My legs went limp and I nearly collapsed.

A cold sweat trickled down my spine, and the hairs on my body stood on end.

Thump, thump, thump!

My heart was beating like never before, and my legs were shaking.

I had never been so close to death in my life, and this situation was not easy to handle.


Just then, two knights and four servants heard the chandelier fall and rushed over.

“Are you injured?”

“Are you all right?”

But none of them actually came closer to check on me.


Because they were afraid of incurring his wrath.

Otto de Scuderia was a man of such a trashy character that the word tyrant doesn’t even begin to describe him.

If anyone offended him, he’d slap them in the face.

If he gets the slightest bit angry, he’ll start whipping you.

On top of that, once or twice a month, I’m forced to see blood.

For example… putting a gardener in a box full of bees to be stung to death because he was stung while walking in the garden.

Or cutting off both the wrists of a barber who made a mistake while giving him a shave.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Otto’s list of evils and misdeeds is so long, it hurts to mention them all.

So much so that even those closest to him are forced to look the other way.

Isn’t that a good thing?

You get what you deserve.

There were many people in the manor who held a grudge against this character.

That being said….

‘There are enemies everywhere.
Let’s stay alert.’

I tried to hold on to my spirit.

Even if it’s not necessarily because of the Curse of ‘Wretched Bastard’, this character is a candle in front of the wind.

You never know.
When, where, how, or by whom he will be stabbed..

“… my lord.”

One of the knights asked cautiously.

“Are you all right, and are you injured anywhere?”

“No, I’m fine.”


“Thank you for your concern.”

The moment.

“Eh, Ehhhh?!”

The knight who had asked me if I was okay looked as if he had seen a ghost.

The response from the others was no different.

‘I guess it’s because it’s not the reaction they were expecting.’

I couldn’t help but laugh bitterly.

What a rubbish life Otto had led.

“M-my lord.”

The knight asked again.

“Shall I find the man who installed the chandelier and have him beheaded, or shall I cut off the limbs of the janitor who cleaned the ceiling….”

“You don’t have to do that, never do that.

“Yes? Then what about….”

“You don’t have to punish anyone, it’s not a big deal… Just let it go, I need to… rest.”

I rummaged through my memories and stumbled towards Otto’s bedroom.

‘I need to calm down and collect my thoughts.’

He desperately needed time alone right now.

* * *

Shortly after the lord, Otto, left the room.

“He is not angry…?”

“Did he say ‘Thank you’? Did I imagine him saying something like that?”

“Isn’t it normal to yell and kick our arse?”

They were confused by the sudden change in their lord’s demeanor.

Watch your mouth.”

The knight who had questioned Otto with his bayonet warned them.

“You don’t know when the lord’s anger will explode, so watch your mouths.
Have you forgotten, if you’re unlucky, your head will be blown off?”

Their mouths clamped shut, frightened.

Even the devil can get away with it for a day or so.

Yeah, for a day….

* * *

A few days passed.

I got out of bed and looked in the mirror.

The gamer Kim Do-jin was nowhere to be seen.

Instead, a blond, handsome man.

The only Otto de Scuderia, one of the 100 lords in the game ‘Territory War’.

‘Let’s get used to it.
It’s no big deal.’

In despair, I decided to just accept the situation for what it was.

Was I adapting too quickly?

Yes, it’s too short a time to accept this unbelievable situation.

But I don’t have time for this.

I’ve played Otto more times than I can count, and I’m a genius, who has finally found an optimized build.

I knew all too well that my future was not bright.

‘Public opinion is vicious, finances are on the brink of collapse.
No one can be trusted.
Moreover, there are more than a truckload of people who have a grudge against me.
I need to keep my head on straight.’

I’m glad I cleared the game as Otto.

I straightened my clothes and took a deep breath.

‘I just need to do what I’ve been doing.
Everything I’ve researched, unlocking the builds I’ve optimized.’

I calmly organized my thoughts.

What to do first.

‘Ignore the level, obviously.’

The concept of leveling up is something that works for other characters, but not for Otto.

-Level 99 – How can you even level up this?

Realistically, the idea of leveling up to do something is the wrong way to approach an Otto.

Otto doesn’t need to level up at all until a certain point in time.

‘First things first’.

Otto’s early game was all about appeasing the people and removing the seeds of rebellion.

The Lota Estate is a ticking time bomb.

There’s no telling when the accumulated discontent of the people and vassals will rise up.

Even the smallest, most insignificant mistake could lead to an immediate rebellion.

And when they do?

The End.

I’ll be arrested, guillotined by angry rebels.

And my decapitated head will be hung over the city gates.

To avoid that, my first priority is to appease the angry populace.

‘Is it time for the meeting?’

On the Lota Estate, a meeting is held every morning, with the lord presiding.

Of course, this character hasn’t attended a meeting in years, but….

‘Let’s go.’

He quickly left the bedroom.

“My lord…?”

The guards guarding the front of the bedroom called out after him in surprise.

* * *

“The lordship is coming.”

The servant announced Otto’s entrance.

“What did you say just now?”

“I see I am not yet awake.”

The subjects before him frowned at the tone of the servant’s voice, as if they couldn’t believe the bullshit.

The last time the lord had attended a meeting was three years ago.

It’s hard to believe that such a man would walk into a meeting so early in the morning.

And yet it had happened!

“What the….”

“My lord… attending… a morning meeting…?”

Subjects doubted their eyes.

The man who wouldn’t even attend a meeting even on the day this estate was destroyed, would actually show up this early in the morning….

“… Where is the wind blowing today?”

The young knight, Camille, narrowed his eyes.
He felt uneasy at Otto’s appearance.

“What’s on the agenda today?”

Otto spoke up from his seat on the throne.

‘What is he cooking? Since the morning.?’

‘What’s with him? I heard reports that he’s been locked in his bedroom for days and hasn’t moved.’

Confused servants.

“Why do you suddenly ask that?”

Camille asked Otto.

“The lord wants to know the agenda for the meeting, do I need a reason?”


Camille’s voice wavered, as if he were trying to protest.

Otto saw right through Camille and smiled bitterly.

”You’re curious now’.
You probably want to yell at me saying, ‘What’s the point?’

Camille had every right to say that.

He was an orphan, originally a commoner, who had been raised to the rank of knight by the favor of the previous lord.

Today, he practically ruled Lota on behalf of his lord.

Even so, he was pushed to his limits.

‘The only one I can trust.
But when he turns against me… he’s the most terrifying character I’ve seen.

If public opinion of the estate falls further, the impatient Camille will cut down the lord himself, Otto, and commit suicide.

Killing the lord to whom he has sworn allegiance is the worst thing a knight can do..

“Just go ahead.
I’ll just watch.”


An uncomfortable meeting begins.

“A starvation-weary couple hang themselves with their daughter….”

“Monster outbreaks in the western region have become more frequent.
One of the outposts was attacked during the night, leaving four soldiers dead….”

“The movements of the Sorun estate have been disturbing.
Frequent military exercises have been detected in the area close to our territory.”

The situation was dire.

‘This is terrible.’

The current situation in the Lota Estate was exactly as Otto knew it.

“This is the situation.”

Camille looked back at Otto and said.

‘Look, this is what your estate looks like.’

As if to say…


Otto opened his mouth.

“Release the reserved foods and distribute it to the starving residents.”

The moment.

‘Distribute food to… what?’

‘What did I just hear?’

His subjects were confused by Otto’s order.

“What are you thinking?”

Camille asked Otto.

“What is the reason for your sudden mercy?”

“You said the people are starving to death.”

“Finances are tight.
If we release the food now, the estate will go bankrupt.”

“People’s lives are more important than bankruptcy.
It’s like putting a cobweb in the mouth of a mountain.”

“My lord….”

“Knight Camille.”

“Yes, I’m here.”

“That’s an order.
Do it.”

“Orders… I will obey.”


“No! My lord, that won’t do!”

Middle-aged men dressed in fancy clothes appeared.

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