect Otto.

He was also the only character with the potential to become a Hero in a place where there wasn’t a shred of useful talent.

His growth had been stalled by cleaning up the shit Otto had made.

“What are you up to, and why are you doing this all of a sudden?”

Camille asked Otto as they arrived at the lord’s office.


Otto mulled over the words with a bitter smile.

“To live?”


“At this rate, my neck is going to be… Argh!”

Otto let out a scream.


The chair shattered into pieces as soon as he sat down.

It was caused by one of the effects of the ‘Wretched Bastard’ curse.

“Ugh… I didn’t see that coming.

Otto grumbled, rubbing his bum and groaning.


Camille clamped his mouth shut in disbelief at the sight of Otto like that.

“Now! Where were we?”

“At this rate….”

“My neck will be cut down.”

Otto laughed in embarrassment as he said.

“Why did you suddenly think of that?”

“Why? hmm!”

Otto replied.

“Sooner or later there will be a rebellion, or the estate will go bankrupt, or we’ll be invaded from Sorun, or a horde of monsters will come from the forests to the west and wipe us out.
Worst case scenario, I’ll be assassinated.”

“If you know that….”

“Better late than never.”


“Let’s just say I’ve come to my senses.”

“It’s already too late.”

Camille said in a stern tone.

“If you’ve come to your senses, you should pack up and flee right now.
You’ve come to your senses too late.
Our Lota is already doomed, there’s nothing we can do now….”


Otto blurted out.


Camille froze in shock.


That’s what Otto de Scuderia had called him when he was a child.

It was a nostalgic word for him.

* * *

There was only a four-year age gap between Otto and Camille.

The previous lord was concerned that Otto, who had lost his mother and was an only child, would be lonely, so he brought Camille into the family.

So Otto and Camille spent their childhood together as if they were brothers.


‘Y-young Master, you can’t call me brother!’

‘No! I want to call you brother!’

‘You mustn’t! I’ll be in trouble if you call me that!’

‘Then I’ll only call you that when we’re alone! Can’t that work?

‘That, that’s….’

‘Brother, hehe!


‘Hehe! I have a Big brother! Hehehe!’

However, as Otto grew up, he gradually became sulky.

He was jealous of Camille, who had great swordsmanship talent and intelligence.

And when he became a lord and began to fall in earnest, their relationship became forever distant.

As a result, the fond memories of their childhood have long since become memories that only Camille longs for.

“Why are you calling me that all of a sudden?”

“Help me.
I need your help.”

Otto pleaded with Camille.

“I know things are hard, and I know how many terrible things I’ve done.”

Otto admitted, and honestly, he felt a little guilty.

It’s not me.
it’s him.’

It was Otto de Scuderia, the game character, who did all the bad things, not Kim Do-jin, the gamer.

“But give me one last chance.
A chance to make up for what I’ve done.”


“Please, big brother.”

Brother was one of the commands that could turn Camille into an ally.

Camille cherished his childhood memories with Otto more than anyone else, so he couldn’t help but be moved by the word.

“Trust me once, and I’ll never let you down again.
Give me a chance to be a son that my late father would not be ashamed of.”

Otto entered the second command that would make Camille an ally.

Previous Lord.

Considered the greatest lord in the history of Lota territory.

A father figure to Camille.

“You haven’t forgotten Father’s will, have you?”

On his deathbed, the previous lord left the following words to Camille.

‘Take good care of Otto… I… ask you to do so.
Camille… my son… I ask you to take care of your brother… well.’

…like this.


Camille shuddered.

‘That’s enough.’

The way he looked, Otto was sure the commands had worked.

‘Brother’ and ‘Father’ were the commands that turned Camille into an ally.

How did he know this?

There’s an item called ‘Otto’s Diary’.

It’s on the last shelf of the bookshelf in Otto’s bedroom.

You can read the diary to learn more about the past of the two of them and learn the commands to turn Camille into an ally.

Of course, Kim is the only one who knows how to do this.

Who else would scour every inch of the map and read every book on the shelves?

It was the result of three years of research into the character of Otto.

“Knight Camille.”

Camille dropped to one knee.

“At the command of my lord.”

Then a notification popped up.

[Notification: Camille’s heart has changed!]

[Notification: Camille’s affinity for you has changed from ‘Contempt’ to ‘Sympathy’!]

Gradually increase the likability.

As long as it’s not ‘Contempt’, Camille won’t betray you.

“Brother, there’s something I need to do.”

“Just give me the order.”


Otto said.

“Let’s get rid of him.”

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